The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 215 - The Walking Leaves

Chapter 215 The Walking Leaves

On the other side of the lakelet, Qin Haodong was confronted the overwhelming ants across a ditch filled with gasoline.

These ants did not make any noise, but they gave others great pressure. The little fellow also felt worried. She hugged Qin Haodong’s neck tightly and said in a low voice, “Papa, I am afraid.”

Qin Haodong reached out and touched her head and said, “Don’t be afraid. I’m with you.”

Not only did the little fellow feel frightened, but others were also nervous and sweated their hands. In the face of these horrible ants, all master of martial arts, and all modern weapons seemed to be useless and powerless.

They all stared at the gasoline ditch in the hope of blocking the black killers.

The black ants stopped in front of the gasoline ditch. They seemed to hate the smell of gasoline very much, but they just stopped. There was no sign of retreating.

Hu Xiaoxian grabbed Qin Haodong’s arm and whispered, “Haodong, can the gasoline stop these ants?”

Qin Haodong shook his head slightly and said, “These little things are so fierce. It seems impossible to stop them!”

It seemed that in order to verify his statement, the ants on the opposite side of the ditch reacted immediately. They began to stack layer by layer. In a few minutes, they built an ant wall about one meter high and one meter wide.

“What are they doing?” Zhao Qiankun cried nervously.

Qin Haodong felt a jolt and cried, “They are about to come over. Everyone! Get ready quickly.”

These little ants seemed to be wise, and they even had the idea of building a wall and crossing the ditch.

After listening to him, everyone realized it. They formed a human wall on the edge of the ditch, waiting for the ants and ready to immediately eliminate them.

Soon, the first batch of ants began to cross the ditch. It had to say that these little ants had excellent jumping ability. They jumped over the gasoline ditch by virtue of their superiority. Although there were not many ants crossing the ditch at once, if these ants went on, it would be hard for them to escape the fate of being swallowed up here soon.

Qin Haodong and other people had been waiting for the ants and began to exterminate them immediately. Although this kind of ant was much larger than ordinary one, which was three centimeters long. They were still relatively small. Guns and other weapons could not be used at all. They could only use spades and their feet to disperse the ants.

Zhao Qiankun lifted his leg and stepped on an ant. According to common sense, the ant was dead. But when he lifted his foot, the ant that was trampled deep into the ground was like an immortal cockroach. Soon, it got up again in high spirit and bit on the back of Zhao Qiankun’s foot.

The mouthparts of this ant were like two knives. They tore Zhao Qiankun’s socks directly and left a bloodstain on his instep.

Fortunately, Hu Xiaoxian was right next to Zhao Qiankun. She used the Purple Flash Sword to cut the stubborn ant in half.

Although that ant died, more ants jumped in from outside. They could not kill all of these ants.

Qin Haodong cried, “It’s useless. These little ants are so powerful that we can’t stop them. Quickly withdraw to the middle of the lakelet.”

Dong Sihai cried, “What can we do then? We’ll lose our equipment then.”

Hu Xiaoxian said angrily, “How are you thinking about equipment? Is the equipment more important than your life?”

Lei Tianrui killed several ants in succession. He also found that they couldn’t resist the attack of these black devils. He bit his teeth and cried, “Light the petrol quickly, and let’s withdraw to the lakelet.”

At his command, Xie Zidan took out a lighter. He lit it and threw it into the gasoline ditch. Suddenly, the gasoline in the ditch burned.

The blazing fire temporarily blocked the ants’ attack. Thus a little time was gained for their retreat.

But it was temporary. There was not much gasoline, and it burned fast. These ants would certainly devour it soon.

“Get out of here, everybody.”

After Lei Tianrui said that, he plunged into the lakelet. His swimming skill was excellent. He soon swam to the central island in the lakelet, followed by Zhao Qiankun, Dong Sihai, Wang Yuancheng and Xie Zidan.

Qin Haodong looked at Hu Xiaoxian, who was still standing there, and asked, “Why don’t you go with them? Can’t you swim?”

Hu Xiaoxian said embarrassingly. “I can swim, but I can’t get my clothes wet. Otherwise, it’s too disgraceful.”

Although she usually showed a sexy and open impression to outsiders, in fact, she was very conservative. The clothes she wore were very thin, if they became wet, she would be looked like naked. Facing so many men, this was really unacceptable to her.

Qin Haodong said, “You hold Tang Tang, I will take you over the inland.”

Then, he handed the little fellow into Hu Xiaoxian’s arms and let Hu Xiaoxian stand at the edge of the lakelet.

The width of the lakelet was about 12 or 13 meters, and it was difficult to jump to the island even with their cultivations. But with the help of Qin Haodong, it was different.

“Get ready, you jump when I shout.” Qin Haodong said, “One, two, three. Jump!”

Qin Haodong cried. After shouting, he pushed his hands hard on Hu Xiaoxian’s full hips.

With Qin Haodong’s push, Hu Xiaoxian’s jumping power made her like a flying fairy, drifting down to the island in the middle of the lakelet with the little fellow.

But after she landed, she felt her hips were hot. Although she looked very open on ordinary days, she was just like slapped on the hips by Qin Haodong in public. She blushed with shame.

