The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 253 - The Most Pathetic Kidnapper

Chapter 253 The Most Pathetic Kidnapper

She sneered and said, “How? You want to have a try?”

Luo Jin quickly responded, “No! No! You got me wrong. That’s not what my son and I mean.”

He gasped, and then he continued, “Captain Nalan, we know each other well enough. I’ve even visited your grandpa days ago. As for what has happened today, can we have a discussion? Please have some mercy on Chengming.

“Captain Nalan, please rest assured. I’ll teach him a lesson and all this is over. And I’ll never allow him to make the same mistake again.”

Nalan Wuxia’s stern face eased down for a bit. She said, “Given what you’ve said just now, I’ll spare you this time. Your son just assaulted the police, but I’ll let it pass; however, as for the whole kidnapping thing, you have to attain the victim’s consent. If the victim turns you down, I’ll have to arrest you.”

Luo Jin was a sneaky guy, and he knew clearly what Nalan Wuxia was implying. He knew she was saying Qin Haodong had the leverage to decide everything. The problem could be settled as long as Qin Haodong agreed; otherwise, Luo Mingcheng would have to face eight or ten years’ jail time.

After he figured that out, he slapped on Luo Chengming’s face and said, “You idiot, now go apologize to Mr. Qin.”

Luo Chengming had no other options but to go to Qin Haodong reluctantly. He apologized humbly, “Forgive me for the mistakes I made this time, Mr. Qin.”

Qin Haodong smiled at him and responded, “Do you have any idea how it’s written in the law? I’ll explain it to you since you don’t. Kidnapping is a major crime, and you’ll face at least seven years in jail. With your assaulting the police and blackmailing, you’ll have to spend more than ten years in jail, no matter how powerful or influential your family is.

“You can’t settle such a major crime with ‘sorry’; if that’ll do, why do we need the police? All of them would’ve been laid off by now.”

Luo Jin finally realized that Qin Haodong wouldn’t settle it easily that day, and he looked down upon his family.

However, “a man has to be humble when he’s pleading”. He raised his leg and kicked on Luo Chengming’s butt. “Apologize sincerely! On your knees!”

“I…” Luo Mingcheng felt so grievous inside. He worked very hard for the kidnapping, but in the end he had to apologize to the victim. What an absurd kidnapper!

But he knew Qin Haodong meant it. If they didn’t settle it privately, he would have to spend his future in jail.

“I am sorry!”

Luo Chengming fell on his knees in front of Qin Haodong, and he nearly cried out of grievance.

He had already cursed Scar and all his family. He asked Scar to kidnap Qin Haodong, but Scar brought back the captain of the crime squad. The guy could never be any more stupid.

Qin Haodong said, “You may rise now. We can negotiate.”

The father and the son’s nerves eased down after they heard what Qin Haodong said. They would try all they could to prevent Luo Mingcheng from ending up in jail, as long as it was negotiable.

Qin Haodong walked straight to the sofa and sat down, Then he stretched his legs and said, “I’ve been in the sack for too long. I can’t feel my legs now.”

Scar had already figured out the situation. He knew he had made a huge mess of things and the only way to make it up was to beg for Qin Haodong’s forgiveness. He went over in haste and said, “Dr. Qin, I am really sorry. I’ll massage your legs.”

After he said that, Scar, who used to rule the underground world, knelt down and started to give Qin Haodong’s legs a massage.

Qin Haodong seemed very satisfied. He nodded and said, “I feel thirsty. Tea, please?”

“Of course! Of course! I’ll pour some for you!”

Luo Chengming had already swallowed his pride when he fell on his knees. He ran over fast and poured Qin Haodong a cup of tea.

Qin Haodong took the cup and sipped. Then he said, “That’s Dahongpao tea, right? It tastes nice.”

Seeing the young man enjoying his tea and the massage, Luo Jin couldn’t regret more. ‘What kind of hostage was that? They had just brought back an honored guest.’

He went forward and asked, “Mr. Qin, what do you say about today now? Shall we settle it privately?”

“Privately?” Qin Haodong took another sip and said slowly, “Do you still want my formula?”

“Well.” Luo Jin looked embarrassed, “Mr. Qin, you got me wrong. I’ll pay 2 billion yuan for it if you’re willing to sell.”

Qin Haodong said, “That’s the market price, and I might’ve accepted it if you had brought it up earlier, but your son only quoted one million. Now I have already signed an agreement with the Lin Group. It is too late to regret.”

Luo Jin glared at Luo Chengming. One million for the formula of the pills that cured leukemia? What the hell was going on in his mind? He felt he should’ve negotiated by himself. Not only he had not bought the formula, he had also gotten himself in trouble.

“What’s done is done, don’t get stuck in it,” Qin Haodong said, “It fine if you want to settle it in private, but I have one requirement for you.”

Luo Jin said in haste, “Be my guest, Mr. Qin. I’ll spend whatever I have to satisfy you.”

Qin Haodong did not rush to the requirement. He asked again, “Mr. Luo. How long have you been working in the pharmaceutical industry?”

“Twenty years or so.” Luo Jin had no idea what Qin Haodong was going after, so he told the truth.

“What about your connections in the pharmaceutical industry?”

“Not bad!”

