The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 321 - As Blind as a Bat

Chapter 321 As Blind as a Bat

Wang Dacheng’s reply was short, but the sensitive journalists had already smelled the trace of a war, which made them excited.

The establishment of Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company was already headline news at this moment, but the establishment of the Celestial Land Hall of Medical Fame became another headline. If the two collided and sparked, that would be bigger news that the journalists could only dream of.

“Mr. Wang, I have a question about what you just said. Is this the declaration of a challenge to Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company?”

“Challenge?” Wang Dacheng smiled disdainfully and said, “Tangmen Company has been established for only a few days, and their only product is the Blood Revival Elixir. I don’t think there’s anything worth challenging. They are an industry competitor at best.”

“But Mr. Wang, Tangmen has a Chinese medicine genius called the Medical Sage. It is believed that important products will be developed by them in the future.”

Che Xiaoxiao felt that Wang Dacheng had said too much. She kept winking at him, only to be ignored.

He continued to speak. “We don’t care about titles like Medical Sage, Medical Lord, Medical God, or anything like that, but we do have lots of excellent Chinese medicine practitioners. At 9 o’clock tomorrow morning, our doctors will be waiting for you at the Healthy Square to diagnose you for free. We welcome you to witness the merits of our doctors.”

“Mr. Wang, the Jiangnan Traditional Chinese Medicine Association has just announced that they will provide volunteer service at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning at Healthy Square. They chose the same time and place. What are the implications behind that? Is that a hint of competition?”

Wang Dacheng smiled and replied, “You’re thinking too much. This is a coincidence. As for who is better, our patients will have the final say!”

Qin Haodong took Lin Momo back to Tangmen Company and drove to the Jiangnan Traditional Chinese Medicine Association. Gao Fengwen was quite an efficient old man. After buying the primary school, he already planned on building a new office building.

“President Qin, here you are!”

Upon seeing Qin Haodong arrive, Gao Fengwen showed him his temporary office. Shen Xiangfu and Zhong Sihai were also there.

Qin Haodong sat down and asked, “How’s tomorrow’s volunteer clinic going?”

Gao Fengwen answered. “We’re ready. All our 78 members will be at Healthy Square, whose name conforms to the theme of our activity. Everything will start at 9 a.m.”

“Alright.” Qin Haodong nodded and added, “What about publicity? Have you spread the news?”

Shen Xiangfu said, “We’ve done things properly. All the main media have released the news about our volunteer clinic. I had some of my students handle online publicity. They did a great job.”

They were talking while watching a young man in his twenties ran inside and yell at Shen Xiangfu, “Master, something is wrong!”

Shen Xiangfu complained, “What’s the panic for? Don’t you see the president’s here?”

The young man glanced at Qin Haodong and said awkwardly, “Master, the Hall of Medical Fame held a press conference just now and Wang Dacheng spoke ill of us. They’ll hold a free clinic at Health Square at 9: 00 tomorrow morning. That’s a challenge to us.”

“Is that so?” Shen Xiangfu said, “Any videos? Show us!”

“Yes.” The young man put his phone on the table and hit the play button. On the screen was Wang Dacheng, who was answering the journalists’ questions during the press conference.

Gao Wenfeng pounded the desk after he saw the video and uttered angrily, “Shame on him! How dare he insult the skills of the Medical Sage! Is there anyone in the Celestial Land who can do better than the Medical Sage?”

Zhong Sihai agreed. “He’s too arrogant. A medicine as good as the Blood Revival Elixir? How’s that possible?”

Shen Xiangfu shook his head and said, “He dared to make such an arrogant promise because he knows nothing about the industry. He knows nothing about Chinese medicine, let alone how precious the Blood Revival Elixir is.”

Qin Haodong was the only one who smiled after watching the video. He knew Wang Dacheng was venting his anger about being rejected by him.

Shen Xiangfu said, “President Qin, why are you smiling at this disrespectful guy?”

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “It’s fine. We should let our professional skills speak for us. I hope he can fulfill his promise of developing some great medicine so that he can promote the influence of traditional Chinese medicine among the public.”

Zhong Sihai said, “That’s tricky. No one has ever developed a magical medicine like the Blood Revival Elixir like you, let alone an amateur like him.”

Qin Haodong said, “I think the Hall of Medical Fame is a good idea. They gathered the best doctors to make full use of their wisdom. That’s just like our Chinese Medicine Practitioner Association. There’s strength in unity.”

Shen Xiangfu said, “That’s different. How could the Hall of Medical Fame be a match for our association? We gathered to develop Chinese medicine. Our president is an expert who has donated 100 million to the association. Wang Dacheng is investing in the industry because he wants profit. That’s a significant difference.”

Shen Xiangfu said, “The industrialization of traditional Chinese medicine is tricky. Cases were made for it, but all of them failed. I’m wondering why Wang Dacheng, a layman, wants to invest in the industry.”

