The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 209 - Muscle Weakening Poison

Chapter 209 Muscle Weakening Poison

Dong Sihai, Zhao Qiankun had wanted to beg for mercy for long, but they wouldn’t do it before Lei Tianrui spoke. Now that Lei Tianrui had already apologized, they followed him and yelled, “Mr. Qin, we’re so sorry; we really are. It was all our fault, please forgive and save us once more.”

Hu Xiaoxian was standing next to him and said, “Haodong, they’ve already apologized. We’re all Huaxia people after all. They have their own lives and you’re a patient. You can’t stand by and watch them being poisoned to death.”

Qin Haodong glanced at those people. He sighed and said, “Fine. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I’ll save them once again, because I am a doctor.”

“Thank you, Doctor Qin, thank you!”

Lei Tianrui and his fellows couldn’t be too nervous just now. They were so afraid that Qin Haodong wouldn’t save them. Now that he finally agreed, they couldn’t stop thanking him.

Hu Xiaoxian knew that Qin Haodong was doing this mostly for her. She said, “Haodong, I have to thank you, for them.”

“Not before I made my requests.” Qin Haodong took another sip of beer and said slowly, “I said I’m a doctor, and doctors charged their patients. I can’t treat you for nothing.”

Hu Xiaoxian said, “That’s reasonable. How much for each of them?”

Qin Haodong said, “One million for each. Not a cent less.”

“One million? Isn’t that too much?”

Lei Tianrui screamed out of surprise. They thought Qin Haodong might charge them for several thousand. It had never occurred to him that he would directly ask for one million, and that was for each of them.

Hu Xiaoxian said, “Haodong, isn’t that too much?”

“Is it? I am saving your lives! So each of their lives is no higher than one million?” Qin Haodong asked, “I’ve already given them a discount because we’re all Huaxia people. You can check it on the internet about how much were those elixirs I sold to Old Maldini, and how much I charged him for diagnose.”

Hu Xiaoxian was speechless. She had investigated Qin Haodong when she arrived in Jiangnan City. She knew Old Maldini paid him 100 million for the treatment. Then he bought three elixirs, 10 million for each.

If that was the case, the one-million charge he offered for Lei Tianrui was quite reasonable.

She looked back to Lei Tianrui and his fellows. Those people remained silent. They were all masters from big families, with rich family backgrounds; however, one million was not a small number. The point was that they felt it so unfair to pay one million for a fruit of the Cannibal Vines.

Qin Haodong knew these people cherish their money more than their lives. He sneered and said, “I’m advising you as a doctor that your bodies will start to fester within ten minutes. It would be too late for you to take the fruit then. You’ll be hopeless.”

“So the one million is not for the fruit, but for your lives. You’ll decide whether it’s worthy or not.”

Lei Tianrui’s heart lost a beat when he heard that. Qin Haodong might be scaring them, but one could never be more careful when it came to life health because there was still chance that what Qin Haodong said might be true.

Thinking of that, he said, “I’ll pay you the one million, but you have to treat me first.”

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “You’ve just lost all your credit. You have to pay in advance.”

“You…” Lei Tianrui was just about to be angry but his life was at risk now. He was in no position to be mad now. Finally, he had no choice but let Hu Xiaoxian get his phone and transfer the one million to Qin Haodong.”

After receiving the money, Qin Haodong looked at Zhao Qiankun and the other three. He smiled and said, “Who else wants the treatment? Pay me now or the deal will be off. I tell you that I don’t know how many fruits there are on the three. If there were only two or three, those who pay afterwards would lose their lives.”

Zhao Qiankun was having the second thought that Lei Tianrui could force Qin Haodong to treat them after he was cured, and then their money could be solved; however, he had to take it seriously after he heard Qin Haodong’s words. He scrambled to yell, “I’ll pay! I’ll pay you one million.”

Hu Xiaoxian took out their phones and transferred the money to Qin Haodong.

Qin Haodong nodded with satisfaction when seeing the number on the phone. He turned back and finger-snapped to the Cannibal Vines. Later five green fruits were handed to him.

Qin Haodong handed over the fruits to Hu Xiaoxian and had her feed Lei Tianrui and the others. It didn’t take long before the toxins inside got cleared. Soon they had all recovered and could walk again.

As he felt that he had recovered, they blissed at first, but then their heart ached when he thought about the one million Qin Haodong had taken away.

“D*mn it, I’ll burn that monster!”

Zhao Qiankun couldn’t get back on Qin Haodong. The only thing he could do was bringing out a lighter and gasoline from the car. He wanted to set the vines on fire to vent his anger.

Hu Xiaoxian kicked off the lighter in his hand and said in anger, “Are you insane? The fire will burn down the whole Shennongjia district! You’ll die one hundred times for it then.”

Zhao Qiankun had gained some consciousness, and he knew he couldn’t possibly commit the crime of arson. He could only take back the gasoline regretfully.

Lei Tianrui looked at Qin Haodong. He waved his hand and said, “Let’s hop in, now!”

