The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 219 - A Brick Gives Me Everything

Chapter 219 A Brick Gives Me Everything


Zhao Yukun was so embarrassed, but he could do nothing about it. He didn’t know what to do with the killing formation.

“Of course there is. I bring the nice stuff with me all the time.”

Qin Haodong laughed out. A red square brick appeared in his hand again.

Rumor had it that the brick had been ranked top of the Hidden Weapons List because it was so common, so accessible, and so powerful. With a brick in hand, one could defeat his enemy no matter what skills the enemy performed.

Now he was standing there with a brick in his hand. He looked so like as if he had conquered the world with the brick in his hand.

At the same time, Zhao Qiankun yelled, “Crap, the killing formation is starting!”

Everyone looked up and saw the whole peach forest was changing. Hundreds of petals were floating down and filled the forest with killing aura. They shot to the team like numerous arrows pouring down from heaven above, coming from all the directions and heading to every corner.

The terrible situation brought out the fears deep inside of everyone. If every petal was as powerful as the one that had shot to them just now, they would have little hope to survive since there were now so many of them.

When everybody felt so hopeless, they saw Qin Haodong waved his hand. He threw the brick in his hand towards the floating petals.

Everyone looked at the red square brick which was carrying the hope of the whole team. Whether they could survive the killing formation totally depended on this strike.

After a boom, the killing aura went away and disappeared fast. The powerful Killing Formation of Petals and Leaves which could kill all of them anytime had melted away like ice and snow.

The forest remained like what it used to be like. The flowers were still those flowers, but they had lost all their killing aura.

“The formation is broken? He did it again?”

Everyone was relieved. They had almost touched death just now.

“Oh, you’re so great! Papa!” The little fellow jumped and yelled.

However, Zhao Qiankun felt like he had been shocked by thunder. He had hoped that Qin Haodong could break the formation, but once the formation was broken, he was under great depression.

He had been learning formations since he was three. Now it had been more than 20 years, and he was just defeated by Qin Haodong’s brick. How would he live with the shame?

After the formation was broken, the team kept pushing forward. At the end of the path in the peach forest, they saw a mountain ahead. It towered into the sky and they could barely saw its peak. At the foot of the mountain, there was a cave. It was all dark in the cave and nobody got to see anything.

They had put lots of effort to make it here; therefore, there was no way that they would stop marching into the cave. They felt surprised that when they arrived at the entrance, the inside suddenly lit up.

They looked up and saw all the illuminating spots on the wall inside the cave. They looked like bulbs in a house, lighting up the whole cave.

But they didn’t look quite alike to bulbs. Somebody must’ve applied special skills on it because they turned themselves on the moment the team came in.

Although Zhao Qiankun had been defeated too many times in the battle of breaking the formations, he could tell those light spots were making up a formation. They were absorbing the Qi of Heaven and Earth to illuminate the cave. He exclaimed, “Gosh, who came up with the idea to use a formation in this way? Impressive!”

The others agreed on that. After all the formations they’d gone through, they could feel how great the master of the place was.

The cave was large and deep enough. They’d walked for more than an hour and suddenly, the view ahead became open. A large dungeon came into their sight.

The gate of the dungeon looked imposing like the gate of an ancient city. A large plaque was hanging above the gate, with words on it: Zhaixing Palace.

“Gosh, finally!”

Everybody’s face turned excited when they saw the palace.

“Watch out everyone. Usually, this kind of dungeon would be equipped with mechanical gear and hidden weapons. We had already made it here. Don’t get yourself hurt in there.”

Lei Tianrui suppressed the excitement inside. He turned to Xie Zidan and said, “Zidan, you’re an expert in hidden weapons. Go check out.”

Xie Zidan answered him and went to the gate of the palace cautiously. After he checked it carefully, he couldn’t find any clue of gear or hidden weapons. The gate, which looked extremely heavy, opened easily after his slight pushing.

He strolled inside the palace and after he made sure there was no danger inside, he turned back and waved his hand. Lei Tianrui then took others into the gate.

The palace was very large inside, covered more than 400 square meters. In the center of the hall, there was a deep well. On the right side and left side there were four doors; nobody knew what they were there for.

The moment they were checking around, a light flashed inside the hall. A giant figure appeared above the well.

It was a cultivator in his 30s or 40s. He had shoulder-length hair, and was in a black robe. He looked so super mundane, with the look that all the powerhouses should be like.

Everyone could tell this was just an image left by somebody long ago, not a real man; however, they could still feel the awful aura from the image. They could only imagine how powerful the owner of the image is when he was living.

In shocking, Lei Tianrui fell to the ground in panic and cried out, “My great honor to meet you, sir!”

Other people followed and knelt down, too. They saluted the middle-aged cultivator, except Qin Haodong. He was standing still there. Hu Xiaoxian stood still beside Qin Haodong after hesitation.

