The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 229 - A Beautiful Woman Suffered a Harsh Life

Chapter 229: A Beautiful Woman Suffered a Harsh Life

The little fellow didn’t stuck to Qin Haodong, but stayed in Lin Momo’s arms. This Shennongjia trip took ten days. She really missed her mother.

They began to walk out of the airport together. Lin Momo said to the little fellow, “Tang Tang, are you happy being with your father for so long?”

“Of course I’m happy, I saw leopards, tigers, bisons, a lot of animals, and very powerful ants with Papa…” The little fellow danced and talked, and finally said excitedly, “Mommy, I also learned a very good skill from Papa. Do you want to see it?”

“No!” Qin Haodong was shocked when he heard that she wanted to show off the Eyes of Phoenix. He knew that her fire was close to the real Samadhi Real Fire. It could burn the whole airport. He quickly stopped her and said, “You forgot what I told you. Don’t use fire in front of outsiders.”

“Oh! All right then!” The little fellow said disappointedly.

Lin Mo also knew the seriousness of the matter, and then advised, “Tang Tang, I know you are very good, but you must listen to your dad. Don’t let people know of your skills casually, otherwise you will be captured as a monster, then dad and mom will never see you again.”

“Ok. I understand.”

The little fellow said cleverly. Originally, she learned the Eyes of Phoenix and was eager to show it to her mother. Now when she heard that she might never see her father and mother again… naturally, she dispelled the idea.

As they left the airport, they went to Lin Momo’s motorcade. Qin Haodong let Saber leave a car for him, so he could drive his own, letting Lin Momo and the little fellow sit next to the copilot position.

Instead of choosing the nearest way back to Jiangnan City, he chose the beautiful coastal avenue, where they chatted warmly and enjoyed the beautiful scenery outside the window.

In front of Qin Haodong’s car, there was a small truck full of cardboard boxes. Since they were enjoying the scenery along the way, Qin Haodong was not in a hurry to overtake, and was driving slowly behind the truck.

After a while, three black cars suddenly rushed up from behind, and blocked the road directly, stopping the truck. There was no way ahead, and Qin Haodong’s car stopped behind the truck.

When the three cars stopped, seven or eight ruffians with steel pipes or knives immediately jumped out. The leader, a ruffian with yellow hair, opened the door of the truck and pulled the driver out of it.

The driver of the truck was a young woman in her twenties. Although she was in large overalls, she could not hide her hot figure.

Qin Haodong was slightly surprised. Generally speaking, women seldom drove trucks, while this driver was not only a woman, but also a very beautiful one at that.

After the ruffian pulled the woman off the truck, he grabbed her hair and started kicking and punching.

The little fellow saw all this and shouted in the car, “Papa, look. The bad man is bullying that auntie. Help her, quickly!”

Seeing a large group of men bulling a woman, Qin Haodong naturally could not ignore such a thing. Besides, they blocked his way.

He opened the door and got out of the car. He shouted to the ruffians, “Stop!”

A ruffian looked back at Qin Haodong and shouted with an arrogant look, “Get out of here, you dare to be a busybody. Do you want to die? Don’t provoke me or I will beat you.”

Since Qin Haodong stepped down from the car, naturally Saber and other several people followed him. Seeing that a ruffian dared to disrespect his boss, Saber immediately walked up to him.

“Don’t come here, boy, or I will chop you down…”

The ruffian waved his dagger and shouted fiercely, but before he finished, Saber kicked the dagger in his hand with one foot. Then Saber reached out and grabbed his hair, then cracked his face. The bully’s mouth was covered with blood and lost his teeth.

Seeing his subordinate being beaten, the ruffian with yellow hair left the female driver and turned to Qin Haodong and shouted arrogantly, “Don’t think you are great wtih your money, boy. We belong to the Wilson Company which you can’t provoke. Listen to my words and get out of here quickly, or you will suffer the consequences.”

Qin Haodong touched his nose and turned to Lin Momo and asked, “What does the Wilson Company do? Is it this arrogant?”

“Wilson is a large multinational pharmaceutical company with a branch in Jiangnan City. They don’t have any business dealings with our Lin Group, so I don’t know the specifics about it.” Lin Momo said.

A pharmaceutical company actually kept so many ruffians, which was obviously not a good company. Qin Haodong said to the ruffian leader with yellow hair, “Let that woman go, and then you can go away.”

Seeing that Qin Haodong was trying to save the woman, the ruffian leader changed his face and cried, “It seems that you don’t want to live anymore. You even dare to obstruct the Wilson’s business.”

Then he waved his hand and shouted to the ruffians behind him, “Come up together and chop him for me.”

It seemed that they were totally brainless or arrogant; they really rushed to Qin Haodong. Saber and others were not polite to these ruffians, either. These ruffians were seriously battered.

The ruffian leader had an arm broken by Saber. Only then did he see the reality in front of him. He shouted to Qin Haodong, “Just you wait, buddy. You’re not going to have an easy life since you provoked the Wilson Company.”

Then he got on the car with his men and ran away.

As they left, the woman driver got up from the ground, fixed her untidy hair and said to Qin Haodong, “Brother, thank you really, or I would have been done for today.”

At that time, Qin Haodong was able to see the woman’s face clearly. She was really beautiful, but there was a trace of sadness between her eyebrows.