Qin Haodong got in the car with the little fellow and Hu Xiaoxian. They kept driving further into the forest. Soon after they had left, five black shadows arrived. It was the Devilish Five that was chasing after them.

“What happened here, boss? The place is in such a mess. Looks like someone had fought here.”

Said a man who looked extremely gross. He looked fat, with a tumefied belly. His face was full of peanut-sized black bumps. He looked ugly and disgusting.

He was called Toad.

One-eye Dragon dragged him back as soon as he said he was going to check on it. One-eye Dragon then said, “It’s the Cannibal Vine ahead. You’ll die if you go there.”

“The Cannibal Vine.” Other people’s faces changed after they had heard what One-eye Dragon said. As mercenaries, they had all heard about the evil name of the Cannibal Vine, which was the biggest nightmare one could run into in the jungle.

Black Widow said, “Scorpion, are you saying all of them had been eaten by the Cannibal Vine?”

“No, they are still alive,” One-eye Dragon said with a sullen look.

“How is that possible? No one could survive the Cannibal Vine. How can they do that?” Black Widow asked in surprise.

One-eye Dragon pointed to the truck of the Cannibal Vine and said, “See? There are no fresh bones out there, which was to say that the Cannibal Vines had never eaten anyone yet.”

He turned back and pointed to the direction in which the two Hummer had left. Then he said, “Take a look; they’ve moved on. They are just fine.”

“Is it possible that they know the Cannibal Vine, too? And they’ve avoided walking into its attacking range?” asked the tall and thin Centipede.

One-eye Dragon pointed at the broken vines on the ground and said, “No, they’ve entered the attacking range and fought the Cannibal Vine. It looks like they’ve defeated the vines.”

“Gosh, how could they defeat the Cannibal Vines? How powerful are they?” Black Widow asked in surprise.

“It’s said that the Cannibal Vines are invincible in the forest? How could they defeat them?” Toad asked.

One-eye Dragon said, “I don’t know the details, but I can guess from the scene that they did have fought the vines and left here alive.”

The woman in red said, “Boss, since they are so powerful, are you sure we can complete the mission this time?”

One-eye Dragon smiled and said, “So what? The core of the Devilish Five is ‘devilish’. We never fought our enemies face to face.”

He said as he took out a small white jade bottle from his pocket and said, “This is my newest creation, the Muscle Weakening Poison. It has scorpions, toads, spiders, snakes and centipedes in it. The best part is that it’s colorless and tasteless and will drift with the wind.”

“If we could find their upper vents, and spread it. They would be soft shrimps with minutes. We can do everything we want and play everything we want.”

Toad said, “That’s great, boss. You’re really the team leader of the Devilish Five. How did you even make that?”

“That’s nothing much. I was a poisonist back to the old days.”

One-eye Dragon was trying to speak humble, but he failed to hide the pride on his face.

The woman in red laughed and said, “Boss, what are the effects of Muscle Weakening Poison? Can I still use those men after they got poisoned?”

Centipede said with erotic laughter, “I don’t know how the man will be, but I’m sure the women would be available. The pretty woman, Hu Xiaoxian, would all be ours then.”

“Well, save that crap. Let’s leave now and we have to surpass them before it’s getting dark.”

One-eye Dragon and the others moved forward fast, and soon disappeared in the jungle.

Qin Haodong’s team had been moving forward and settled on a campsite before dark. He checked the map Dilong made for him. The routine was almost the same as what Lei Tianrui and his fellows had been following. They might have been aiming at the same target.

After they set the camp simply. Lei Tianrui looked at Qin Haodong and sneered. Nobody knew what evil plan he had come up with again.

Dong Sihai hunted a deer and roasted it on the fire. Its scent stroked everyone’s nose. Soon the dinner was ready, but this time it was different. Zhao Qiankun said to Hu Xiaoxian, “Xiaoxian, come have dinner.”

Hu Xiaoxian said to Qin Haodong, “Haodong, time for dinner.”

Before Qin Haodong responded, Zhao Qiankun said, “Xiaoxian, we didn’t bring enough food and equipment. The food is only provided for our people.”

He looked at Qin Haodong and said, “It’s OK if any outsiders want to eat. We’ll have to charge one million for each meal. Pay before the meal, or there would be no way.”

Hu Xiaoxian said with anger, “How can you do that? He just saved you!”

Zhao Qiankun said, “I remember that. We’ve paid for it. Five million for five people. We’ve paid for his treatment, and he shall pay for the meal.”

“How dare you!”

Hu Xiaoxian was about to say something, but Qin Haodong stopped him. He said, “Just go there. It’s just a meal. Tang Tang and I can handle it on our own.”

“Handle it? Do you have any idea where you’re in now? It’s Shennongjia! You think hunting is that easy? We’d have to eat solid food if it weren’t for Dong Sihai. He is a jungle expert.”

Zhao Qiankun couldn’t stop talking while he saw Qin Haodong picking up a stone and threw it into a bush near him. Bang! A hare hidden inside was hit by the stone. It puked blood and died on the ground.

Qin Haodong grabbed the hare and walked back. He looked at Zhao Qiankun and said with an intriguing smile, “How is it? Simple, right?”

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