The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 206 - The Power of the Cannibal Vine

Chapter 206 The Power of the Cannibal Vine

Hu Xiaoxian said, “How could he? He’s been working all day. He’ll be exhausted if he doesn’t sleep well today.”

Lei Tianrui said, “Then how are we going to make it? We brought equipment according to the number of members. While we don’t have an extra tent, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll give one of ours to him. We’ll be influenced if we don’t get enough sleep, too.”

Hu Xiaoxian said, “That’s not necessary. The three of us aren’t fat, and we’ll just share one tent.”

“How, how could you do that?” Lei Tianrui asked because he had been shocked by Hu Xiaoxian’s words.

“Nothing’s impossible. Just leave us alone.”

Hu Xiaoxian turned to Qin Haodong and said, “Do you hear me? We’ll share the tent with Tang Tang.”

Qin Haodong felt awkward although Hu Xiaoxian had once slept in his arms. He said, “It’s alright. You can share the tent with Tang Tang. I’ll just make do in the car.”

“You can’t do that. The seats are too hard to sleep well on, and you may catch a cold.” Hu Xiaoxian complained. “This is all your fault. How could you prepare nothing before you took the kid in the mountains to collect herbs? What if Tang Tang catches a cold?”

Qin Haodong felt so wronged because he had fully prepared for it, but he couldn’t bring it out in front of these people.

He said, “I’ll be fine. The tent is too small for three people to sleep in.”

“Stop nagging. Let’s huddle. Are you shy? This isn’t the first time to sleep together.”

Hu Xiaoxian said it casually, but her words were like thunders to Lei Tianrui. He had been taking Hu Xiaoxian as his woman, and his exclusive domain which he would never allow anyone to touch. It had never occurred to him that she had slept with Qin Haodong. His eyes were glaring.

Dong Sihai had told that Lei Tianrui had been pushed to the edge. He stepped forward and pulled Lei Tianrui aside, and then he whispered, “Don’t be impulsive, boss. We’ll get in trouble if we offend Hu Xiaoxian. We still have a mission to complete this time.”

Besides, the gigolo boy had a kid with him, so it was highly unlikely that anything would happen between them. They would have to just wait for one more night and the young man would be gone by the time tomorrow.

Lei Tianrui took a deep breath and finally reluctantly calmed himself down. He turned back and went into his own tent to avoid seeing what was happening. Now that he couldn’t stop it, the only thing he could do was to bury his head like a turkey.

The little fellow kissed Qin Haodong in his neck in front of Hu Xiaoxian. Then she said, “Papa, I want to sleep with you.”

“How about we sleep together in the car?”

Qin Haodong wouldn’t mind if the little fellow caught a cold because she had the Holy Body.

The little fellow shook her head and said, “I miss Mom. I want to sleep with Auntie Xiaoxian.”

Qin Haodong ran out of options. It was the first time in the little fellow’s life that she had left Lin Momo, so she naturally missed her mom at night. He had no choice but to borrow Hu Xiaoxian for a moment.

After the discussion, the three people get in Hu Xiaoxian’s one-man tent.

The tent would be enough for one user to sleep in, but was too small to sleep for three people. At last, Qin Haodong and Hu Xiaoxian had to lean to one side and leave the little fellow in between. Only in that way could they feel better.

The little fellow turned back to look Qin Haodong, and then turned to Hu Xiaoxian again. Then she said, “Auntie Xiaoxian, you look like my mom so much.”

Seeing Tang Tang being so adorable, Qin Haodong and Hu Xiaoxian kissed her on her rosy cheeks at the same time. They were kissing different cheeks, but it felt so weird in the narrow space.

The little fellow smiled and said, “Papa, Auntie Xiaoxian. You kissed me together. That’s almost the same as you’ve kissed each other.”

The little guy’s words reminded Hu Xiaoxian of the night she spent in Qin Haodong’s arms. She immediately blushed.

“Auntie Xiaoxian, have you ever kissed Papa?”

The question made Hu Xiaoxian embarrassed again. She was not used to lying to kids, but she would be so embarrassed if she told her the truth.

The little fellow surely had ignored the question. She turned back to Qin Haodong and said, “Papa, can you kiss Auntie Xiaoxian?”

Qin Haodong laughed and said, “Tang Tang. Grown-ups are different from kids. We don’t kiss that often.”

The little guy said, “I know. Grown-ups only kiss those they love, and I can tell Auntie Xiaoxian is into you.”


Qin Haodong went speechless. The little guy was so quick-witted that she could see through almost everything.

“Even the kid is better than you.” Hu Xiaoxian was looking at Qin Haodong with a coquettish eye expression. Suddenly, she stretched her neck and pecked on Qin Haodong’s lips.

She pecked lightly and fast. Both of the two feel the kiss was such a shock, and the whole tent went in silence.

Early in the next morning, they pressed on deep into Shennongjia. After breakfast, Qin Haodong checked the map Dilong had drawn for him. The map was in keeping with the direction that Hu Xiaoxian and the others were pressing into.

He felt it odd and wondered whether those people were heading to the dungeon just like he did.

