The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 292 - You've Been Set Up

Chapter 292 You’ve Been Set Up

The next day, two major events happened in the pharmaceutical industry in Jiangnan City.

The confession video of Huang Weili, the head of the Jiangnan Branch of Wilson’s Company, caused a great disturbance on the Internet once it was exposed. Several departments, including the taxation department, intervened during the investigation. The Jiangnan Branch of Wilson’s Company was shut down and Huang Weili was arrested for tax evasion and some other crimes.

The video was also a free advertisement for Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company that showed people that a Chinese medicine that could completely cure leukemia would soon be available.

On the same day, Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company put the medicine into production. According to the plan proposed by Qin Haodong, the Blood Revival Oral Liquid had been upgraded into the Blood Nourishing Elixir. While the name and form had changed, the function remained the same. This elixir could also cure leukemia.

Everything went back to normal and Qin Haodong became a technician that led other technicians who worked on the production line.

He was busy the whole day. After work, he had dinner. He was going to play with the little one for a while, but he suddenly received a call from Bai Ziping.

“Dr. Qin, where are you?” Bai Ziping asked in a hurry.

“At home. Anything wrong?”

Bai Ziping had left a nice impression on Qin Haodong. The Boss of the Dogfighting Ring was extremely prudent. Qin Haodong couldn’t have gotten Dabai and Erbai without his help.

“Dr. Qin, Dabai and Erbai have been injured. Can you come over and check on them?”

“They got injured? How?”

Qin Haodong was shocked, as the two of them were purebred ferrets that were huge and fierce. He wondered how they both could have gotten injured at the same time.

Bai Ziping explained hastily, “Something happened in my Dogfighting Ring. They were severely bitten by other dogs. Please come over, Dr. Qin. They may not be able to make it if you’re late.”

“Okay. I’ll come right now.”

Qin Haodong answered and hung up the phone. If Dabai and Erbai had been severely injured, he assumed that there would be lots of blood there. Thus, he didn’t bring the little one with him when he drove fast to the Dogfighting Ring.

He was familiar with the road, so he went directly to Dabai and Erbai’s doghouses. When he arrived, he saw Bai Ziping and several vets guarding them.

“Dr. Qin, here you are. Please take a look at them.”

Bai Ziping sounded worried. The previous vets had already claimed that the two of them were hopeless, so Qin Haodong was their last hope.

“Don’t worry, they won’t die as long as I’m here.”

Qin Haodong spoke as he opened the door of the doghouse and went straight in. He was startled upon seeing Dabai and Erbai, who had been severely injured.

Dabai’s body was covered in dozens of large and small wounds. Its body had been dyed dark red by blood. The animal was on all fours on the ground, and its breath became fainter and fainter. Erbai had been hurt even more severely. There was a large wound that might be 10 centimeters long on his neck and almost reached its trachea.

The two Snow Mastiffs were so severely injured that they would definitely have died if Qin Haodong had been late by even one minute.

The situation was urgent. He took out two Physique-Improving Pills and fed them to Dabai and Erbai. Then, he took out the Regeneration Plaster to treat their trauma.

After the pills, the topical plaster and a series of other approaches, Dabai and Erbai started to recover. 20 minutes later, the wounds on their bodies began to scar. Later, they slowly stood up from the ground.

The veterinarians who were standing by and watching looked down upon Qin Haodong and thought the young doctor was there to make a mess. They were certain about it when they saw him applying Chinese medical treatment on dogs. They felt disdain because veterinarians and Chinese medicine practitioners had nothing in common. Treatment meant for human beings would never work on dogs.

However, what happened next made their jaws drop. The two dying dogs not only survived, but also regained the ability to move, which exceeded their imagination.

The way they looked at Qin Haodong changed. No wonder Bai Ziping valued this young man so much. It turned out that the young man was really skilled.

Upon seeing his two beloved dogs being saved, Bai Ziping took a breath and left the two dogs to the trainer of the Dogfighting Ring, who would take care of them. Then, he invited Qin Haodong into the Boss’ office respectfully.

He made a cup of tea and served it to Qin Haodong. Then, he said, “Thanks for what you did today. Without you, Dabai and Erbai could’ve died.”

Qin Haodong took a sip and said, “What happened, Mr. Bao? Why did you use Dabai and Erbai to fight?”

Bai Ziping sighed and said, “I didn’t want to either, but I had no other options.”

Then, he told him exactly what had happened.

Somebody had taken dozens of dogs into his Dogfighting Ring to challenge him. This had happened a lot before, so he hadn’t cared much in the first place.

However, this time had been different. The dogs the man had brought had been really fierce. Almost all the experienced dogs in the Dogfighting Ring had failed. His high-level dogs had all been killed or injured. No dogs had been left to use.

Bai Ziping had had no choice but to use Dabai and Erbai. He had been astonished when the two fierce dogs had also lost and gotten severely injured.

When he finished speaking, he sighed again and said, “Brother Qin, I lost so much this time. The most important income source of the Dogfighting Ring was providing gambling opportunities for the guests. We lost so many games in succession today. We’ve already lost nearly 100 million while gambling. If we count the injured and killed fighting dogs, the loss is incalculable.”

