The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 267 - Magical Painting

Chapter 267: Magical Painting

Qin Haodong also turned his head to the referee, who was known for his impartiality. He did not know how many points the referee would give him. Although the painting had been made by the poodle, it had actually been completed by him.

The final shake seemed simple, but the strength, direction and timing of the shake were very exquisite. As long as there was a mistake, it would be lost. All this could only be achieved by a powerful spirit like his.

Suddenly, Gompos became the focus of attention. Everyone’s eyes were fixed on his face. Naturally, Huaxia people longed for him to give a high mark. The Nihon people, on the other side, hoped that he would give a low score at least one point lower than He Lizhi’s.

Gompos looked at the Plum Blossom Painting in front of him and remained silent for a minute. When everyone was about to collapse, he looked up and said, “The painting process aside, I will give 85 points for the quality of the painting alone.”

As soon as he uttered these words, a sigh was heard in the stadium. All the Huaxia people were slightly disappointed. They had originally thought that Qin Haodong would work miracles again and defeat the guy from Nihon, but it was still a draw.

Although the Nihon side had failed to win, they were very satisfied with the result. They had finally earned a point, even though the score seemed embarrassing and disgraceful.

Qin Haodong was calm. No emotional changes were visible on his face. In his opinion, Gompos’ grade was fair. Indeed, the quality of this painting alone was equal to that of He Lizhi’s Peony Painting. However, his process and means of painting had been better than He Lizhi’s.

Even people who didn’t know how to paint could see that Qin Haodong’s creation was a picture painted by a dog. Qin Haodong hadn’t even touched the brush. The score of this painting was the same as that of He Lizhi’s Peony Painting, but He Lizhi had lost anyway.

It was shameful for a man to draw with a dog anyway!

Gompos went on to announce, “I declare this painting competition a draw.”

Just as everyone thought the game was over, He Lizhi suddenly stood up and cried, “Mr. Gompos, I don’t agree with you. I think I won this competition.”

All the people present were stunned. Even Yagyuu Hirai had not expected that He Lizhi would object. Everyone could see that Qin Haodong had won the match. He was lucky that he had earned the one point of the draw.

Gompos frowned and said, “Mr. He, can you give me a reason?”

He Lizhi used logic and said, “You saw that the key of this painting was the last step. Without that, it would not even have been a painting.

That painting was actually drawn by one person and one dog. The two of them together scored the same as me. Based on this point, I should have won.”

Everyone was bewildered. They had not expected that He Lizhi would be this shameless. He was extremely shameless.

“Shameless… He is so shameless…”

“Traitor, you should be ashamed…”

“He Lizhi, I’ll give you ten dogs. If you have the ability, you can work together with them to create a painting…”

Tang Qingzhi stared at him angrily and scolded him. “He is really conscienceless. Can’t he see that brother Qin is better than him at painting attainments?”

Gao Fengwen said, “It’s not surprising. If he knew that this was shameful, he would not have forgotten about his ancestors and done such a thing.”

Gompos frowned. In his heart, he also felt that He’s request was shameless. However, on the surface, Qin Haodong’s painting had indeed been completed through cooperation.

Generally speaking, as long as a painting was done by one person, it could no longer be touched by others. They painter could not even be advised by other people.

The dog had stepped on the Plum Blossom Painting first. Qin Haodong had then completed the painting with an ingenious shake. Both of them had been indispensable.

He Lizhi once again cried, “It’s not fair that a work created by cooperation is compared with a work created by me alone.”

Qin Haodong glanced at him and asked, “According to your intentions, how can it be fair?”

He Lizhi said, “You got the same score as me only by cooperating with someone else. It’s very simple. You lost the competition.”

Then, he shouted at the audience, “Bring me a knife and I’ll cut off his hands!”

Upon hearing his shout, someone immediately brought him a small kodachi.

The whole audience went into an uproar again. This shameless guy had clearly lost, but he wanted to cut off Qin Haodong’s hands. This was too much.

Yagyuu Hirai smiled again and said, “The Huaxia people’s shamelessness is beyond my imagination. I like it, though!”

He had predicted that Qin Haodong would become the enemy of the whole country of Nihon in the future. If He Lizhi could cut off Qin Haodong’s hands, he would like to see this. Whether the process was shameless or not did not matter at all.

Gompos, who could not watch anymore, said, “Mr. He, I think a draw would be the best result for this competition.”

He had just figured out that a dog couldn’t draw. This painting was Qin Haodong’s work. On the surface, this seemed like a cooperation between a man and a dog. However, in fact, the young man’s painting level had reached a very high level of attainment. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have achieved this. The draw was also in He Lizhi’s favor.

In this case, it was shameless of him to want to cut off Qin Haodong’s hands. As a painting devotee, he naturally did not want to see Qin Haodong, who was a painting genius, stop here.

