The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 204 - A Drag In The Team

Chapter 204 A Drag In The Team

Seeing the situation was not good, the fat man repeatedly begged for mercy. “Spare me. Please let me go. I can give you money, a lot of money…”

Hu Xiaoxian smiled at him charmingly. “Save your money and talk to the beasts to see if they will spare you for the sake of money.”

Then, like lightning, she broke the fat man’s legs, twisted his arms, and kicked him out of the window with one foot.

At the same time, her companions began to throw the fat boss’ men out of the window. Outside the restaurant was the primitive-forest, and it was believed that wild animals would soon come and enjoy the delicious food.

After dealing with the fat boss, Hu Xiaoxian seemed to have done a trivial thing. She came to Qin Haodong with a big smile and sat down beside him. She also held his arm with her plump chest tightly against him.

Seeing how intimate Hu Xiaoxian was with Qin Haodong, her companions, especially the young man who took the lead, immediately turned gloomy.

Hu Xiaoxian ignored other people’s feelings and said enthusiastically to Qin Haodong, “Little man, how did you come here? Are you here to find me?”

Qin Haodong did not expect to see Hu Xiaoxian, who had just left him. He said, “You think too much. I don’t even know where you are going. How can I come to see you?”

At this time, the little fellow finished eating a chicken’s wing and said softly, “Aunt Xiaoxian, I’m traveling with Papa.”

“Travel?” Hu Xiaoxian said doubtfully, “This is Shennongjia. It’s enough to get around the edge of the forest. What are you doing here?”

“Actually, I’m here to collect medicine,” Qin Haodong said, “I want to make a special kind of pill, which lacks a single herb. This kind of herb only exists in Shennongjia. So I come to collect medicine and take Tang Tang to travel by the way.”

This was an excuse he had long thought of. Otherwise, a man with a child would surely be suspicious if he went deep into Shennongjia.

Hu Xiaoxian gave Qin Haodong a quick survey. Besides holding the little fellow in his arms, he also carried a large backpack behind his back. She said, “You think of coming to Shennongjia to collect medicine with a little equipment like this? Do you know how dangerous Shennongjia is? There are so many unknown things here that even we have so many people, we have to be fully prepared to come in. You’re just making a fool of yourself.”

Qin Haodong said, “In fact, my ability to survive in the wild is very strong. It’s enough to take these things with me.”

Inside his storage ring was a small warehouse. The backpack was a complete cover.

Hu Xiaoxian’s smile disappeared. She said with unusual solemnity, “No, Shennongjia is different from other places, and you have a child with you.

Well, you can come in with us, and then your safety will be guaranteed.”

Hearing Hu Xiaoxian invite Qin Haodong to join their team, the handsome young man became more somber.

Qin Haodong said, “No need. I can take care of Tang Tang myself.”

“No, absolutely no. It’s no joke,” Hu Xiaoxian said, “Give you two choices. Either I’ll call my people to send you back to Jiangnan now or you can join us. Let’s go together and take care of each other.”

Feeling Hu Xiaoxian’s sincere concern, Qin Haodong could not say more. He could only nod and say, “Well, let’s go together.”

The handsome young man couldn’t stand it any longer. He stepped forward, but when he came to Qin Haodong, the cold and gloomy feeling on his face had disappeared. Instead, he changed into a warm smile.

“Xiaoxian, it’s very rare to meet a friend here. Introduce him to us soon.”

“This is my boyfriend Qin Haodong, and this is my friend Lei Tianrui.”

Hu Xiaoxian gave an introduction to them. Although there was only a one-word difference between friend and boyfriend, the meaning was totally different from each other.

Hu Xiaoxian officially acknowledged her relationship with Qin Haodong. Ray Tianrui’s eyes glimmered with an imperceptible cold.

Qin Haodong did not deny that, he looked at Lei Tianrui, a solid Covert Power master. Although he was only at the first level of Covert Power, compared with his level of Overt Power, he was still a level higher.

Although Lei Tianrui just concealed very well, it was difficult to escape the powerful spirit of Qin Haodong. He felt the hostility of this fellow. Qin Haodong laughed in his heart. He had just arrived at Shennongjia, and had already had an additional rival in love before he formally entered into the forest.

“Hello, Xiaoxian’s friend is my friend. Come to me if you need any help in the future.”