Luo Jin answered cautiously, but then he heard Luo Chengming saying, “My family is very well connected in the pharmaceutical industry. I promise you’ll earn a large profit, as long as you can provide the formula and cooperate with us. You’ll money will flow.”

Luo Jin was calling his son stupid in his mind. Qin Haodong already said that he had cooperated with the Lin Group. What was the use in bringing it up? He knew Qin Haodong must be implying something by saying that.

“Since the Luos are so powerful in the pharmaceutical industry. My quest shall be easy for you.”

Qin Haodong smiled and said to Luo Jin, “Mr. Luo, you know how hard it is now to get the pills approved. The Lin Group has roots in the jewelry industry and only a few connections in the pharmaceutical industry. If you can help me get the approval letter for the oral liquid in five days, all that you owe me will be canceled totally. I’ll just forget about it.”

“That… that’s impossible.” It looked like Luo Jin was in a pickle. He continued, “Mr. Qin, you know, the medicine has to go through the department of the city, of the province, and of the state before it’s finally approved. How about you give me three months? I’ll get it done for you.”

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “Three months is too long. Your son just said you can nail it in five days, given your connections in the industry.”

Luo Jin glared at Luo Chengming and said, “Mr. Qin. That’s too hard for us. Five days is too short a time. How about one month? That’s the best we can do.”

Qin Haodong said with a light smile, “Five days, period. Get it done in five days and your son will be immune to the ten years in jail; and if not, I’ll ask someone else to help, then you’ll son would have to spend a few years in jail.”


Luo Jin’s was bruised and swollen. He had been working in the pharmaceutical industry for long enough to know its every detail. They could get the approval within five days, but that would come with a big price.

However, given what had happened, his son would end up in jail if he didn’t agree. Ten years’ jail time would make him rubbish, and then there would be no way for him to take charge of the Luo Group.

The Luo Group’s financial resources allowed them to deal with that in crooked ways, if someone else was on that case; however, now Nalan Wuxia was following up the case, and her family was too powerful for him to take advantage of.

Seeing Luo Jin remaining silent, Qin Haodong smiled and said, “Just forget it if you feel it’s too hard.”

He turned back and said to Nalan Wuxia, “If they can’t figure any way out, then call the police and get him arrested.”

“OK, I’ll do it right now.”

Nalan Wuxia said as she took out her phone and was going to call the crime squad on shift.

Luo Chengming couldn’t live with the fear anymore. He grabbed Luo Jin’s arm and said, “Dad, you have to save me. I don’t want to go to jail.”

Luo Jin realized that it was the best solution. He then said to Nalan Wuxia, “Captain Nalan, I agree.”

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “Mr. Luo, don’t push yourself too much if this is too hard for you.”

“No, no at all!” Luo Jin grounded his teeth and said, “I promise I’ll get the approval for the Blood Revival Oral Liquid within five days!”

Qin Haodong said, “Well then. Let’s specify the deal and sign an agreement. If you fail to comply five days later, I’ll do what I have to do.”

They were in Luo Jin’s study, so there were enough pens and paper. Qin Haodong made himself at home. He grabbed paper and pen, and then wrote down an agreement by himself.

“Mr. Luo, please sign this.”

Qin Haodong said as he threw one of the two copies of the agreement to Luo Jin.

Luo Jin took it and checked. He found it to be more of a confession from Luo Chengming rather than an agreement. It clearly described how they kidnapped Qin Haodong and Nalan Wuxia, and how they tried to rob the formula of Blood Revival Oral Liquid. If the agreement stood, Luo Chengming would definitely end up in jail if he failed to get the approval of the oral liquid.

But after all they had agreed with, he had to sign it right then and there. He forced himself to sign, so did Luo Chengming. Qin Haodong then found the ink pad and let the two press their fingerprints on it.

“Okay, nice working with you! Mr. Luo, I will have the approval materials delivered to you tomorrow. I am looking forward to hearing your good news.”

Qin Haodong said as he took over his copy. Then he held Nalan Wuxia’s slender waist, and both left the Luo’s Villa happily.

Seeing the two out, Luo Jin became furious immediately. He yelled at Luo Mingcheng, “Have you lost your mind? How dare you kidnap Nalan Wuxia? Are you trying to ruin your family?”

Luo Chengming replied fearfully, “I… I heard Qin Haodong was with a woman, but I didn’t know she was a lady from the Nalans. I would never do that if I had been aware of it.”

“You know nothing. I sent you to negotiate, and you offered one million for their formula which is worth billions. Were you try to take them as fools?

“And then you were kidnapping? That’s your hostage? You’ve invited a demon in! Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a drug approval within five days? Do you know how much it will cost?”

Although Luo Chengming felt wronged, he felt guilty as well.

After all the swearing, Luo Jin took a deep breath and said, “I’ll go for the approval tomorrow by myself. You stay at home and behave yourself. Don’t go out and make any other mess ever again. Stop thinking about how to get back on the guy. He has the evidence of our crime now. He can send you to jail by lifting just one finger.

“With the Nalan’s watching, we won’t be able to muddle through it even if we want to.”

Luo Chengming looked like he still couldn’t get over with it. He said, “Dad, are you going to just let it pass?”

Cold light flashed in Luo Jin’s eyes. He said coldly, “Nobody can mess with the Luos without paying the price. But for the sake of the whole picture, we’ll have to put this aside and overcome the difficulty coming our way.”

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