The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 222 - The Inheritance of Yiyuan Sect

Chapter 222 The Inheritance of Yiyuan Sect

Qin Haodong said, “Senior Situ, you don’t need to regret. It has been more than 300 years since you assassinated Emperor Yongzheng and more than 100 years since the Qing Dynasty perished.”

As he spoke, he also sighed in his heart. After Yongzheng’s death, Emperor Qianlong succeeded him. Before Emperor Qianlong, the Qing Dynasty had been a mighty empire. Even when Kangxi came to power at the age of eight, the empire could create a flourishing age.

From the later period of Qianlong’s reign to the Qing Dynasty, it began to go downhill. He had 17 sons in total, and some of them were rough diamonds. But every time a crown prince was elected, he would never live long.

The reason why Jiajing was chosen as emperor in the end was that there were no outstanding princes left. He was the best one among them.

Needless to say, after Jiajing, one generation was inferior to another. Eventually an old woman who held court from behind a screen pushed the Qing Dynasty directly to its demise.

In this way, it really related to the loss of the Dragon Veins. It was a pity that Situ Zhaixing did so, which had harmed countless people in Huaxia and finally been trampled by the Western armies for nearly a century.

“It’s been such a long time.” After Situ Zhaixing sighed, he said happily, “At last, it avenged Yiyuan Sect. So I can close my eyes when I die.”

Qin Haodong said, “Senior Situ, we have heard your story, should you let us out?”

“If you want to get out of here, you can only rely on yourselves. I can’t help you.”

Situ Zhaixing said, “I wasn’t sure whether it would be effective to invalidate the Dragon Veins, so I wanted to choose a successor to accept my inheritance. If the Qing Dynasty did not fall, he could continue to revenge for Yiyuan Sect. Even if the Qing Dynasty collapsed, he would inherit the skills of Yiyuan Sect to the next generation, so I set up this secret room which has no exit.”

Hu Xiaoxian said urgently, “No exit? Do you mean we can’t get out of here at all? How can we avenge you?”

“Of course it isn’t impossible to get out forever.” Situ Zhaixing said, “All the practices of our Yiyuan Sect are fire attribute, and there is a Divine Technique that is called the Eyes of Phoenix. As long as you get the inheritance of the Yiyuan Sect and practice the Eyes of Phoenix to Small Completion, you can melt the basalt iron at the door and naturally go out.”

Hu Xiaoxian sighed, “My God, how long will it take?”

“I don’t care that when I want to avenge.” Situ Zhaixing said, looking at Hu Xiaoxian, and shook his head. “You are very qualified, but unfortunately you are the water attribute body constitution which is not suitable for inheriting Yiyuan Sect’s skill.”

He looked at Qin Haodong again. First, he was amazed. Then he shook his head again. “I have lived for more than 100 years. I have never seen such a pure wooden attribute body constitution. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for my skill. It seems that you two are doomed to die in this basement. I still have two treasures to give to you, but now there’s no need at all.”

Qin Haodong said, “Senior Situ, don’t forget that we have three people here.”

After listening to him, Situ Zhaixing thought of the little fellow in Qin Haodong’s arms. After a careful examination, his spiritual force fluctuated violently.

“Oh my God. This little girl is the Suzaku Sacred Body! Excellent! That’s great! It seems that heaven is helping Yiyuan Sect. The Eyes of Phoenix can be inherited at last.”

Then, Situ Zhaixing said, “The Suzaku Sacred Body is the best body constitution for practicing the fire attribute skills. Unfortunately, the girl is too young and I have not much time left. It seems too late to teach her.”

Qin Haodong said, “Senior Situ, you can teach me the skill. Although I can’t practice, I can teach my daughter.”

“Well! That’s a good idea.”

Then, Situ Zhaixing raised his hand, a golden light shooting into Qin Haodong’s brain. He passed the cultivation method of the Eyes of Phoenix to Qin Haodong directly with his spirit. But after doing that, his body became more illusory and looked like it was going to disappear at any time.

Qin Haodong felt that something was appearing in his mind, which was the way to cultivate the Eyes of Phoenix.

Situ Zhaixing said, “You can teach this little girl to practice Eyes of Phoenix later. I will leave soon and I should tell you something.”

He raised his finger, pointing to a wooden box in the corner, and said to Qin Haodong, “Open the box.”

Qin Haodong took the box and opened it. There was a Dragon-shaped Bronze in it. Besides, there were two shining gems under it. The gems were only a little bigger than peanuts. They looked like diamonds but not diamonds.

Situ Zhaixing pointed at the two small stones and sighed with emotion. He said. “These are two Firmament Stones that I accidentally acquired. Don’t underestimate these little things. They are absolutely priceless for the cultivation artists. If you wear it on your body, you can not only double the speed of your cultivation, but also prevent you from losing your mind.”

“This is a pair of Firmament Stones. I wanted to use them to propose to my junior sister apprentice after I reached the Nascent Soul Realm. I didn’t expect that I would separate with her forever by the time I finish my seclusion. Now you happen to be a couple, I can give these Firmament Stones to you.”

Looking at Situ Zhaixing, who was sighing with emotion, Qin Haodong despised him for a while. Since he liked his junior sister apprentice, why didn’t he propose to her since he was over 100 years old? Or he would not sigh here. But then he thought that the life span of the cultivators was far more than that of the normal people. If he reached the Nascent Soul Realm, it was not too old to be 100 years old.

Hu Xiaoxian took the two Firmament Stones in her hand and peered at Qin Haodong with shyness. But then she was worried that she couldn’t always hold these little things in her hand since they were neither a ring nor a pendant.

