The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 290 - The Reality Show

Chapter 290 The Reality Show

“What the hell? The young man from Huaxia was getting back at me!”

James grabbed the glass on the table and smashed it on the ground. When he lowered his head, a sniper bullet hit the vase behind him.

That shot scared the anger out of him. He nearly wet his pants, got down on the ground and yelled, “David! Pull the curtains and bring more people to protect me!”

David and his fellows immediately showed the professionalism of senior bodyguards. They pulled all the curtains in the villa shut and then put guards in all the key positions.

James got up from the ground. He had just narrowly escaped, so from now on, he would never believe that God always chose his side. He didn’t dare spread his arms and legs on the sofa. Instead, he pulled a blanket and put it on the ground, hiding his fat body behind the sofa.

Meanwhile, the silver-haired housekeeper ran in and said, “Boss, Mr. Rogers has come to visit you. Do you want to see him?”

“No. Tell him I won’t see anyone today!”

James roared angrily. He was worried that Rogers would bring another killer in. He had totally freaked out.

In the Huaxia branch of Wilson’s Company, Huang Weili was holding a small glass bottle in his hand excitedly. The bottle was filled with black liquid Chinese medicine.

“Dr. Jiang, are you sure that this liquid is the same as the Blood Revival Oral Liquid you tested last time?”

“The data obtained by the laboratory is exactly the same,” Jiang Tao answered with dissatisfaction, “Manager Huang, I don’t know why you are forcing me to spend so much time on this useless thing. I hope you will keep me away from such boring things in the future.”

“Okay, that’s fine. You can go back to your work.”

Huang Weili took a small glass bottle and rushed back to his office. He realized that Qin Haodong must have given him the real formula, or there was no way the test result would be the same.

“Come in, Blond!”

He called in a guy who looked like a rogue.

“Boss, what’s the matter?” said the rogue respectfully.

“Has your cousin with leukemia arrived yet?”

“Yes, he’s waiting outside.”

“Call him in now. I just produced the Blood Revival Oral Liquid, and I can let him have it for free.”

After all the lessons he had been taught by Qin Haodong, Huang Weili was more careful this time. He had to have the liquid tested on someone to know if it worked or whether it was real. Only the real Blood Revival Oral Liquid could cure leukemia patients.

“I’ll call him in,” the yellow-haired gangster said as he invited a tall young man in. Then, he introduced them. “Boss, this is my cousin, Gao Daqiang. Cousin, this is our Boss, Mr. Huang.”

Gao Daqiang was more than 1.90 meters tall and used to be extremely strong. He had been a fitness instructor, yet not long ago, he had gotten leukemia so he now looked sick and dispirited.

“Hello, Mr. Huang. Do you really have the Blood Revival Oral Liquid?”

Gao Daqiang had been looking for the Blood Revival Oral Liquid ever since he had heard that the liquid could cure leukemia. However, he hadn’t been able to find it. He had come over here today as soon as he’d heard from his cousin that Huang Weili had the liquid.

“Of course. Here it is!” Huang Weili said while shaking the glass bottle in his hand.

“Great! Thank you, Mr. Huang. How much is it?” Gao Daqiang asked excitedly.

Huang Weili generously said, “How much? You’re Blond’s cousin. I’ll just give it to you. My only request is that you drink it here right now.”

“Thank you, Mr. Huang. Thank you so much.”

Gao Daqiang said as he took the bottle excitedly and got ready to drink it up.

Huang Weili suddenly came up with an idea and said, “Wait a moment! You’ll drink it when I allow you to!”

Gao Daqiang hesitated for a moment and said, “Okay, Mr. Huang. It’s all up to you!”

Huang Weili came back to reality and video-called Davis.

Davis had been huddling up behind the sofa. It had been less than half a day, but he had almost gone mad because of those killers. Their meals had been poisoned, they had gotten ambushed during their trip, and even their toilets had been blown up.

“Damn, when will all of this end?”

Just as he felt annoyed, the phone next to him rang.

He picked up the phone and pressed the answer button. Then, he roared, “Huang Weili, why are you calling me? Give me a reason now, or go eat sh*t!”

Upon seeing Davis’ big twisted face on the big screen, Huang Weili was startled. He immediately said with a flattering expression, “Don’t be mad, Boss. I’ve got great news for you.”

“Speak up! If it’s not great, I swear I’ll kill you!”

Huang Weili said, “Here’s the thing, Boss. I’ve got the formula of the Blood Revival Oral Liquid, and I also successfully confected the real liquid!”

“What? How? Are you lying to me?”

Davis suddenly calmed down, even though he still didn’t believe this. He had seen how capable Qin Haodong was now, so he couldn’t believe that Huang Weili could have gotten the formula of the Blood Revival Oral Liquid from such a sneaky guy.

“Of course it’s real, Boss. I’ve got a leukemia patient behind me right now. I’ll give the Blood Revival Oral Liquid to him and I want you to see its miraculous effect.”

Huang Weili had called to invite James to see what would happen to Gao Daqiang after he drank the medicine. His career would take off as soon as his boss approved of him. He could immigrate to M Country. No matter how powerful Qin Haodong was, he wouldn’t be able to threaten him then.

