The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 281 - The Obstruction of Wilson Company

Chapter 281 The Obstruction of Wilson Company

Shocked, Wang Aiguo put down his pen. They all turned to look at the door.

Seven or eight people came in, led by Huang Weili.

Upon seeing them intruding into his conference room, Wang Aiguo’s expression changed and he asked, “Who are you? What are you doing here?”

Huang Weili laughed and found a chair to sit down. Then, he said, “Let me introduce myself. I’m Huang Weili, the head of Wilson Company’s branch in Jiangnan City.”

Wilson was a world-renowned pharmaceutical giant, so it was well-known. Upon hearing Huang Weili’s self-introduction, Wang Aiguo put a curb on his temper and said, “Manager Huang, what are you doing here?”

Huang Weili said, “Boss Wang, I’m here to give you money. Wilson Company is very interested in your pharmaceutical factory. We want to buy it!”

When he heard Huang Weili’s words, Lin Momo’s face suddenly became bleak. This guy had clearly come to obstruct them.

Qin Haodong was also aware of Wilson’s purpose. After failing to achieve their goal, they had begun to obstruct others.

Wang Aiguo hadn’t expected that his pharmaceutical factory, which had been sitting aside for two years without any attention, would be pursued by two men today. Still, he said, “Manager Huang, I’m sorry, but my factory has been sold to Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company. The contract will be signed soon.”

Huang Weili said with a smile, “You haven’t signed the contract yet, so it has no legal effect.”

Wang Aiguo said, “We have still negotiated about the price, and businessmen like us always keep our promises.”

Huang Weili said, “I know that Lin’s Group offered you 500 million yuan for the factory. I will double this price and give you one billion yuan. How about you sell it to me? You can earn twice as much as they bid immediately.”

“One billion?” Wang Aiguo was shocked by Huang Weili’s bid. However, he hesitated and said, “I’m sorry, Manager Huang. I think credibility is our priority!”

“1.5 billion!” Huang Weili was not in a hurry. It seemed that he had the confidence to convince Wang Aiguo.

“Manager Huang, this is really not about money!”

“Two billion!” Huang Weili once again raised the price by 500 million yuan and said, “Well, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You know that this factory was not worth two billion even in its heyday!”

“It… It’s a deal!” Wang Aiguo eventually yielded in front of Huang Wei’s money. He turned to Qin Haodong in embarrassment and said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Qin, but as a businessman, I can’t give up money!”

Lin Momo and Liu Yage were angry, but Qin Haodong did not care. He looked at Huang Weili and said faintly, “Manager Huang, Wilson Company is a western medicine company. Is it worthwhile to buy a useless Chinese medicine factory at such a high price?”

Huang Weili smiled proudly and said, “Of course it’s worth it! Do you know how much money we can earn by selling Baikangsiding in a day? Two billion yuan is just a piece of cake. Preventing the Blood Revival Oral Liquid from entering the market will be the biggest profit for us.”

“Even though this acquisition was unsuccessful, I can go build factories elsewhere. You can’t buy all the factories in our country, can you?”

“It seems that you are a doctor but not a businessman. You don’t understand,” Huang Weili said, “Although we can’t buy all the factories in our country, we can significantly delay the Blood Revival Oral Liquid’s sales by hindering the purchase of this factory. As long as your Blood Revival Oral Liquid is not on the market, the Wilson Company can make money. We will suffer no loss whatsoever!”

“Yes, this is a good businessman’s plan!” Qin Haodong nodded and said, “Unfortunately, you won’t succeed. Boss Wang will eventually sell me the factory.”

“Sell it to you?” Huang Weili said scornfully, “Don’t think that I don’t know how much money you have. The total amount of money invested by Lin’s Group is only 2.5 billion yuan. Would you like to use all of your money to buy this factory? If you do that, you will have no money left to start production.”

Qin Haodong waved his hand and said, “You’re wrong. We only have 500 million yuan, but Boss Wang will sell it to us.”

“You are childish! Do you think everyone is as foolish as you? You don’t want to make money. You only want to cure this illness and save people.”

Huang Weili burst out laughing and said, “What’s the most important thing for a businessman? It’s money, you know? Money! As you just saw, as long as the price we offer is high enough, he will certainly sell his factory to us!”

“You’re wrong. There’s something more important than money. That’s life! No matter how much money a person has, they need a chance to spend their money. Otherwise, they are not wealthy at all.”

When Qin Haodong finished speaking, he ignored Huang Weili and turned to Wang Aiguo and said, “Boss Wang, I wanted to tell you something after you signed the contract, but it seems that I have to say it in advance.

Have you often experienced chest tightness, suffocation, chest pain, and limb weakness recently? Are you in low spirits, no matter what you are doing?”

“Yes, it’s true. I’ve been uncomfortable for some time. Yesterday, I went to Jiangnan Hospital for a full-body physical examination. Today, I’m going to sign the contract and get the test results,” Wang Aiguo said in surprise before he asked, “Mr. Qin, how did you know that?”

Qin Haodong said, “I am a Chinese medicine practitioner. Chinese medicine doctors pay attention. They look, listen, question, and feel the patient’s pulse. If I am right, you must have advanced lung cancer.”

