The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 276 - The Consciousness to Be a Dog

Chapter 276: The Consciousness to Be a Dog

Upon hearing what Qin Haodong said, Li Donghai laughed out loud. “Qin Haodong, have you lost your mind? You’re Mr. Yagyuu’s enemy and I’m his friend, yet you asked him to kill me? That’s funny.”

Yagyuu Yoshida looked at Li Donghai and said, “No, you’re just a running dog to us. You’re no friend of ours.”

Li Donghai’s expression froze and he said in embarrassment, “You’re right. I’m a dog, a dog!”

“Since you’re a dog, you should have a dog’s awareness. Now go to hell!”

After saying that, Yagyuu Yoshida pulled out the saber that was by his waist.

Li Donghai was so scared that he immediately fell to his knees to plead him. “Mr. Yagyuu, I’m your dog. Please don’t kill me…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Yagyuu Yoshida’s sword had slit his throat. Li Donghai died before he could even make a sound, his blood splashing everywhere.

Although Wang Rubing hated Li Donghai’s guts, she couldn’t help trembling upon watching the cruel scene.

“Mr. Qin, how about that? Are you satisfied?”

Yagyuu Waaka asked Qin Haodong with a smile.

Li Donghai was no more than a running dog to him. Now that the dog was useless, it had lost all its value. Killing him would save him the 500,000-yuan payment.

Qin Haodong glanced at Li Donghai’s body. The fury inside him had been vented a bit. The guy had offended him again and again and just sold Wang Rubing to their enemy after all.

For the sake of Li Xiaotian, Qin Haodong hadn’t gotten rid of him earlier. However, now that he had been killed by a Nihon man, he had gotten what he deserved.

He looked at Yagyuu Waaka and said, “Let go of my sister and I’ll give Yagyuu Hirai to you!”

Yagyuu Waaka looked at Yagyuu Hirai, who was standing behind Qin Haodong, and said, “Mr. Qin, you’ve seen that I treated her nicely and didn’t do any harm to her. I’ll have to check on our young master before the exchange to see if he has been injured. Only that way can we call it fair.”

Hu Xiaoxian smiled coquettishly. “Mr. Yagyuu, isn’t that a bit unrealistic? What if we give you the hostage and you don’t give us ours?”

Yagyuu Waaka said, “That won’t happen. Credibility is the one thing our warriors value the most. Now that they’ve promised to give Miss Wang to you, they definitely will.”

“Credibility?” Hu Xiaoxian started laughing so hard that her body was shaking. She pointed to Li Donghai’s body and said, “That’s rich, Mr. Yagyuu. Is that what you call credibility?”

Yagyuu Waaka said, “That’s different. We promised 500,000 yuan to him so that he would help us kidnap Miss Wang. Now that the deal is done, we’ve already transferred the money to his bank account.

I never promised him that I wouldn’t kill him, so that’s not a credibility issue.”

Hu Xiaoxian said, “I’ve met shameless people, but I’ve never met someone as shameless as you. Mr. Yagyuu, meeting you is an eye-opening experience.”

Upon hearing Hu Xiaoxian’s sarcasm, Yagyuu Waaka didn’t care for it at all. “Young lady, you got a problem with my proposal?” he replied.

“Of course!” Hu Xiaoxian said, “In this country, we collect on delivery. That also applies to hostage exchanges. It will be fair only if we release the hostages at the same time.”

“That impossible. You’ll have to do as I say!”

Yagyuu Waaka’s voice was soft, but his tone sounded extremely decisive!

Hu Xiaoxian smiled and said, “What if we disagree?”

“That’s easy. Miss Wang is a beauty, so everyone here wants to see her naked. Send the young master over to us right now, or I’ll strip her right away!”

Yagyuu Waaka grabbed Wang Rubing and then raised his hand and tried to tear off the rope on her.

Hu Xiaoxian suddenly became furious and yelled, “Don’t you dare! If you dare to touch a hair of hers, I’ll chop your young master right away!”

She raised her hand and put the Purple Flash Sword against Yagyuu Hirai’s neck.

Yagyuu Waaka remained calm and sneered, “You’re the one who won’t dare! You’ll all die here along with the young master if you kill him. Besides, Miss Wang is not your sister, so you don’t get to decide everything.”

He turned to look at Qin Haodong and said, “I’ll give you one last chance. I’ll count down from 3 to 1. If you don’t let him go, I’ll let everyone here admire your sister naked.”

Wang Rubing struggled desperately, but she was firmly controlled by Yagyuu Waaka. She didn’t want to be insulted, nor did she want to be used as a hostage to threaten Qin Haodong. Thus, she screamed loudly, “Haodong! Kill me now!”

Qin Haodong, who was gloomy, told Saber, “Let go of him!”

Hu Xiaoxian yelled, “Are you crazy? You can’t let go of him! What if they don’t release Rubing?”

Yagyuu Waaka seemed to be enjoying watching Qin Haodong and his fellows quarreling. He smiled as he counted down. “Three, two…”

While he was counting down to the last number, Qin Haodong stepped forward and pushed Hu Xiaoxian aside. Then, he pushed Yagyuu Hirai toward Yagyuu Waaka.

“Young master, are you alright?”

Yagyuu Yoshida supported the tumbling Yagyuu Hirai. Then, he took out the towel stuffed in Yagyuu Hirai’s mouth.

Hu Xiaoxian uttered aloud, “We’ve released that man. Now, it’s your turn!”