“All rise.” The middle-aged cultivator said, “I’m Situ Zhaixing, owner of this place. By the time you see this image of mine, I will have overcome all my tribulations and ascended to heaven.”

Everybody was surprised. They just wondered why the power of the image was so overwhelming. It turned out it was the residue of a cultivator in the Tribulation Realm.

Situ Zhaixing said, “I’ve already ascended to heaven, and I have no disciples to inherit my treasure. I’ll leave it to the lucky ones. Since you can see the image of mine, that means you’re qualified to have my treasure.”

Hearing they could inherit the treasure left by a cultivator in Tribulation Realm, Lei Tianrui and the others blissed. All the cultivators in the Tribulation Realm were legends, and they had been disappeared for years. This is a once-in-a-lifetime lucky coincidence.

“Thank you so much, sir!”

Lei Tianrui kowtowed to Situ Zhaixing, and other people followed.

Situ Zhaixing nodded and said. “I divided my treasures into four parts. The first part is the money and valuables I earned throughout my life. Whoever gets it will become richer than the country. I hope he can do the world something nice.”

After that, he waved the hand to a door on his left-hand side. The door opened immediately; everyone was almost blinded by the shiny jewels and valuables.

The house covered over 100 square meters. There were all kinds of gold and silver jewels, jade, diamonds, corals, agates in it; each one of them would be priceless.

Lei Tianrui held his impulsion to rush into the room. He knelt there and listened to Situ Zhaixing. He was indeed a greedy guy, but as a warrior, he wanted something about cultivation more than just wealth. Those were real treasures to him.

“OK. It’s hard to see young men who don’t fall for jewels and valuables.” Situ Zhaixing nodded because he was so satisfied with their reactions.

Then he continued, “Money and valuables are nothing but ornaments. They’re not indispensable. The second part of my treasures is elixirs and pills I refined for many years. Also, there were all kinds of precious herbs. All of them are Upper Level, and can improve your cultivation. Some of them could bring the dead back to life even if they’ve started decaying. These are priceless.”

After he finished, the second door on the left opened. There were all kinds of bottles and jars inside, herbs piling up like hills.

Lei Tianrui kept kneeling there and waited for Situ Zhaixing to introduce the next two treasures. There was nobody else but his team in the cave, they would get those things sooner or later.

“I’ve dedicated my life to the research of formations, and I was quite a talent by myself. The third thing is my analysis of formation research. If you can study it study thoroughly, you’ll be an unstoppable formation master.”

Situ Zhaixing said as he pointed to the gate on the left. After the door was opened, all kinds of bamboo slips and books showed up, as well as some other gears like formation boards and formation flags.

Zhao Qiankun’s heart pumped crazily when he saw those things. He had seen how amazing Situ Zhaixing’s formations were. If he could get the inheritance of these formations, he would definitely be the most respected guy in his family and there was no doubt that he would one day become the family master.

Situ Zhaixing said, “The last one is all kinds of martial arts scripts I’ve collected. No matter how your physical conditions are, you can always find the one that suits you the most. If you tried your best to cultivate, someday you’ll ascend to heaven just like me.”

“However, you should notice that any one of them would rouse killings and hostility in Jianghu. So don’t ever let them out.”

A light flashed in Lei Tianrui’s eyes. That was what he desired most. He wanted to improve his cultivation and ascend to heaven, just like any other warriors did.

“Well, I’ll be gone then. I’ll leave all of them to you. Take advantage of them, and don’t waste my kindness to you.”

After that, his figure gradually blurred in the air. Later he disappeared, leaving all the treasures in the four rooms.

Lei Tianrui stood up. Instead of rushing to the room, he turned back and looked at Qin Haodong.

“You had the deal that I got to dominate everything after we entered. I’ll have all those scripts, elixir and pills. You can take some of those jewels and valuables.”

Zhao Qiankun came over and said, “Don’t be too greedy, gigolo boy. Our boss was being kind enough to you. We’re the ones who found the place at first. We could’ve shared nothing with you.”

Hu Xiaoxian said with dissatisfaction, “What do you mean? This is part of the mission assigned to us, are you trying to steal them?”

Lei Tianrui said, “No stealing. We’ve tried so hard to find those. Of course, we got to pick up some first. You can pick up some if you want.”

Qin Haodong sneered and said, “Our deal was to distribute the treasure based on the contribution one made on our way here. I thought you knew who that was. You wouldn’t even be able to break the three formations without me. You might die outside now.”

“So I should be the one to pick up first, you’ll have what I leave.”

Lei Tianrui laughed loud and said, “You must be so proud of your little formation tricks. Pick something and get lost now, or you won’t be able to know how you’ll die.”

Qin Haodong said coldly, “Yes? Show me, please.”

Lei Tianrui’s look changed, “Since you want to die, I’ll help.”

After that, he jumped into the air and brutally slapped his two palms on Qin Haodong’s chest. He was already at the first level of Covert Power. Now that he was trying his best, the palm brought out the sound of wind and thunder.

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