The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 28 - Being Kept by Someone?

Chapter 28 Being Kept by Someone?

“Well…” Now Zhao Hongmao was completely stunned. He was going to steal the security guards for a while to revenge for his wife, but he didn’t expect that he would run into Lin Momo. He didn’t know how to explain this.

Zhang Dabiao and other people’s heads were even lower. They wished they could bury their heads in their hands, and what was worse, they might lose their job for this.

“Mommy, I know!” The little girl started speaking while others remained silent. She said, “Zhao Lele’s mommy let these people hit Papa, but Papa kicked them like balls. Zhao Lele’s mommy called me a b*stard, so Papa used magic to turn her so ugly!”

She looked back to look at Xiao Lili as she spoke. Then she covered her own eyes with her hands. She looked so adorable that all people around laughed.

Lin Momo was slightly surprised when she heard the little girl speaking. The ugly one before her turned to be Xiao Lili who she had met in the morning. She now understood what was going on. The woman must be messing up with Qin Haodong, but they had no idea Qin Haodong could be, so they had been taught an expensive lesson.

“I’m sorry, President Lin, I don’t know they are your husband and daughter!”

Bowing down and an apology was the only thing Zhao Hongmao could do when the situation ended up like this. At the same time, he felt curious because Lin Momo was famous for being icy. She had never been married, so where did this husband and daughter come from?

In his mind, she thought the three must be a family since the little girl called her mommy and called him daddy.

It was hard for Lin Momo to explain this, and she didn’t want to explain it to Zhao Hongmao.

“You called my daughter a b*stard?”

Her icy face turned frosty. She hated it most when others called her kid a wild kid, or a b*stard!

“I’m sorry, President Lin, we don’t know she’s your daughter!”

Zhao Hongmao did have backgrounds, but he had to apologize because it was his fault today.

“Vice-president Zhao, the security department belongs to the company. They are not your private property. You cannot mobilize them as you like, or let them fight to revenge for your wife,” Lin Momo said it coldly, “Your abuse of power this time has done great damage to the company, so now you are suspended!”

After that, she turned back to Zhang Dabbiao and others, “You’re no longer the employees of Lin’s Group, now get your stuff and leave!”

Lin Momo looked quite stern and angry, but she was happy inside. Zhao Hongmao’s father, Zhao Zhongchen was director of Lin’s Group, as well as a major shareholder.

Relying on his father, Zhao Hongmao had been competing with Lin Momo for power for long. He constantly made trouble for her, but today, she finally had the chance to teach the guy a lesson.

At the same time, the department of security was in the charge of Zhao Hongmao, so Zhang Dabiao and other people were all his clique. It was a good opportunity today to wipe all of them out. That was to say, Qin Haodong happened to have helped Lin Momo to finish the thing that she had always wanted to do.

Zhang Dabiao and other guards knew that what had happened could never be corrected, so they accepted it and left regretfully.

Zhao Hongmao sighed and said, “President Lin, I admit the mistake I made today, but please tell your husband to show some mercy. Please forgive my wife.”

Xiao Lili knew she had made big trouble today, and she had nothing more to lose. She begged Qin Haodong miserably, “Please, I know I am wrong. Please forgive me, just once! Please turn my face back!”

Qin Haodong snorted and ignored her. She called the daughter of Emperor Green Wood a b*stard. She had been so lucky because she could’ve been killed for that.

Seeing Qin Haodong ignoring her, Zhao Hongmao’s expression changed, and he said, “Ruining other people’s appearance is a felon. I’m going to call the police!”

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “Call it as you like, but I suggest you take your daughter to the hospital to do a DNA test.”

“What do you mean?”

Qin Haodong said, “You don’t know what I mean? I’ll tell you for you looked really pathetic. You’ll know everything once you read the DNA report.”

Zhao Hongmao turned back to Xiao Lili immediately. He had always been confused because his daughter didn’t look like him at all. He became suspicious as soon as he heard what Qin Haodong had said.

“Honey, you cannot listen to what he said. Lele’s your daughter, and you don’t have to do the test!”

“You b*tch, let’s go home first.”

Zhao Hongmao turned around and left after that. He was taking his daughter to do the DNA test.

Xiao Lili had no time to beg Qin Haodong. She hurried to catch up because she knew clearly whose daughter the girl was, and everything would be over once the tested was done.

The crowded dispersed after they left.

“Papa, you’re amazing! I love you!”

The little girl gave a wet kiss to Qin Haodong’s cheek.

“Haodong, just be careful. You destroyed that woman’s appearance. You would get in trouble if you call the police.” Lin Momo looked worried.

“It’s okay. All the hospitals would identify that face as an innate one. There’s no use calling the police.”

