The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 247 - Don't Forget to Take the Medicine

Chapter 247 Don’t Forget to Take the Medicine

He walked in a circle on the ground twice. Although he felt like he had found a treasure house, he couldn’t find the key.

The efficacy of the Blood Revival Oral Liquid had been proved by practice. There was no problem. Since the researchers could not find the formula, he could only hand it to the headquarters. Anyway, as long as the Blood Revival Oral Liquid could be produced in large quantities, he would get a good bonus.

Upon thinking of this, he reached for his cell phone and called Davis, Wilson’s boss. The phone rang for a long time before a languid voice answered. “Why are you disturbing me so early? Give me a proper reason, or you’ll die!”

Huang Weili realized that there was a time difference between Huaxia and M country. It was just seven or eight o’clock in the morning in M country, and the big boss had the habit of getting up late.

“Mr. Davis, I have something very important to report to you.”

He said cautiously, “Someone in Huaxia has developed a new medicine for leukemia. Mr. Davis, what I’m talking about is thorough treatment, not remission. I have a sample of this medicine and I want to send it back to the company headquarters. If our company can find the formula of this medicine, we will make extra money faster than a money printer.”

On the other side of the phone, Davis got out of bed and shouted in the phone, “Huang Weili, are you sure it’s not April Fool’s Day?”

“Mr. Davis, would I dare lie to you? I’m telling you the truth. This medicine is called Blood Revival Oral Liquid. Many people in Huaxia have already been cured.”

“Oh, my God, how could that be?”

Davis patted his bald head. He knew that Baikangsiding brought huge profits to Wilson every year, which accounted for more than half of the company’s total profits. If someone developed a drug that could cure leukemia thoroughly, it would be a disaster for them.

He took a deep breath and calmed down. Then, he asked Huang Weili about the Blood Revival Oral Liquid.

“Huang, are you sure you are not deceiving me? Didn’t you tell me that Chinese medicine is the most useless kind of medicine? How could it conquer leukemia?”

Huang Weili sounded embarrassed as he said, “Mr. Davis, I don’t know what’s going on, but the Blood Revival Oral Liquid is really effective against leukemia. On the first day of its use, 100 patients were cured. The cure’s success rate is 100%.”

Davis said, “You should send someone by plane to get that medicine to M country. Remember to be quick. Don’t take your time.”

As the big boss of the pharmaceutical group, he was now calm. He believed that, thanks to the scientific research strength of his company, as long as the Blood Revival Oral Liquid was in his hands, he would be able to find the formula very soon and reach mass production one step earlier than Huaxia.

“Okay, Mr. Davis. I’ll send someone now!”

After hanging up the phone, Huang Weili hurriedly found his secretary and asked her to take the only half of Blood Revival Oral Liquid to M Country on the last flight.

This night, the Blood Revival Oral Liquid made an impact that shook the whole pharmaceutical industry.

Early the next morning, Qin Haodong and Lin Momo sent the truant little fellow back to kindergarten and went together to Lin’s Group to have a meeting with the board of directors.

There was only one topic at the meeting, which was about the joint venture between Lin’s Group and Qin Haodong and the establishment of a large pharmaceutical enterprise. Qin Haodong explained the situation of the Blood Revival Oral Liquid and distributed 100 medical records to the directors present.

After seeing the real effect of the Blood Revival Oral Liquid, all the voters, including Zhao Zhongchen and his son, approved Qin Haodong’s proposal. Although they had their own opinion on Qin Haodong, this did not prevent them from trying to make money.

After all, the efficacy of the Blood Revival Oral Liquid was real. Once it was put into production, it would become a treasure trough and money would flow into their pockets.

Now that the board of directors had approved of this by vote, Qin Haodong and Lin Momo signed a cooperation agreement. Lin’s Group invested 2.5 billion Huaxia yuan to control 49% of the shares, while Qin Haodong invested 500 million Huaxia yuan plus technology to control 51% of the shares.

At the same time, due to Qin Haodong’s absolute holding, the new company adopted the name proposed by him. It would be called Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine limited company. The president of the company was still Lin Momo, who was also responsible for the preparation of the company.

While forming the team of Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company, Qin Haodong proposed to let Liu Yage act as Lin Momo’s personal assistant. Naturally, Lin Momo did not object. She immediately notified Liu Yage to come to work and started the establishment of Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company.

After discussing these matters, Qin Haodong turned into a master who only told others what to do. Everything was handed over to Lin Momo, and he went straight back to the infirmary and continued to work as a healthcare doctor.

As soon as he entered the room, he saw Wen Changjiang, the director of Jiangnan Hospital, chatting with Fatty Zhang. Beside them were two brothers, Zhang Shaoan and Zhang Shaoping.

Fatty Zhang was just a healthcare doctor who couldn’t get into a regular hospital. When he had seen the director of Jiangnan Hospital, he had made tea and poured water for them while chatting with these three people with a pleasant expression.

Wen Yangtze raised his teacup and saw Qin Haodong. He stood up and stretched out his hands to greet Qin Haodong warmly. “Doctor Qin, you’re back.”

Qin Haodong did not hate Wen Changjiang, but he did not harbor any good feelings about him either. Right now, it was easy to guess his intention. He reached out and shook hands with him casually. Then, he said lightly, “Vice Director, what’s up?”

“Doctor Qin, I’m here today to recruit you on behalf of Jiangnan Hospital.” Wen Changjiang smiled and said, “It’s a waste of talent for you to be a healthcare doctor here given your skills. Our hospital lacks a vice director. If you nod your head, you can accept the position at Jiangnan Hospital right now.”