Soon it was almost noon and they ran into a clearing again. There was a lush forest beside the ground, which was different from any other forest they had ever seen. In other places, big trees clouded the sky; however, the trees here were all thin and short, with lots of vines hanging on them.

Dong Sihai said, “Boss, this is the place I’ve mentioned. Check out these vines. They are Cannibal Vine. You may see them staying still at this moment like any other ordinary vines, but once someone entered its scope of attack, it would turn fierce immediately.”

Zhao Qiankun asked, “Are they really that fierce as you’ve mentioned?”

“They’re more than fierce. They are astonishing. You’ll see soon. Even powerhouses in Covert Power level have to avoid confronting them.”

Zhao Qiankun said excitedly, “So the gigolo boy is dead.”

Dong Sihai said confidently, “He has to. If he could survive the Cannibal Vine, I’ll from then on spell my name from backward.”

He had been here three years ago, and had witnessed the fierceness of the Cannibal Vine by himself.

Lei Tianrui’s face was twisted. He said, “Fine, we’ll camp here and stick to our plan.”

Their car was leading in the front and Qin Haodong’s car was following. He pulled over when seeing the car in the front stop.

It was time for lunch now. All the people got off the car and started to set things, preparing for lunch.

Dong Sihai, Zhao Qiankun, and the others had occupied the sites that were far away from the Cannibal Vines, leaving the nearby site for Qin Haodong.

“Time for lunch, Doctor Qin!”

Dong Sihai invited him warmly.

Qin Haodong checked those vines on the tree and sneered. He was the Emperor Green Wood, and he knew everything about the Cannibal Vines. He saw the sites where Lei Tianrui and the others sat, and then he understood what they were doing for immediately. Obviously, those people wanted to have him killed by the Cannibal Vine.

It was beyond Lei Tianrui and Dong Sihai’s wildest dreams that the Cannibal Vine would never attack Qin Haodong because he was the king of all woods. He could suck up the spirit of the Cannibal Vine anytime he liked.

However, instead of letting them aware, Qin Haodong sat on the reserved site with the little fellow.

There was a cruel and ruthless smile on Lei Tianrui and Dong Sihai’s mouth. They were waiting for the Cannibal Vines to catch Qin Haodong and eat him; however, as time went by, those vines didn’t make any move.

Qin Haodong and his daughter grabbed the food in front of them and began to gobble. The vines never moved until the lunch was over.

After lunch, Lei Tianrui pulled Dong Sihai aside and asked, “What happened? Did you remember the site wrong?”

Dong Sihai asked in confusion, “That’s impossible. I remembered it very clearly. This is the site, and those are the Cannibal Vines!”

“Then tell me what was going on now? Why is nothing happening to him?”

Lei Tianrui said with dissatisfaction.

“That’s odd. Are those vines dead?” Dong Sihai said pitifully, “I’ll go check.”

After he said that. He strode to the Cannibal Vines slowly, pretending to be walking casually. Even so, he was careful more than ever. He approached the edge of the safe zone according to his old memories.

But he forgot that the cannibal vines were plants, and plants grew. The safe zone used to safe, but it apparently wasn’t anymore.

While he was watching and before he could figure it out, the forest suddenly rustled. A long vine seemed to have come back to life and shot itself to Dong Sihai’s face.

Dong Sihai was shocked, but not panic, because after all, he was still a warrior in level nine of Overt Power. He dodged to the other side immediately, and the vine narrowly missed him.

Puff, puff. The vine shot on a tall and old three behind him. The tough hemlock was immediately penetrated by the scary, vigorous vine.

And it wasn’t over yet. Just when he was about to go away, the rustles got louder. Ten more vines came to strangle him.

Dong Sihai almost wet his pants. He could barely deal with one vine, let alone the tens that were coming on. That was totally out of his capability. He wondered why Qin Haodong could stand here safely, but he had been assaulted as long as he stood here.

However, he had no more time to hesitate but to pull out the dagger at his waist, and chopped those vines as fast as he could. Most of the vines had been chopped into halves by him, but there were two entangling his legs. Those vines were as thick and powerful as human arms. Dong Sihai was dragged down on the ground immediately and was dragged forward.

He was completely panicked because he had seen how his fellows swallowed by the vine. He waved the dagger in his hand to cut the vines on his legs, but the vine wouldn’t give him a chance. Seven or eight more vines were entangling him.


Dong Sihai was asking his fellows for help, and at the same time use his daggers to cut the vines coming to him.

Lei Tianrui and Zhao Qiankun finally realized it. They grabbed their weapons and rushed to Dong Sihai. Lei Tianrui was a warrior with Covert Power. The sword in his hand was waved into flashlights and immediately cut down the two vines on Dong Sihai’s legs. Zhao Qiankun waved the cutlass in his hand with his right hand, and pull Song Sihai up with his left hand.

They never knew that the Cannibal Vines could be so powerful. When they were about to drawback, the whole forest seemed to have come back to life. The attacks to them grew overwhelming.

Those sharp vines were like a vigorous octopus, waving its tentacles and swallowed those people immediately

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