The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 319 - Hard to Get

Chapter 319 Hard to Get

Qin Haodong, who didn’t care about it, said, “Don’t worry. Now that you’ve promised her, we should go check on it. Wang Dacheng will get no chance to cause trouble as long as I am with you.”

Lin Momo nodded and said, “The bastard just told me he loved me, yet now he’s with Xiaxiao. What’s he up to? I’m afraid he’ll hurt Xiaoxiao once again.”

“You’re thinking too much. We won’t know before we get there. Maybe he changed after you rejected him. His better nature was awakened, so maybe he has decided to date exclusively Xiaoxiao!”

“That’s unlikely. I know Wang Dacheng. He is just using Xiaoxiao,” Lin Momo said, “I’m just wondering what he could use her for now that her father has died.”

“Let’s go and see. You can warn Xiaoxiao if there’s a chance,” Qin Haodong said, holding Lin Mo’s hand. The two of them walked out of the gate together.

While Che Xiaoxiao was calling Lin Momo, Wang Dacheng also received a call from Wang Dazhi.

Wang Dazhi asked, “Brother, where are you?”

Wang Dacheng answered, “Out. What’s up?”

“I’ve got photos of Qin Haodong with other women. I forgot to give them to you yesterday. Will they help?”

Wang Dacheng turned happily and said, “Of course! Send them to me now!”

“This gigolo has had affairs with a bunch of women, including the girl from the Nalans and two other women that I don’t know. Which photos do you want?”

“All of them. The more, the better. Send them to me now!”

Wang Dacheng spoke excitedly. He had tried to alienate Lin Momo and Qin Haodong yesterday, but it hadn’t worked. He was surprised to discover that his stupid brother actually had those photos. This meant he still had a chance.

Soon, the photos were sent to him. He opened them, unable to resist the envy inside.

Wang Dazhi had almost got the full set. Nalan Wushuang, Nalan Wuxia, Qi Wan’er, and Hu Xiaoxian were in these photos. Each of them was exceedingly beautiful. They were all smiling and being intimate with Qin Haodong in the photos. No wonder Wang Dacheng envied him.

He had hooked up with plenty of women in M Country all these years. Most of them were pretty, but not as pretty as this one.

“Dacheng, what are you looking at?” Che Xiaoxiao asked when he caught a glimpse of him.

Wang Dacheng suppressed the jealousy inside and put on a charming expression as he handed his phone to Che Xiaoxiao and said, “Take a look at this.”

Che Xiaoxiao took the phone and looked through the photos. Then, she exclaimed in surprise, “Is that the young doctor Momo’s dating? What a rake! He’s cheating on Momo with so many other women!”

Wang Dacheng seemed sad as he said, “Right. Momo has been single for so long, yet she ended up with such a player.”

Che Xiaoxiao said, “I have to show this to her, or she’ll just keep being fooled.”

Wang Dacheng, who kept acting, said, “That’s their own business. I don’t think we should interfere. What if she has given him permission?”

“What’s that supposed to mean? She’s my best friend. I have to tell her!” Che Xiaoxiao said. She then realized something and asked, “Dacheng, where did you get these photos? Have you been stalking Momo?”

Wang Dacheng said, “You think I would do that? I’m not that bored. If I needed to stalk someone, that would be you, not Lin Momo.”

“I don’t need to be stalked. You’re the only man in my heart,” Che Xiaoxiao pinched his cheeks and asked, “Then what about those photos? How did you get them?”

Wang Dacheng said, “That’s because of Dazhi. He doesn’t want to stay at home. He’s been fooling around and he ran into Qin Haodong with some other woman. He knew the guy was Momo’s boyfriend, so he hired a private detective and had him take all these photos.

Dazhi was afraid that the guy was cheating on Momo. He knew Lin Momo and I were college classmates, so he sent the photos to me. He wanted me to give them to Momo, but I don’t want to do that. After all, they are private.”

“No, she has to know.”

Che Xiaoxiao had no idea Wang Dacheng was using reverse psychology. He wanted her to give Lin Momo these photos.

Wang Dacheng said reluctantly, “Fine, if you insist. You can keep this between you two. Just don’t get me involved. Don’t tell her I gave you these photos.”

“Fine,” Che Xiaoxiao said, “I’ll show her in private. She has to know she’s been deceived.”

Later, they arrived at Jiangnan Hotel and chose a private room. Soon, Lin Momo and Qin Haodong walked in.

“Momo, there you are!” Che Xiaoxiao walked over and held Lin Momo’s arms once they came in. Then, she introduced Qin Haodong and Wang Dacheng to each other. “This is my boyfriend Wang Dacheng, and this is Momo’s boyfriend, Qin Haodong.”

Wang Dacheng and Qin Haodong looked at each other. Both of them acted like they didn’t know each other and shook each other’s hands politely.

“Let’s sit.”

After the other three sat down, Che Xiaoxiao sat down close to Wang Dacheng. The two of them held hands, looking extremely happy.

Lin Momo thought to herself that her girlfriend was drowning in love now, so there was little chance she would realize the truth by herself. Lin Momo’s only hope was that Da Dacheng would stop being extreme and start being nice to Che Xiaoxiao.