He said, “It’s was a piece of cake. If you don’t have anything to do, leave right away, or you’ll have trouble when those people come back for you.”

“Thank you for saving me, little brother. Can you tell me your name and phone number? I’m in a hurry today. I’ll invite you to dinner another day.”

“My name is Qin Haodong. There’s no need for a dinner. It’s just a matter of raising my hands.”

Qin Haodong could see that the woman was not rich. Otherwise, how could she possibly be wearing work clothes? Since all women have a beautiful nature.

“Bye, little brother. I’ll see you another day.”

The woman seemed to be in a real hurry, and she did not ask Qin Haodong any more about the phone number. She turned her head and was about to leave, but after taking just a few steps she suddenly turned around. She said excitedly, “Your name is Qin Haodong; you… are you the Medical Sage?”

Qin Haodong was slightly surprised; the woman actually knew of him. He said, “It’s me.”

“Medical Sage, please, please save my daughter!”

The woman threw herself down on her knees in front of Qin Haodong and burst into tears.

Qin Haodong lifted up the woman and said, “Don’t worry, you can tell me about it slowly.”

The woman said, “Medical Sage. My name is Liu Yage. I have a five-year-old daughter who has been suffering from leukemia for three years. Because of the child’s illness, I often read the news about doctors on the Internet; that’s how I learned about you being the Medical Sage, able to cure old Maldini’s illness without surgery.

“You are a superb doctor with excellent medical skills. Please save my daughter. She is only five years old. She must be saved.”

After those words, she was already crying.

Likewise, as a mother, Lin Momo’s heart was softened by her crying. She said to Qin Haodong, “Haodong, see how pitiful she is. You can help her by treating her daughter.”

The little fellow also said, “Yeah, Papa. Help this auntie and save that sister.”

Because of his doctor’s benevolence, Qin Haodong naturally would not refuse that poor woman. He said, “You go back first, and after I see the patient, I will go home.”

After that, he let Saber and the others escort Lin Momo home, then he went to Liu Yage’s truck.

Liu Yage sat in the driver’s seat, wiped tears from her eyes, and then started the truck forward.

Seeing her skilled movements and driving skills, Qin Haodong said, “It seems that you are an experienced driver. Have you been driving for a long time?”

Liu Yage said, “It’s been almost three years since my daughter Niu Niu became ill and I started working to earn enough money.”

Qin Haodong asked curiously, “Shouldn’t ordinary women choose a service industry? And I think you look like a highly educated person. How did you become a driver?”

“You’re right. I graduated from the Jiangnan Foreign Language College and worked as an interpreter in a foreign company before. But the limitation of time for an interpreter is very strict. I have to be present when someone else has something to do. I can’t guarantee my available time after my child’s illness. I was dismissed after several consecutive absences.

“In the beginning, I also tried to work in the service industry. First, I earned less, which was not enough for my child to see a doctor. Second, working in the service industry meant that I would be harassed often.

Later, I simply bought myself a truck for transportation. Although it was hard, it earned a little more, and I didn’t have to worry about being harassed.”

Qin Haodong still understood that women would be troubled if they were too beautiful. At the same time, he also showed a little admiration for Liu Yage. It was really rare for a woman who could get money with her face, to come out and earn money on her own hands.

“Why are you making money alone? What about your husband?”

“My husband?” Liu Yage’s face showed a trace of sadness and mockery. “He disliked me for having a girl. He disappeared on the day he knew my daughter suffered leukemia, and there is no news about him so far.”

After listening to her, Qin Haodong sighed secretly. Liu Yage was a beautiful woman enduring a harsh life. Unfortunately, her daughter was sick and she met such a bad man.

Feeling that the topic was somewhat heavy, Qin Haodong asked, “What happened to those ruffians just now? Why do they bother you?”

“They’re from the Wilson Company, and I’m in trouble because I got in the way of their money making.”

Liu Yage began to tell the story, “Wilson is a world-renowned large pharmaceutical company, and their best drug is called Baikangsiding, which is currently an effective anti-leukemia drug.

“However, this kind of medicine is too expensive in Huaxia. A bottle costs more than 20,000 yuan, and it can be used for about a month. If I take generic drugs made in Tianzhu, the price for one bottle would be 200 yuan in that country. The price is a hundredth of the price in Huaxia.”

“How can this be so?” As a doctor, Qin Haodong was also shocked by the drug which was sold for more than 20,000 yuan. He asked, “What about the effect? Is generic medicine not as effective as genuine medicine?”

Liu Yage said, “The effect is almost the same as the one from genuine medicine. Both of them can effectively inhibit the development of leukemia.”

Qin Haodong asked, “In that case, why are they selling it in such an expensive price?”

Liu Yage said, “The reason why Baikangsiding is so expensive, on the surface, it’s because of the patent fees on one hand. On the other hand, because there are too many intermediaries, so the price increases.

“And as the root cause, it is because this pharmaceutical company isn’t aiming at curing diseases and saving people at all. It has only one goal, that is, to maximize profits. As long as it can make money, it doesn’t care about people’s lives.

“The factory cost of a bottle of medicine is less than 200 yuan and they sell it for more than 20,000 yuan. And patients with leukemia need such a bottle of medicine every month. In a year, there are more than 4 million leukemia patients in Huaxia, which is a pretty huge figure.”

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