Davis said, “Well, I will trust you one more time. You can go to hell if you fail me again!”

“Rest assured, Boss. The lab has already obtained the data. It’s exactly the same as the liquid last time.”

Huang Weili came back to earth and kicked Blond out of the room. Then, he locked the door, leaving him and Gao Daqiang inside.

“Okay, you can take it now,” Huang Weili told Gao Daqiang.

By now, Gao Daqiang had figured out that he would just act as a guinea pig. However, it was free, so he drank all the liquid in the glass bottle.

When he saw him drink all the liquid, Huang Weili asked with concern, “How do you feel? Are you feeling any better?”

Gao Daqiang said, “Maybe. I feel so hot now!”

“That’s a good thing. The Blood Revival Oral Liquid is taking effect.” Huang Weili turned around and reported to Davis excitedly, “You see that, Boss? I’ve got the real formula. The medicine is effective.”

He was like a commentator as he looked at Gao Daqiang and said, “Boss, look at his cheeks. They’re getting rosy. They are not as pale as they were just now. He looks much more spirited.

His eyes were also red. Look, he was breathing so fast earlier…”

He suddenly felt that something was wrong upon saying that. Gao Daqiang surely didn’t look like a leukemia patient now. Instead, his eyes were glaring with a strange light, making him look like a beast in heat.

“What… What are you doing? Stay there! Don’t get any closer!”

Huang Weili freaked out completely and stepped back hastily.

On the other side of the phone, James called out, “You idiot! What did you feed him? That’s not Blood Revival Oral Liquid! That’s a strong philter!”

Gao Daqiang’s eyes turned red. He stared at Huang Weili as he growled and jumped over.

“No, don’t come closer!”

Huang Weili, who was really scared, turned back and tried to get out of the room. However, Gao Daqiang wouldn’t give him a chance. His palms, which were as huge as two fans, reached out and choked Huang Weili. Then, he threw him on the sofa and jumped on him like a hungry tiger.

Huang Weili tried to resist, but he had been living so comfortably that he was no match for a fitness instructor like Gao Daqiang. He was crushed and his clothes were quickly torn into pieces.

Huang Weili’s scream echoed in the room. He had been doing dirty things in the room, so the space was absolutely soundproof. He was shouting himself hoarse inside, yet his voice sounded faint outside. The door was so well-locked that no one would be able to come in even if they wanted to.

What happened next was a butt-kicking that resulted in soiled underwear.

Sad tears streamed down Huang Weili’s face. He wondered why he had to suffer through all this. He hadn’t gotten the formula of the Blood Revival Oral Liquid, yet he had lost his butt virginity, which he had cherished for more than 30 years.

On the other side of the phone, James was totally stunned. M country was very open-minded, so he’d had many lovers. However, this was the first time he had watched a man-on-man live stream. He wanted to help Huang Weili out, but this was totally out of his control. He could do nothing but stand and watch the reality show.

At a corner near the Jiangnan branch of Wilson’s Company, a few commercial vehicles were pulled over.

Qin Haodong, Lin Momo, and Qi Wan’er were sitting inside the first car.

Upon seeing the unsightly scene through the laptop, Qi Wan’er glared at Qin Haodong coquettishly and said, “That’s your fault. You directed that unsightly show.”

Qin Haodong said, “This guy kidnapped my daughter and blackmailed me for my formula. He deserved it.”

Lin Momo said, “Haodong, what was the formula you gave to him?”

“You tell me.” Qin Haodong smiled and said, “Let’s go. It’s about time we picked up the little one and went home.”

He then got out of the car and Saber and some other people from the Divine Mercenaries followed him. They rushed through the gate of Wilson’s Company.

A few gangsters guarding the gate rushed over to stop them upon seeing Qin Haodong and the others, only to be quickly knocked down on the ground by Saber and his fellows.

Qin Haodong sensed the position of the little girl upon entering the building and led the others to the basement.

It was almost midnight, and the two gangsters on the chairs were sleepy. Saber had knocked them out on the ground before they could wake up.

Qin Haodong opened the door and saw the little one eating chips and watching cartoons on the sofa. She grabbed the coke beside her and took a sip from time to time. That was no kidnapping at all. It was like vacation for her!

“Tang Tang! Mommy’s here to pick you up!”

Lin Momo, who finally saw her daughter again, jumped over and took the little fellow in her arms.

The little fellow kissed Lin Momo on the cheeks, turned back to Qin Haodong and said, “Papa, what’s taken you so long? I feel sleepy!”

Qin Haodong patted her little head and said, “If I had known that you were having such a great time here, I wouldn’t have come to pick you up. Did you know that you were kidnapped? Why aren’t you afraid?”

The little girl’s eyes blinked as she said, “I know I was kidnapped, but I also knew you would come and save me.”

“Aren’t you my smart girl?” Qin Haodong rubbed the little fellow’s chubby face and told Lin Momo, “Take Tang Tang back. I’ll settle the issue with Huang Weili upstairs!”

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