After ordering food and drinks, Che Xiaoxiao said, “Momo, Dacheng came back from M Country to develop Chinese medicine. You’ll be working in the same industry. You could probably be business partners.”

Che Xiaoxiao couldn’t wait to show off, especially about how nice Wang Dacheng was being to her. She took out two fresh business licenses and laid them down. Then, she told Lin Momo, “Momo, you see? These are the two companies Dacheng just established. Celestial Land Hall of Medical Fame and an affiliated Chinese medicine factory.”

“That’s quick!” Lin Momo was slightly surprised. She had known that Wang Dacheng was going to establish the Hall of Medical Fame, but she had no idea he had even built a factory.

Che Xiaoxiao smiled proudly. “Yes. My man is quite efficient. He bought the factory not long ago. It has all the necessary equipment, so it’s ready for production.”

Lin Momo checked the business license and asked in surprise, “Che Xiaoxiao, how come you’re the legal representative?”

“Here’s the thing. Dacheng said he wanted to compensate me for the five years I waited for him. Therefore, he registered the two companies under my name. I told him he didn’t need to do that, but he insisted.”

Che Xiaoxiao looked happy as she said this. Merging the Chinese medicine factory had cost 300 million. By putting all the assets under her name Wang Dacheng had proved his deep love for her.

Lin Momo felt confused. Days ago, she had been thinking that maybe Wang Dacheng was using Che Xiaoiao, but she wondered why Wang Dacheng would put assents that were worth millions under Che Xiaoxiao’s name. Was he feeling sorry for her?

Qin Haodong said, “Xiaoxiao, now that you’re the boss, will you keep your job at Dreamy Jiangnan?”

Che Xiaoxiao said, “No. I already told my boss that I’m gonna leave. I’ll help Dacheng start the business. I’ll be rich if he is, and I’ll beg on the street if we have to.”

Wang Dacheng said, “Easy, Xiaoxiao. I’d never let you beg on the street, even if I had to sell my kidneys.”

These words were so sweet. If Qin Haodong and Lin Momo hadn’t seen it themselves, they wouldn’t have believed that this man had just expressed his love to another woman.

Che Xiaoxiao said, “Momo, you’re a female entrepreneur, and Haodong is a Chinese medicine expert. We’re new in the industry, so you should teach us more in the future.”

The waiter served the food and wine and the four of them ate and talked. The mood was quite harmonious while Che Xiaoxiao acted as the hostess.

After they had dined and wined, Che Xiaoxiao smiled and made a suggestion. “Momo, I need to go to the bathroom to powder my nose. Will you come with me?”

“Of course I’ll go with you!”

Lin Momo had been looking for an opportunity to talk Che Xiaoxiao out of this, so she left the room with her.

When they left, Qin Haodong glanced at Wang Dacheng and asked, “Mr. Wang, what are you up to this time?”

Wang Dacheng smiled and said, “What does that mean?”

Qin Haodong said sarcastically, “You expressed your love for Momo last night, and now you’re with Xiaoxiao. That was quick.”

“It’s fine. That’s understandable,” Wang Dacheng said, “After yesterday’s failure, I realized that Xiaoxiao’s my only love. Thus, I chose to be with her and cherish her forever.”

“You think I will buy that?”

Wang Dacheng, who didn’t care, said, “That’s none of my concern. I do love her, which is why I put all the assets under her name. My family is rich, but these assets are worth a fortune. We wouldn’t joke about that.”

Although Qin Haodong doubted Wang Dacheng’s words, he found it hard to argue. Therefore, he said, “Let’s drop it then. Did you really come back to promote Chinese medicine?”

“Of course. I should actually thank you. You showed me the big value of the industry. Your Blood Revival Elixir is worth billions. As a businessman, how can I not envy that?”

Qin Haodong looked him in the eye and said, “I don’t care if you want to make profit out of Chinese Medicine. As long as I know you’re poisoning the well, I’ll definitely not spare you.”

Wang Dacheng laughed. “You’re so suspicious. I’ll be too busy making profit. Why would I poison the well? That would hurt my own business.

I said my family was rich, but we didn’t just inherit the money. We invested a lot and we’ll need to earn the money back as soon as possible. We need to make larger profit.”

After a pause, he added, “You don’t have to consider me your enemy. I did express my love for Momo yesterday, but the past is in the past. Xiaoxiao is my only love now.

We don’t have to be enemies. On the contrary, we should be business partners. My Hall of Medical Fame is now recruiting famous medical experts from all over the country. Join me. Given your Medical Sage title, I could name you the manager of the Hall of Medical Fame. You could make any requirements you want. Even an offer worth 10 million would work for me.”

“Sorry, not interested. I’m not that into money!” Qin Haodong said, “While we’re all in the same business, there’s a significant difference. You want to make a fortune, but I am trying to promote Chinese medicine. Our goals differ, and so will our approach.”

Wang Dacheng did not seem surprised by the result. He just shook his head and said, “It’s a pity that I will lose the chance to cooperate with such a doctor.”

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