Yagyuu Yoshida laughed out loud and said, “You idiots! You know I’m not a credible man. Why do you still trust me? This mission was really simple. We didn’t need so many warriors to deal with you idiots after all. What a waste!”

After smiling, his face turned cold and he said proudly, “How dare you disrespect the young master of the Yagyuus! You shall die for it! All of you shall die!”

As he spoke, he raised his right hand. Then, he yelled at the warriors behind him, “Come out now! All of you! Kill those people! All of them!”

According to their previous plan, all the warriors would rush out and kill Qin Haodong and his fellows as soon as he raised his right hand.

At the same time, Qin Haodong screamed, “Move!”

Zhang Tieniu and Chen Fugui were still hesitant. However, upon seeing that Wang Rubing had not been released yet, they hesitated no more. When they heard Qin Haodong’s order, they started their general attack by following the previous plan.

The members of Daddy Security Company had already chosen their own targets. They jumped in right away upon hearing the order. Each of them was at least one level higher than their target, and their targets had no idea they were hiding behind them. Thus, the attack was executed very easily. In the blink of an eye, more than 90 Nihon ninjas were eliminated. All of them died except for a few jonins.

“You jerk!”

Yagyuu Waaka and his fellows were really stunned. It had never occurred to them that Qin Haodong’s fellows could be so powerful. In less than a breath, nearly a hundred of his fellows had died. That was almost half of the power of the Yagyuus, who were all well-trained ninjas.

Qin Haodong sneered, “Stop yelling and let go of my sister, or you’ll all go to hell.”

“Qin Haodong, don’t forget that your sister is still in our hands!”

Yagyuu Yoshida, who was astonished but not surprised, reached out to capture Wang Rubing. As long as the woman was in their hands, they still had a chance to leave this place alive.

However, before his right hand could touch Wang Rubing’s clothes, a cold light flashed beside him. His right hand was cut off before falling onto the ground.

Yagyuu Yoshida screamed and looked aside. It was Yagyuu Hirai who had just cut his hand off.

After suceeding, Yagyuu Hirai picked up Wang Rubing in his arms and rushed over to Qin Haodong. Wang Rubing, who didn’t know what had happened, jumped into Qin Haodong’s arms and burst into tears the moment she saw him. She was so terrified this time.

Upon seeing the hostages being saved, the members of Daddy Security Company besieged Yagyuu Waaka and his fellows. They were waiting for Qin Haodong’s order to kill them all.

Yagyuu Waakam who had seen Yagyuu Hirai cut off Yagyuu Yoshida’s arm, scolded him angrily, “Young Master, are you crazy? How can you hurt your people?”

Yagyuu Hirai raised his hand and wiped his face. Then, he smiled at Yagyuu Waaka, showing his shiny teeth as he said, “Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Sword, a ninth-level bodyguard from Daddy Security Company. I’m not your stupid young master.”

Suddenly, Yagyuu Waaka realized that he had been fooled. He immediately yelled at Qin Haodong, “You sneaky man, how dare you deceive us by using a fake hostage!”

Hu Xiaoxian spit at the old man and asked, “Have you no shame? You are a bunch of warriors who kidnapped a woman! You just lost your credibility, yet you’re questioning ours?”

When Qin Haodong had seen that Yagyuu Hirai was covered in wounds and had lost an arm, he had realized that it might be hard to use him for the hostage exchange.

Sword’s body shape looked exactly like Yagyuu Hirai’s, so he had changed Sword’s appearance with the Polymorph and made him look like Yagyuu Hirai. Hu Xiaoxian had known all about it. She had just been acting along with Qin Haodong.

That was also why he had agreed to Yagyuu Waaka’s demands and sent Sword to save Wang Rubing.

Yagyuu Waaka pulled out his sword and called out again, “Where’s our young master? Did you kill him?”

Qin Haodong sneered. “Death is upon you now, yet that’s all you care about? Just check in at Satan’s and your young master will meet you there.”

As he spoke, he waved his hand. Then, he ordered his fellows, “Send them to hell!”

Besides the low-level warriors, Qin Haodong had 13 powerhouses in the Covert Power realm. Yagyuu Waaka only had six jonins, and Yagyuu Yoshida’s hand had been cut off now. He had lost all ability to fight. There was a huge gap between the two parties’ power.

However, a roar came suddenly from the sky above the valley. “Stop!”

No one knew that someone had been hiding on the tree. They all looked up to check, only to see a shadow landing slowly beside Yagyuu Waaka.

It was a thin Nihon senior with wrinkles on his face and very little hair. There was a sword behind his back. Although he looked extremely week, his aura felt astonishingly strong.

Upon feeling the strong aura exuded by the old man, Hu Xiaoxian and the others took a few steps back. They felt really shocked.

Judging from the aura, the old man must have reached the ninth level of the Covert Power, or even the Supreme Power Realm. It was a surprise that the Yagyuus had sent such a powerhouse to the Celestial Empire.

“Great Senior, here you are.”

Yagyuu Waaka looked so excited upon seeing the old man that he acted like he had grabbed a life-saving straw!

This old man was the Great Senior of the Yagyuu family named Yagyuu Ken. He was a powerhouse at the peak of the ninth level of the Covert Power and half a step away from the Supreme Power Realm.

“You useless bastard!” Yagyuu Ken raised his hand and slapped Yagyuu Waaka’s face hard. “What have you done? So many elites of the family were killed here because of you!”

Yagyuu Waaka and took the slap silently. Then, he pleaded the old man. “Great Senior, please stand up for the dead warriors of our family!”

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