Situ Zhaixing seemed to see her mind, Situ Zhaixing said, “The Firmament Stones are very magical, and you can just put one of them on your chest.”

Hu Xiaoxian took out one of the Firmament Stones and put it on her chest according to Situ Zhaixing’s words. Finally, she felt cold immediately, and then the Firmament Stone disappeared.

She opened her collar and peeked at it secretly, only to see a colorful little dot on her chest. As if it had been a congenital birthmark.

“It’s amazing. Thank you.”

After thanking Situ Zhaixing, Hu Xiaoxian handed Qin Haodong the remaining Firmament Stone and affectionately looked at him.

“This…” Qin Haodong said embarrassingly, “Can I give this thing to my daughter?”

Situ Zhaixing said, “Your love for your daughter is precious, but unfortunately the nature attribute of the Firmament Stone is cold, this girl is the Suzaku Sacred Body. If you give it to her, it will melt in a few days. It not only has no effect but also is wasted.”

“Oh!” Qin Haodong said, and then directly pressed the Firmament Stone into his chest. Like Hu Xiaoxian’s situation, the Firmament Stone instantly turned into a colorful mark.

Hu Xiaoxian’s cheeks were flushed. At this time, she felt that they’re perfect for each other.

“You should treasure it well. I found Firmament Stones from an ancient relic. They should be more useful than I think, but I didn’t find it out.”

Then, Situ Zhaixing pointed to the Dragon-shaped Bronze in the box and said, “This is what I snatched back from the Summer Palace. It is not of great value. The most important thing is the Upper Level Spirit Stone in it.”

Qin Haodong thought that it could sell for tens of millions of yuan at least when it was brought to the auction. In the old man’s eyes, it became a worthless thing.

He took the Dragon-shaped Bronze in his hand, looked it over and said, “Senior Situ, can’t you be deceived by others? This Dragon-shaped Bronze has no Spiritual Qi. How can there be an Upper Level Spirit Stone in it?”

“This thing is sealed by our Yiyuan Sect’ secret skill,” Situ Zhaixing said, “otherwise, the Spiritual Qi will leak, and it would have been discovered by others.”

Then he passed the secret skill of unlocking the seal to Qin Haodong. Qin Haodong unlocked the seal. The Dragon-shaped Bronze clicked and was divided into two halves. A shining Upper Level Spirit Stone was exposed in the air.

At the same time, the Spiritual Qi filled the whole stone chamber in an instant. The Spiritual Qi of this Spirit Stone was hundreds of times richer than Middle Level Spirit Stone’s. It was like solid which made Qin Haodong feel a sharp pain in his skin. The Genuine Qi in his body ran at high speed, and the bottleneck of the Qi Refining Realm was loosening.

It was so effective even without taking the initiative to absorb the Spiritual Qi. Qin Haodong immediately saw the hope of breaking through the Qi Refining Realm. But now it was not the time for cultivation. He suppressed his inner impulse and closed the Dragon-shaped Bronze.

“Boy, Yiyuan Sect inherited from generation to generation for thousands of years. The Eyes of Phoenix is the Divine Technique. We must let the little girl practice it well and don’t let me down. There’s food and water in this Storage Ring. It’s enough for you. I will leave. I wish you all the best!”

After Situ Zhaixing said that, his body became unreal, and finally disappeared into the air.

Qin Haodong and Hu Xiaoxian gazed at the direction of his disappearance, and a sadness feeling rose in their hearts.

“Well, don’t be sad. In fact, he has passed away for more than 300 years. That is just a spiritual image of his mind.”

Qin Haodong patted Hu Xiaoxian’s shoulder, and then took her and the little fellow to the front of Situ Zhaixing’s body. He didn’t know what special tactics the old man used. Although he had been passed away for more than 300 years, his body was well preserved and looked like he was asleep.

They kowtowed to Situ Zhaixing. Qin Haodong took a Storage Ring from the body’s finger and checked it. He found there was plenty of food and water in it. Even if they were trapped here for three or five years, it would be enough for them to eat.

“Xiaoxian, keep this!” Qin Haodong said. He handed the Storage Ring to Hu Xiaoxian.

“No. I’ll leave it to you.”

Although Hu Xiaoxian was not familiar with the Storage Ring, she knew it was a good thing and gave it back to Qin Haodong.

“Keep it. I already have one. Otherwise, where do you think my things came from?”

Qin Haodong grabbed Hu Xiaoxian’s hand and put the Storage Ring on her finger directly. Then he taught her how to use the Storage Ring.

“Young man, are you proposing to me?”

Hu Xiaoxian looked at Qin Haodong with affection in her eyes.

“Well…” Qin Haodong just realized that he had put the Storage Ring on Hu Xiaoxian’s ring finger.

“We… We can put it on another finger.”

Just as he was about to change the position of the ring, Hu Xiaoxian clenched her fist and grumbled coyly, “No, just now you are proposing to me. I promise, and from now on, you will be my man. You will not be allowed to regret.”

“Marry her! Marry her!”

The little fellow clapped her hands beside Qin Haodong and shouted. Qin Haodong felt embarrassed. The children nowadays had watched too much TV. When the little fellow saw the proposal, she shouted and didn’t think about her mother.

Then, Qin Haodong put the body of Situ Zhaixing into the Storage Ring. He had got so much benefit from the old man that he wanted to find a beautiful place to bury him.

When everything was finished, he called the little fellow to his side and began to teach her to practice the Divine Technique of the Eyes of Phoenix.

The most urgent thing was to let the little fellow practice the Eyes of Phoenix to the Realm of Small Completion. Otherwise, they would not be able to get out of here.

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