He wanted to use the authority of the referee to insist on declaring the game a draw. However, Qin Haodong said, “Mr. He, you have your reasons for saying that. Even though I cooperated to complete this painting, could you admit your defeat?”

“Defeat?” He Lizhi sneered and said, “I’m a reasonable person. If you had scored higher than my Peony Painting, I would naturally have admitted my defeat. However, your collaborative work earned the same score with my work. You can only admit that I won.”

Qin Haodong laughed and said, “It makes sense.”

He Lizhi said proudly, “Then, if you have nothing else to say, just admit your defeat.”

“Defeat? Now that you say that, I’ll explain until you are sincerely convinced,” Qin Haodong said, “In fact, my painting has not been completed yet. Mr. Gompos’ evaluation was a little early.”

Only then did the audience realize that Qian Duoduo had asked for the score, which should have been a question put forward by Qin Haodong himself.

Gompos apologized and said, “Mr. Qin, I acted a bit rashly. I gave the score without asking for your permission. But what else can you do? According to our agreement, a brush is not allowed to be used.”

He Lizhi said, “Yes, what else can you do without using a brush? Do you want to shake the painting a few more times? Let’s see what else you can do!”

He was very confident, as the ink of this painting had already dried up. Even if Qin Haodong shook the painting, it would be impossible to change it now.

Tang Qingzhi frowned. He could not imagine how Qin Haodong could improve the score of the painting.

Yagyuu Hirai said nervously, “I don’t know what this Huaxia man wants to do.”

Chiba Mieko said, “He Lizhi is a fool. He should have accepted the draw. I have a bad feeling that he will lose the game.”

As everyone was concerned, Qin Haodong took the Plum Blossom Painting in his hand, rolled it into a cylinder slowly, blew into the cylinder, and then said happily to Gompos, “My painting is completely finished. Please mark it!”

“He just rolled it and blew on it. What the hell was that?”

No one present could understand what he was doing. Was blowing air a way of drawing?

Gompos was also doubtful. He took the painting and spread it on the table again. When his eyes fell on it, he was stunned.

Although this painting was called Plum Blossom Painting, there had been rocks and a plum tree on it, but no plum blossoms. Now, the painting was quite different. The slightly black buds were covered with white blooming plum blossoms. Both from the perspective of artistic conception and impression, it had been upgraded to a higher level.

“My God, how did he do it?”

Gompos had studied painting for many years and met many world-renowned painters. However, this was the first time he had seen such a magic painting.

He Lizhi was also stunned. He did not understand how the plum blossoms on this painting had blossomed. Was this a painting or magic?

He cried, “I protest! This is not a painting, it’s magic!”

“Your protest is ineffective. This is Mr. Qin’s magical way of painting!” Gompos glared at He Lizhi and then said formally, “I now give Mr. Qin’s Plum Blossom Painting 95 points. Huaxia has won this round of the competition!”

As he said this, Qin Haodong received a prolonged applause. Meanwhile, all the Huaxia people cheered and jumped.

“We won! We won again! The fake Nihon guy lost!”

“Long live Qin Haodong! Long live Qin Haodong!”

“He asked for this himself. Wasn’t one point good enough? Now, he lost completely!”

Yagyuu Hirai smashed his fist on the table and said angrily, “Damn, what a foolish thing this guy has done!”

Chiba Mieko’s face was pale. She’d had a feeling that He Lizhi was going to lose, but she had not expected that Qin Haodong would win like this. She could not imagine how amazing this young man really was. He had just blown on the painting and won the game.

He Lizhi’s face turned ashy. He bitterly regretted his actions now. Wasn’t one point good enough? Why did I ask for this? Now I lost the game!

Qin Haodong stepped up to him and said, “What is it? What else do you want to say now?”

“I… I…”

He Lizhi certainly did not want to admit defeat, but the referee had announced the result. He really could not think of a reason to object.

“A Huaxia man like you has forgotten his ancestors! You went and sought refuge with your enemy! Huaxia trained you, but you repaid kindness with ungratefulness.” When Qin Haodong said that, he became even angrier. His voice became sterner and colder. In the end, he said in a cold voice, “Since you have lost, hand over your hands. You will never touch Huaxia paintings in the future.”

“Doctor Qin is right. Hand over your hands. You are not fit to draw Huaxia traditional paintings…”

“You went and sought refuge with your enemy! You have forgotten your ancestors! You mean person! You deserve your punishment…”

The spectators were so excited that they all hated the despicable traitor in front of them.

He Lizhi quickly put his hands behind him and said with a frightened expression, “Don’t come here. I’m telling you, this is a legal society. I am a Nihon citizen now, so if you try to cut off my hands, you will cause an international dispute!”

“Don’t worry, I will not cut off your hands. There are so many people here that it will get too bloody.”

Then, he patted He Lizhi gently on the shoulder. His face looked amiable.

He Lizhi breathed a sigh of relief. “This guy is still afraid of my identity. Huaxia people are still afraid of Nihon people deep in their bones.”

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