Qin Haodong took another sip of tea and said in a light voice, “Mr. Bai, you’ve been set up.”

“Set up? What do you mean?”

A cold glimmer flashed over Bai Ziping’s eyes.

The Dogfighting Ring was an underground industry. He had never been a kind man and he’d had a complicated relationship with the emperor of the underground world, Long Haisheng. It had never occurred to him that someone would come to his place and set him up.

Qin Haodong said, “When I treated Dabai and Erbai just now, I discovered that they had been poisoned.”

“Poisoned? How’s that possible?”

Bai Ziping said, “Some people with ulterior motives will play dirty during dogfighting. Sometimes, they poison their dogs’ hair, but my Ring runs strict tests. We draw blood from every dog that’s going to fight and test it. We check their hair very carefully. Nobody could have poisoned them.”

He was extremely confident about that. His business kept expanding because he ran it strictly and had earned himself a great reputation. Now, the money just kept rolling in.

That was also why he hadn’t thought that much of it after losing so badly that day.

Qin Haodong said, “The toxins found in their bodies are very special. I’ve never seen that before, but I’m sure that this poison could paralyze them.

Your dogs’ reflexes would slow down, their endurance would be reduced, and their strength would be weakened once they took in that poison. That was the crucial reason Dabai Erbai was defeated. Mastiffs are fierce, so even if they lose, they won’t lose so miserably.”

Bai Ziping might have doubted this if somebody else had said it, but he trusted Qin Haodong’s medical skills a lot. Thus, he asked, “How could that be? We ran a strict test before the fight. Are you saying that there’s a hidden enemy among my people?”

Qin Haodong said, “It’s not about a hidden enemy. Your technics were obsolete and couldn’t check out this toxin. I said this is a newly-invented toxin that I’ve never heard of. It’s not natural, so it may be something synthesized.”

This poison did give him a special feeling. He couldn’t have found it without the powerful sense of his Spirit.

Bai Ziping became furious and said, “How dare those bastards poison their dogs! I have to go and settle this!”

Qin Haodong said, “This toxin is really special. I might be the only one here who can tell. Even the best medical technology in Jiangnan may not be able to find it. You’ll have no proof to accuse them of this. That’s why they weren’t afraid.”


Bai Ziping was speechless for a moment.

He might be powerful, but his opponents were apparently equally powerful. He ran the Dogfighting Ring based on his credibility. If he accused an opponent of poisoning just because he had lost, nobody would come here in the future. The Dogfighting Ring would close soon enough.

Suddenly, the door was opened and a young man walked in with four or five bodyguards behind him.

“Mr. Bai, truth be told, your dogs were really lousy. I wasn’t having a good time. You couldn’t even send out one dog for me.”

The young man spoke and laughed out loud arrogantly. However, his laugh soon stopped when he saw Qin Haodong sitting aside.

Qin Haodong also recognized this arrogant young man. He was the young master of the Zhang family, the guy who had been beaten up several times by him. He immediately knew that this was the guy who had poisoned the dogs’ hair.

“What are you doing here?”

Zhang Dazhi gritted his teeth as he spoke.

He really hated Qin Haodong’s guts. He didn’t go after him only because of the influence of the Nalans. It was a surprise that they’d run into each other here today.

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “Mr. Bai is a friend of mine. Why can’t I be here?”

Now that he knew that Zhang Dazhi had poisoned his dogs, Bai Ziping wasn’t going to have a good attitude. “Zhang Dazhi, why are you here?” he said coldly.

Zhang Dazhi moved his eyes away from Qin Haodong and answered, “Mr. Bai, truth be told, I like your Dogfighting Ring. How about you sell it to me for 500 million yuan?”

Bai Ziping’s face immediately turned gloomy. Now, he realized that Zhang Dazhi’s goal went beyond just earning some gambling money. He was here for his Dogfighting Ring.

Thus, he said coldly, “Zhang Dazhi, is this some kind of joke? The Dogfighting Ring is worth at least 1 billion. Besides, I’ve never wanted to sell it. How could I possibly sell it to you for 500 million yuan?”

Zhang Dazhi smiled and said, “You’re right. The Dogfighting Ring was worth 1 billion before, but things are different now. Your lousy dogs all lost to my dogs, so you can’t demand that much for a Dogfighting Ring with so many lousy dogs. I’m already being kind by offering you 500 million. I will only be able to give you 300 million tomorrow.”

“Zhang Dazhi, get out of here!” Bai Ziping said with a grim face, “The Dogfighting Ring is my business. It has nothing to do with you!”

Zhang Dazhi laughed and said, “Mr. Bai, you have to be calm as a businessman. That’s not the right way to act.

From this day on, I’ll bring dogs to you every day and have them tear apart every dog you have. We’ll see how many days you will be able to hang on or if you’ll stand to live in shame if your big Dogfighting Ring doesn’t even have one single dog left.”

Upon speaking of that, he looked at Qin Haodong again and said, “Gigolo boy! Why are you here? Bring your own dogs to fight if you have any. My dogs will tear all of them apart!”

As soon as he said that, he left while laughing arrogantly.

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