When Lei Tianrui saw this scene, he gritted his teeth in anger. His face was so blue that he wished to block Qin Haodong and let him be eaten by these ants directly.

By this time, the gasoline had almost burned, and the 10-centimeter-deep ditch could not stop the ants anymore. The ants, which had already been impatient, did not care about the hot of the ditch at all, and rushed over directly.

Hu Xiaoxian hurriedly cried out, “Haodong, come here quickly.”

The little fellow followed and cried, “Papa, come on!”

Although Lei Tianrui and Zhao Qiankun did not speak, they prayed secretly in their hearts, hoping that the little white-faced guy could not swim and would die directly on their opposite side.

“Don’t worry, I’ll come soon!” Qin Haodong smiled at Hu Xiaoxian and the little fellow. He didn’t want to become disgraceful like Lei Tianrui. He took out a can of beer from his backpack and drank it leisurely.

“Er… He drinks at this moment? Is he too arrogant?”

Seeing that the ants were coming to Qin Haodong’s feet, he threw the empty can on the surface of the lakelet. When the ants were about to jump on his feet, he jumped up and made a beautiful 360-degree flip in the air.

When the body fell, he used the can as a steppingstone. With the buoyancy of the water surface, he jumped up again, and smartly landed on the island in the center of the lakelet.

“Great! Papa is great! ”

The little fellow cried out merrily.

Lei Tianrui and Zhao Qiankun changed their faces. They all thought Qin Haodong was just a weak doctor, so they went to provoke him one after another. They didn’t expect he was so skillful.

For instance, even Lei Tianrui, who had reached the realm of Covert Power, could not do the skill Qin Haodong had just showed, let alone Zhao Qiankun.

Qin Haodong took the little fellow from Hu Xiaoxian. When he looked back, the ant corps had completely occupied the place where they had just been.

These ants seemed to be very dissatisfied with Qin Haodong’s escape, and madly destroyed the two Hummers left behind.

Soon, all things left behind were completely swallowed by these ants, including the solid tires of the Hummers, leaving only the bare wheels.

But it didn’t seem to end. The ants continued to bite the frames of the Hummers. 10 minutes later, the original two intact Hummers disappeared.

Zhao Qiankun exclaimed, “My God, these ants can even eat steel. What else can’t they eat?”

Lei Tianrui said to Wang Yuancheng, “Are you sure these monsters are African marching ants?”

Wang Yuancheng licked his dry lips and said, “No, although the African marching ants are fierce, they can’t eat steel. They are much worse than the monsters in front of us.”

Zhao Qiankun said, “What the hell are they then?”

Wang Yuancheng said embarrassingly. “I don’t know. It’s the first time I’ve seen an ant that can eat steel.”

They didn’t know these ants, but Qin Haodong seemed to think about something.

Lei Tianrui said, “Our equipment is no longer available, and these ants are all around. We don’t know when they will retreat. Now we can only announce the failure of this mission and call the headquarters to send a helicopter to pick us up.”

Then, he took out his cell phone, but it was wet all over his body at this time. When the cell phone was taken out, it was dripping. He couldn’t even turn it on, let alone to make a phone call.

He did regret for a while. When he fled for his life, he ran too fast and jumped directly into the water. If Qin Haodong had sent them across the river one by one, there would be no embarrassing situation now.

He turned to Hu Xiaoxian and said, “I can’t use my phone. Call the headquarters with your mobile phone.”

Hu Xiaoxian said, “This is the death zone. As we entered, there was no signal on the mobile phone. We could not make a phone call at all.”


Lei Tianrui was dumbfounded. He was surrounded by ants outside. Now he couldn’t ask for help. What else could he do besides waiting for death?

Dong Sihai said, “Don’t worry, boss. Anyway, those ants can’t come here for the time being. Let’s think about something else.”

Lei Tianrui said sadly, “It’s all your fault. You said there was no problem with camping here and that it was the safest place. What’s the result? The equipment has been lost. We are trapped on this island.”


Dong Sihai’s face was red. He thought that it was not his own idea to camp here. It was agreed by all. But he could not afford to offend Lei Tianrui. So he could only say his words in his heart to himself.

Then he heard the little fellow shout, “Look at them, Papa. How can those leaves walk?”

Everyone looked in the direction pointed by the little fellow. They found that at the edge of the valley, many green leaves were moving towards them bit by bit. It really looked like these leaves were walking.

Hu Xiaoxian changed her face and cried, “No, these ants are going to cross the lakelet.”

Lei Tianrui said, “Crossing the lakelet? They can’t swim. How can they cross the lakelet?”

Hu Xiaoxian said, “These leaves are brought by ants. They are going to make boats out of these leaves and then come to our island.”

“What? Making boats by leaves?”

Now everyone’s looks changed. The island was their last resort; if the ants came to the island, the consequence would be unimaginable.

Zhao Qiankun scolded, “What the hell are these ants? How can they be smarter than human beings?”

Ants moved the leaves very fast. About 20 minutes later, many large leaves had come to the lakeside. As Hu Xiaoxian said, these ants wanted to make boats out of leaves. They first threw the leaves on the surface and then jumped on the leaves.

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