Qin Haodong didn’t care at all. He looked at Lin Momo, grinning cheekily and said, “I got a new car today, how about taking you and Tang Tang for a ride?”

“Great! Great! I want to see Papa’s new car!”

The little girl was cheered up immediately.

Lin Momo asked, “Where is your new car?”

Qin Haodong pointed to the Lamborghini Centenario parked by the roadside, and said, “There it is.”

At the moment. The car was surrounded by six or seven car fans, who were judging and discussing the excellent performance of this car.

“Papa! Your car is so beautiful! I want a ride!” The little girl liked the Lamborghini very much, too.

Lin Momo frowned and asked Qin Haodong in cold face, “Is it a gift from that woman?”

“Well… sort of.”

Lin Momo interrupted when Qin Haodong was about to explain, “How could you do that? You can tell me if you don’t have enough money. How can you do that?”

“What did I do?” Qin Haodong understood it finally when seeing Lin Momo’s angry face. It looked like the kid’s mommy thought he had been kept by a woman as a gigolo.

“You thought I’ve been kept by someone?”

“Haven’t you? Who else would send you such an expensive car? Don’t try to fool me! This is a Lamborghini Centennario worth more than 40 million. It looks like the nabobess was surely willing to spend money for you.”

For no reason Lin Momo was so angry, and even herself didn’t realize how angry she was.

“You misunderstood me. The car was paid as my diagnose fee, and I earned it by myself,” Qin Haodong grinned and said, “No one could afford to keep me, but I’ll give you a 20% off if you want to!”

Lin Momo felt released, like a stone had been removed. The Lin’s family gifted Qin Haodong a car, and of course, the other family could give him a car.

Her expression eased. She rolled her eyes to Qin Haodong and said, “Stop showing off; no one wants to keep you!”

“I want, I want to keep Papa!” the little girl yelled, and then she asked, “Papa, what is ‘keep’?”

Qin Haodong hugged Tang Tang in his arms, and her hands touched Lin Momo’s plump chest. Lin Momo flushed.

Qin Haodong took the advantage of her unexpectedly, so felt happy inside, but outside, he looked serious and explained to the little girl, “Keeping means you feed someone, giving him clothes and money!”

“Oh, so mommy is keeping me!”

“Daddy and mommy are supposed to raise you, so that’s not keeping,” said Qin Haodong. He knew it would be tricky to explain it to the little girl, so he changed the subject. “Tang Tang, how about I take you and mommy for a ride?”

Lin Momo said, “It’s fine. We’ve already wasted too much time, and it’s almost time for dinner. Tang Tang must be hungry; let’s go home first.”

She didn’t go back to her own Rolls Royce as she said that. She hugged the little girl and sitting in the co-pilot of Lamborghini. Qin Haodong drove the family of three to the villa of Lin family.

Dinner had already been served when they came home. Lin Zhiyuan was waiting for them to be back.

After dinner, he looked at Qin Haodong from time to time as if he had something to say to him.

Qin Haodong liked this father-in-law, so he asked, “President Lin, do you have anything to say to me?”

“Well… it’s hard to say!” Lin Zhiyuan said, and looked embarrassed.

“President Lin, we’re family now. If you want to say something, just say it”

The little girl yelled as Qin Haodong finished, “Yes, grandpa, we’re family, family!”

“Then I’ll say it.” Lin Zhiyuan looked quite embarrassed, and he finally continued, “I have a good friend who happened to hear that your medical skills have cured Momo, so I am asking you for a favor.”

“That’s simple, I am the doctor, it’s my duty to cure patients, let alone that he’s a friend of yours. No problem.”

Qin Haodong agreed without much hesitation. At the same time, he was wondering why Lin Zhiyuan had to beat around the bush instead of saying it straightforwardly.

“Well…” Lin Zhiyuan’s face turned red, and he said, “It’s not a patient, and it’s a dog!”

When he finished, Lin Momo yelled before Qin Haodong opened his mouth, “Dad! What are you saying? Haodong is a doctor! Not a vet! How could he treat a dog?”

After that, she stared at Qin Haodong secretly. Other people with so brilliant medical skills would’ve been surely being irritated if they were asked to treat a dog.

Qin Haodong didn’t feel angry. He felt funny. No wonder Lin Zhiyuan was hesitating. It turned out that he wanted Qin Haodong to treat a dog. What a strange father-in-law!

The little girl yelled, “Doggy! Doggy! Tang Tang likes it!”

Lin Zhiyuan said, “Doctor Qin. I’ll be straight-forward. I won’t be asking you if it’s an ordinary dog.”

Upon hearing that, Qin Haodong looked at him with great interest and asked, “What’s special in this dog?”

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