Fatty Zhang opened his eyes wide in surprise. He was also a healthcare doctor. The gap between the two men was really big. He worried about being fired all day, but Qin Haodong could become the vice director of a top hospital just like that.

Qin Haodong smiled before returning to his seat and sitting down. Then, he said lightly, “Thank you, Director Wen, for your kindness. I like being a healthcare doctor here, so I won’t bother you.”

“He refused? How can he refuse?”

Zhang Zhijie knew that Qin Haodong was very good, he had unexpectedly turned down the vice director’s seat. A university student who had not graduated had rejected the position of the vice director. What the hell do you want?

His heart was full of indignation, but he could only carry a cup to the side and drink silently.

Wen Changjiang was slightly disappointed as he said, “Doctor Qin, you can think about it again. We can discuss the salary!”

Qin Haodong said, “Director Wen, I guess you didn’t approach me today to ask me to become a vice director. Let’s talk about it. Everyone is busy. There’s no need to beat around the bush. There may be more people coming here soon.”

Wen Changjiang smiled and said, “You are a straightforward person, Doctor Qin, so I’ll get to the point. I heard that you have developed a Blood Revival Oral Liquid that can cure leukemia thoroughly.”

Qin Haodong smiled slightly and said, “Yes, it is true. You may also know that 100 patients took the Blood Revival Oral Liquid yesterday and were all cured. The cure rate reached 100%.”

Wen Changjiang said, “Doctor Qin, have you ever thought about cooperating with our hospital or selling your formula to us at a good price?”

Qin Haodong said, “Director Wen, you’ve got the wrong person. I’m not going to develop this medicine to make money, but to relieve the pain of more than 4 million leukemia patients in Huaxia. Therefore, I’m not going to sell this formula.”

Zhang Shaoan could not help saying, “Oh! Let’s cooperate either way. Jiangnan Hospital is very strong. If we join forces, we will help more patients.”

Qin Haodong picked up the agreement he had just signed and said, “Director Wen and Vice Director Zhang, I’m sorry you’re late. I just signed a cooperation agreement with Lin’s Group. I also set up Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company to produce the Blood Revival Oral Liquid immediately.”

Wen Changjiang’s face showed his disappointment. If Qin Haodong had already cooperated with Lin’s Group, they were completely useless.

“Well, Doctor Qin, if you have any good formulas in the future, please think about Jiangnan Hospital.”

Wen Changjiang left the infirmary with the Zhang brothers. As soon as they left, the director of Jiangnan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital came in with his assistant. His purpose was exactly the same as Wen Changjiang’s. They had all gone there for the Blood Revival Oral Liquid.

Just like Wen Changjiang, the director of the Jiangnan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital got disappointed and left. Next came the Director of the Central Hospital and the heads of several other hospitals. They all came with the same intention but failed.

Qin Haodong calculated that all the well-known hospitals in Jiangnan City had already arrived. Thus, he should be able to relax later. Suddenly, the door was opened and a gloomy young man came in.

“Who is Qin Haodong?” Luo Chengming asked proudly.

“That’s me, what’s the matter?” Qin Haodong asked as he glanced at him.

“I’m Luo Chengming, General Manager of Luo’s Pharmaceutical Industry!”

When Luo Chengming was finished, he thought that, given Luo’s fame, Qin Haodong would look up at him or at least greet him warmly.

However, after waiting for a long time, Qin Haodong still looked at him indifferently.

“Haven’t you heard of Luo’s Pharmaceutical Industry?” Luo Chengming asked angrily.

“So what? I’ve also heard of Bill Gates. Does he have anything to do with me? Besides, I’ve never heard of what you are talking about.”

“You…” Luo Chengming almost choked. “If you haven’t heard of us, why are you talking so much?”

Before he could calm down, Qin Haodong said, “What’s the matter? Just tell me and go away.”

Qin Haodong had never harbored any good feelings about this kind of rich second-generation people who were usually incompetent. Moreover, when he heard the name of Luo’s Pharmaceutical Industry, he knew that this man had come for the Blood Revival Oral Liquid. There was nothing to talk about. This was a waste of time.

“Well, I’ll get straight to the point.” Luo Chengming took out his cheque book, wrote a cheque of one million yuan, and then put it on Qin Haodong’s desk. “This is one million yuan. Sell me the formula of the Blood Revival Oral Liquid.”

Luo Chengming had thought about it on his way there. Anything that had to do with cooperation or shares was too troublesome. Qin Haodong was just a college student who had not graduated yet. Given the reputation of Luo’s Group, Qin Haodong would obediently give the formula as long as he gave him some money.

Thus, he did not talk about cooperation, nor did he quote the two billion Huaxia yuan Luo Jin had mentioned. He gave him one million yuan directly to take the formula.

Qin Haodong picked up the check and looked up at Luo Chengming as if he was looking at a fool.

Luo Chengming, who was very uncomfortable when people looked at him, said angrily, “Why are you looking at me like this? Didn’t you hear me?”

Qin Haodong tore the cheque into pieces and said, “Turn left and walk for ten kilometers when you go out. That’s where the Jiangnan Psychiatric Hospital is. If you are sick, see a doctor immediately. Don’t forget to take your medicine.”

“If he is not a fool, how can he want to buy the formula with one million yuan? I really don’t know how he managed to become the general manager of Luo’s Group.”

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