Zhong Sihai said, “That’s obvious. He envies the Blood Revival Elixir. He thinks he can found the Hall of Medical Fame just like our president established Tangmen Company. People like him envy other people’s success and ignore their own disadvantages.”

Qin Haodong said, “If he can make profit while promoting the industry, the whole industry would benefit, so I’m fine with it. However, I am worried that he might do something that will harm the industry.”

Gao Fengwen nodded in agreement. “Yes, I share the same concern with you. The industry is too fragile to take another hit.”

Shen Xiangfu said, “Our top priority now is to prepare for the volunteer clinic tomorrow. We can’t let them outshine us.”

Zhong Sihai seemed quite confident as he said with certainty, “Trust me. As capable as Fu Hailong and Liu Baikun may be, we’ve got the Medical Sage to back us up. There’s no way we would lose to them.”

Gao Fengwen said, “That’s right. Wang Dacheng made this choice only to embarrass himself!”

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “It’s nice that you’re confident, but we’d better take this seriously. Now, get ready to move!”

The next morning, at Healthy Square, a banner of the Chinese Medicine Practitioner Association spread in the east and a banner of the Hall of Medical Fame rose up in the west. People could easily tell that the two opposing banners were challenging each other.

Qin Haodong had 78 Chinese medicine practitioners with him. Most of these people were over 70 years old, so it would be too tiring for them if they were stuck at the clinic for a whole day. Therefore, Qin Haodong divided them into 38 groups of two. There were 40 desks there, including one for Qin Haodong.

The Hall of Medical Fame had almost as many doctors, so their layout was exactly the same.

At 9 o’clock, the free clinic opened. Thanks to the efficient promotion of both parties, many people came for a free diagnosis and the two parties were surrounded by patients.

However, things soon became quite awkward. Long lines of people were waiting before Gao Fengweng and Shen Fuxiang, while there was no one by Qin Haodong’s desk. The ground before him looked completely empty.

He understood why this was happening. The other doctors were all wearing robes and had long eyebrows and beards that made them look professional. Qin Haodong was in his 20s and didn’t look like a Chinese medicine practitioner at all.

In addition, he had rigged his photos and used an illusion on his face so that he could travel more easily. So far, no one had recognized the famous Medical Sage.

Everyone else was fully engaged. Qin Haodong was the only idle doctor. He smiled bitterly and wondered to himself whether he needed a fake beard.

Suddenly, someone cried out, “Doctor Qin, Doctor Qin! Here I am!”

Qin Haodong looked up and saw Ma Sanbao approaching with a middle-aged man.

“Dr. Qin, this is a friend of mine. He has been suffering from leukemia for more than two years and he came to Jiangnan City for the Blood Revival Elixir. He has been waiting in line for days, but he still failed to get it. Could you please check on him? We would appreciate it if you could sell some Blood Revival Elixir to him.”

Qin Haodong said, “Well then, I’ll take a look.”

He asked the middle-aged man to sit at his desk and began to feel the man’s pulse.

Soon, he retracted his right hand and said, “You have leukemia and a sick liver. I’ll write you a prescription. Take the Blood Revival Elixir for three days and follow the instructions on this prescription. You will be cured in a week.”

He picked up a pen and paper, wrote down a few things, and gave the paper to the man along with a box of Blood Revival Elixir. He had known that he would meet leukemia patients today, so he had prepared some elixirs and carried them. Now, they were put into use.

“Thank you, Dr. Qin!” The middle-aged man took the prescription and the box gratefully. Then, he took out a stack of cash and asked, “How much is it? You name the price!”

Qin Haodong said, “It’s free clinic day today. Consider it a gift. Just take the medicine in time!”

Taking the medicine on site had been the number one rule since the Blood Revival Elixir had been developed. No one was allowed to take it away.

“Okay, thank you, Dr. Qin. Thank you so much. You’re a living sage. I’ll build a memorial tablet for you at home!”

After saying thanks many times, the man took the pills and left with the prescription. Before leaving, Ma Sanbao told the onlookers, “What are you looking at? You’re as blind as bats! Can’t you tell that he’s the Medical Sage? This is Qin Haodong!

He can cure all the illnesses in the world. Get in line now! This might be your only chance to see him!”

Suddenly, those people realized that the young man was the famous Medical Sage, also known as Qin Haodong.

“Oh my god, the Medical Sage is in front of me and I didn’t recognize him. I need to see him…”

“Stop waiting in line here. The Medical Sage is just over there. What are you waiting for?”

“It’s the doctor who invented the Blood Revival Elixir. My uncle is dying to get that medicine. I’ll wait in line for him now…”

People flooded to wait in line upon hearing that Qin Haodong was the Medical Sage. Those who ran too slowly could only wait behind. The ground in front of Qin Haodong that used to be empty was now occupied by an endless line.

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