“It’s impossible. It’s absolutely impossible!”

Although Wang Aiguo knew that he was not in good health, he could not believe that he had this terrible terminal disease.

“Boss Wang, you actually don’t need to be nervous. Even if you are really at the terminal stage of lung cancer, I can still cure you!”

After suddenly hearing that he was suffering from this serious illness, Wang Aiguo was at a loss for a while. Huang Weili said, “Boss Wang, don’t listen to him. He’s just messing with you. He wants you to sign the contract without having to spend more money.”

Wang Aiguo thought for a moment and realized that Huang Weili’s words were somewhat reasonable. Then, he relaxed a little.

Qin Haodong said lightly, “Boss Wang, verifying my words is very simple. You can call the hospital now and ask about your examination results.”

Wang Aiguo, who found this reasonable, took his cell phone out of his pocket. He had just switched the phone to silent mode in order to sign the contract. He now saw that there were more than a dozen unanswered calls from the physical examination department of Jiangnan Hospital.

Upon seeing so many phone calls and thinking of what Qin Haodong had said, he felt nervous and immediately called the hospital back.

When the call was connected, a young nurse’s voice was heard over the phone. “Is this Mr. Wang Aiguo? Your physical examination report has come out. It has been confirmed that you are at the terminal stage of lung cancer. Please come to the hospital immediately.”

Before the young nurse could finish, Wang Aiguo’s face became pale and he hung up the phone. He had never thought that he would get this terminal disease one day.

Qin Haodong said, “Well, Mr. Wang. Was I right?”

Wang Aiguo instantly came back to his senses. He grabbed Qin Haodong’s hand and said nervously, “Doctor Qin, can you treat my illness? Please, you must save me. As long as you save my life, I will meet whatever conditions you want.”

Before Qin Haodong could speak, Huang Weili said, “Boss Wang, you are really silly. How could Chinese medicine cure your cancer?

I know Doctor James, an expert working at the World Medical Association. He is the top specialist in the cardiopulmonary field. As long as you agree to sell the factory to us, I will contact James immediately and take you to M Country for free. You will receive the best treatment in the world there.”

“Really? Are you serious?”

Wang Aiguo, who was a very shrewd man, had now suffered a sudden blow and become desperate.

Huang Weili said, “Of course I’m serious. If you don’t believe me, I’ll call James right now. You can tell him about it.”

He immediately took out his cell phone, found Doctor James’ phone number and called him in front of Wang Aiguo. Then, he pressed the speaker button.

When the call was connected, Huang Wei said in standard English, “Hello, Mr. James. This is Huang Weili. I need your help with something.”

He had studied in M Country for four years and was proud of his fluent English. He actually could not help glancing at Qin Haodong, his face full of pride.

Suddenly, someone on the other side of the phone said, “Huang Weili? Is this the guy from Wilson Company? Why are you speaking English?”

Although James’ celestial language was not very good, it was clear.

“Are you Doctor James?”

Huang Weili could not help looking at the phone number displayed on the cell phone screen again. When he heard James’ standard pronunciation, he thought he had called the wrong number.

“I am. I’m warning you, boy. I am practicing my celestial language now, so if you don’t speak it, I will hang up the phone.”

“No, don’t hang up.” Huang Weili hurriedly used the celestial language to say, “Mr. James, I have a friend here who has late-stage lung cancer. I would like to ask for your help.”

“Well, bring him to M country and register at the World Medical Association first.” James showed his public affairs attitude.

Wang Aiguo could not help saying, “Doctor, I am the sick patient. May I ask you a few questions?”

“Yes, but you have to make the best use of your time. My time is precious.”

“Doctor James, what is the chance of surgery successfully curing my illness?”

James said, “If you have been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer, there may not be any chance. We can only extend your life as far as possible with our treatment.”

When he heard this, Wang Aiguo’s face paled. His hands began to tremble slightly as he asked, “How long could my life be?”

“I’m not sure. It depends on the surgery and the personal maintenance of the patient. Generally speaking, between three months and three years.”

Upon hearing that he had three years of life at most, Wang Aiguo’s face became as white as a sheet. However, he still asked hopefully, “Doctor James, is there any way to cure my illness completely? You can spend as much money as you want.”

“It’s not about money. Even the king of a country or the richest man in the world could only do so much.” Then, James suddenly asked, “Where are you from? I think you are from Jiangnan City based on your accent.”

Wang Aiguo did not know why James had suddenly asked this. He subconsciously said, “I am from Jiangnan City!”

When James heard this, his tone immediately became excited and he said, “It’s very easy if you are a Jiangnan resident. My teacher is in Jiangnan City. He will surely cure your disease.”

Hope appeared in Wang Aiguo’s eyes immediately as he asked, “Doctor James, who is your teacher? Please tell me quickly. I’ll go and see him to get treated right now.”

James said, “My teacher is the Medical Sage of your country. His name is Qin Haodong.”

Wang Aiguo turned to look at Qin Haodong, who was next to him. His hands shook so much that he almost dropped his phone.

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