The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 313 - Hall of Medical Fame

Chapter 313 Hall of Medical Fame

After a pause, he seemed to give them time to think and digest. A while later, he said, “The reason traditional Chinese medicine is declining is that everyone goes their own way.

Huaxia Drugstore will completely change the status quo. What we need to do is integrate and systematize traditional Chinese medicine and form a complete industrial chain of TCM. By then, everyone will not only be able to promote traditional Chinese medicine but also make money.”

Gao Fengwen nodded. Although what Wang Dacheng had said was not specific enough, it sounded similar to Qin Haodong’s idea. However, it was not at the same level. Qin Haodong was focused on the development of traditional Chinese medicine, while Wang Dacheng just wanted to make money.

Wang Dacheng glanced around the audience and said, “What’s up? Dear elders, are you interested in joining my Hall of Medical Fame?”

“I’d like to. Wang Dashao wants to help traditional Chinese medicine. I, Zhang Tian, will be the first to stand up for it!”

Zhang Tianhe, who was a medical expert who had been defeated by Qin Haodong in Jiangnan hospital, was the first to stand up for the sake of business opportunities or other reasons.

“I agree…” Fu Hailong was the second to stand up.

“Count me in.” Liu Baikun followed.

Then, several people stood up. However, the trend stopped at Gao Fengwen. Shen Xiangfu and Zhong Sihai looked at each other. They believed that since there was already a Traditional Chinese Medicine Association, there was no need to join the Hall of Medical Fame.

Even if they thought about this idea, they would have to discuss it with Qin Haodong first. Thus, the three of them did not express their opinions, and the other members of Jiangnan Traditional Chinese Medicine Association followed suit.

Wang Dacheng was a little surprised to see that less than half of the doctors were willing to join the Hall of Medical Fame. He was under the impression that Chinese medicine was not prosperous. As long as someone took the lead and stood up, others would follow. Therefore, he hadn’t expected such a result.

Although there was some surprise and dissatisfaction in his heart, he didn’t show it. He still said with a smile, “Take your time and think about it. Let’s go to the banquet first. You can let me know later when you have made your decision. ”

Wang Dacheng was smarter than Wang Dazhi. A casual approach not only left room for this matter, but also relieved his current embarrassment.

Thus, he led the way out of the room. The old doctors followed him to the reception hall.

When they reached the reception site, they immediately saw a strange landscape. Usually, the men who attended the banquet were all wearing suits, while the women were wearing extremely revealing evening gowns. However, these old men, except Zhang Tian, were all wearing long gowns that looked very different.

These old men were not used to seeing the white skin exposed by the ladies. As a result, their eyes were limited to their feet and they didn’t see Qin Haodong sitting in the corner.

Wang Dacheng had made arrangements beforehand. The waiters guided the old doctors to sit in the front row before the banquet officially began.

Wang Haiting, the president of the Jiangnan Chamber of Commerce, was the first to come to the front desk. He nodded at the audience and said, “Welcome to my party. Thank you for honoring me.”

After a round of applause, he added, “I have only one purpose for holding today’s banquet, and that is to hand over this position. To be honest, I’ve been getting older lately, and I’m not able to manage Haitian Group. Fortunately, a few days ago, my eldest son, Dacheng, returned to China from M country, so I can finally get some rest.

From now on, Wang Dacheng will be officially the president of Haitian Group. At the same time, he will also replace me as the host of today’s banquet. Now, let my son come up to meet you.”

The audience was quite surprised. They had thought that this was just an ordinary business reception. However, unexpectedly, Wang Haiting had passed on the position of the president.

Wang Dacheng stepped up to the front desk with a charming smile on his handsome face. As soon as he appeared on the stage, there was a warm applause. Many women also screamed.

“He’s so handsome. Wang is so handsome. Does he have a girlfriend?”

“Not bad… Wang Haiting’s son has the appearance of a talented man…”

A lot of praises were uttered by the audience. Both men and women were overwhelmed by the demeanor Wang Dacheng showed. Only Lin Momo’s face slowly sank. She looked around for a long time but didn’t see Che Xiaoxiao. This meant that her good sister wasn’t at the site and probably didn’t know that Wang Dacheng had returned home.

Che Xiaoxiao had waited for him for five years, yet he hadn’t even told her that he had returned home. What did this mean?

On the stage, Wang Haiting looked at his son with eyes full of pride. His hands were on Wang Dacheng’s shoulder as he told the crowd, “The proudest achievement of my life is not founding Haitian Group, but having a good son.

Dacheng has been excellent since childhood. This time, he has successfully studied in M country and obtained a double bachelor’s degree. From this day on, he will undertake the business of Haitian Group. I hope you can keep an eye on him in the future.

Well, I have nothing more to say. From now on, this stage belongs to the younger generation and my son!”

Then, he bowed before the crowd, handed over the microphone to Wang Dacheng, and retreated directly towards the audience.

Wang Dacheng stood at Wang Haiting’s position and gave everyone a charming smile. “Hello, my friends and elders, I’m Wang Dacheng. From this day on, I’ll take over my father’s position as president. I hope all of you will help me.”

Thunderous applause came from the audience as everyone expressed their kindness to the young president.

Wang Dacheng’s eyes scanned the crowd under the stage. When he saw Lin Momo, his eyes lit up. After the applause faded, he said, “Everyone, I want to announce three things by taking advantage of today’s banquet.

First, after I take office, Haitian Group’s business focus will turn to the pharmaceutical industry.”

There was a cry of surprise from the crowd. Before, Haitian Group had mainly been engaged in the real estate and financial industry. It had never been involved in the pharmaceutical industry. How could it suddenly change its business? It was hard for many people to understand.

Wang Dacheng smiled and said, “Everyone might be surprised by my decision. Some people might even think I am crazy. In fact, my decision is the result of careful consideration.

The real estate industry has reached its peak, and the financial industry is also in a state of saturation that hides great risks. Only the medical industry is on the rise. With the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s demand for medicine and health care is growing, so I think the pharmaceutical industry has great potential, especially the TCM industry.

The first thing I want to do when I become president is set up the Hall of Medical Fame to strengthen and expand the TCM industry. I have already started to prepare. Today, I invited many specialists of the TCM industry.”

Wang Dacheng’s speech shocked people even more. Entering the pharmaceutical industry was beyond many people’s expectations, let alone entering the TCM industry.

Everyone knew that traditional Chinese medicine was in an awkward position in China. Wang Dacheng wanted to strengthen and enlarge traditional Chinese medicine. Was that okay? Many people were skeptical about his decision.

Wang Dacheng, who was aware of what people thought, said, “The prospects of the TCM industry are vast. It is definitely a gold mine, but it has not been paid any attention or been fully developed.

You shouldn’t have any doubts about this. Some time ago, my old classmate, who was a goddess in my heart, President Lin Momo, set a good example for us. She took the lead in establishing the Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company and made it very successful. I heard of the Blood Revival Pill while I was in M Country.

Now, I want to learn from my goddess!”

After speaking, he raised his hand and pointed to the position of Lin Momo. Everyone’s eyes followed him and focused on Lin Momo.

In their opinion, Lin Momo should respond to Wang Dacheng’s confession. However, due to the issue of Che Xiaoxiao, Lin Momo harbored no good feelings for Wang Dacheng. Instead of responding, she turned her face to Qin Haodong’s side to avoid looking at him.

Wang Dacheng, who had originally wanted to say hello to Lin Momo in this special way, hadn’t expected this result. He now felt embarrassed.

Thanks to his shrewdness, his embarrassment disappeared in a flash and he soon said with a smile, “Now, let’s talk about the second thing I want to do, which is also a good thing for Haitian Group. When I was in M Country, I met Maldini Jr. of Midas Investment Corporation.

I explained to him that I am ready to vigorously develop traditional Chinese medicine, and he is also very optimistic about it. He even intends to invest in it.”

There was suddenly uproar. Everyone was shocked by Wang Dacheng’s words. The mention of the famous Midas Investment Corporation and Maldini Jr. was enough to cause a sensation.

Midas Investment Corporation was the world’s top investment company, and Maldini Jr. was known as the most discerning investor. Ever since his debut, he had never failed. Behind Maldini Jr. was a financial giant called Old Maldini.

In terms of financial strength, few people in the world could surpass them.

When Wang Dacheng had said that he was optimistic about the industry of traditional Chinese medicine, many people hadn’t taken him seriously. However, if Maldini Jr. was optimistic about the industry, things would be completely different. This was definitely worth another review, as they all believed that Maldini Jr.’s vision couldn’t be wrong.

If he had gotten this company to invest, he had already succeeded half-way. The rest was just a process towards success.

Many successful people were looking forward to cooperating with Midas and getting Maldini Jr.’s investment. Unfortunately, no one in Jiangnan City had ever received such an investment recently. Wang Dacheng would be the first one if he succeeded.

When he saw everyone’s reaction, Wang Dacheng’s eyes flashed with complacence. Being able to get acknowledged by Maldini Jr. was the proudest achievement of his life!

After the crowd calmed down, he added, “Now, I want to say a third thing, which I think is the most important one.”

The crowd was aroused again. This information had been explosive enough. Was there anything more important than Maldini Jr.’s investment? Everyone’s eyes gathered on Wang Dacheng again as they waited for him to continue.

Wang Dacheng said, “I have been wandering overseas for five years, but I have not had a girlfriend during these five years.

This is not because I’m not good enough. Girls from all over the world have confessed their love for me over these years, but I didn’t reciprocate it. There was always one person in my heart. I can’t wait any longer. Today, I want to express my love for my favorite girl, in hopes that she will accept it.”

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