Lei Tianrui still laughed brilliantly, as if he had met a good friend whom he had not seen for many years. He extended his right hand to Qin Haodong.

Qin Haodong reached out and shook hands with him, but sneered in his heart. The rival in love was also a hypocritical b*tch.

Lei Tianrui hid his emotions deeply, but his staff couldn’t do so. The four people behind him look very cold.

Then a young man with a bushy beard came up and said, “Xiaoxian, how can you do that? As your brother, I have to criticize you. If you want to find a boyfriend, you should find one like Tianrui. How can you find a divorced man with a child? Aren’t you silly?”

Hu Xiaoxian laughed and said, “Brother Qian Kun, you misunderstood. Haodong is not married. This is his sworn daughter.

Then she introduced the four people to Qin Haodong respectively. “The one who just spoke is Zhao Qiankun, and the other three are Xie Zidan, Wang Yuancheng and Dong Sihai.”

Hu Xiaoxian added, “I have something to tell you. Haodong is a doctor. He’s going to Shennongjia to collect medicine. I think it’s too dangerous for him to go alone. Do you have any objection to his joining our team?”

“Yes, I object.” The first one to come out was Zhao Qiankun, who seemed to have a good relationship with Lei Tianrui.

“Xiaoxian, don’t forget that we have a task this time. If we take two ordinary people with us, we will be affected. What if we can’t finish the task?”

“I don’t agree either,” Wang Yuancheng, wearing camouflage clothes, said, “We are going to go deep into Shennongjia. The place we go to is too dangerous. If we don’t protect your friend well, he will be in danger.”

“Yes, he went to Shennongjia to collect medicine and took a child with him. Isn’t that just nonsense? I think he should go home as soon as possible and not make trouble for others.”

The bald man who talked was called Xie Zidan. This fellow had a hot temper and spoke with no politeness.

Qin Haodong was amused to see that he, the great Emperor Green Wood, was taken as a drag by others, but he did not care. If Hu Xiaoxian could not convince her companions, it would be more convenient for him to take the little fellow into the mountain alone.

Qin Haodong was white, tender and full of bookishness. No wonder these people look down upon him. Ordinary people could not see that he was a martial artist with the 9th level of Overt Power. Coupled with Lei Tianrui’s reasons, these people unanimously opposed Qin Haodong’s joining with them.

Hu Xiaoxian said, “Haodong is an excellent doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. His joining our team will not be a drag on us, on the contrary, it will increase our overall strength.”

“Xiaoxian, I think he’s in his early 20s. How good can such a young man be in medicine? I’m afraid he’s still an apprentice.”

“Xiaoxian, even if you want to defend him, you don’t have to make such a funny excuse.”

Not surprisingly, other people continued to oppose Qin Haodong’s joining. Hu Xiaoxian was a little annoyed. She was just about to get angry. Then she heard Lei Tianrui say, “Okay, let’s not make any noise. Our team just lacks a doctor. It’s just right for Doctor Qin to join us. We should welcome him.”

“Boss, but…” Zhao Qiankun just wanted to say something more. Lei Tianrui said coldly, “Don’t argue. Don’t forget that I am the leader of this action team. Xiaoxian is the deputy leader. You must 100 percent obey us.”

“Yes, sir!”

Lei Tianrui gave orders, and the others, doubtful as they were, agreed.

Qin Haodong was slightly surprised. He thought that Lei Tianrui would take the opportunity to oppose his joining. Unexpectedly, this fellow agreed unexpectedly. But one thing was for sure: He certainly had no good intentions.

Hu Xiaoxian was very happy to see her companions accept Qin Haodong. She said, “Are you all hungry? I’ll go to the kitchen to cook in person and give you a good treat.”

“Great. I haven’t tasted Xiaoxian’s cooking for a long time.”

Xie Zidan talked swallowed as he was speaking. Obviously, Hu Xiaoxian’s cooking was very popular.

“Wait a minute, everybody. The meal will be ready soon.”

Hu Xiaoxian said and turned into the kitchen.

Others sat down and rested. Lei Tianrui and Zhao Qiankun went to the restaurant door to smoke.

Zhao Qiankun took out his lighter and lit their cigarettes. Then he whispered, “Boss, I don’t understand. You have been pursuing Xiaoxian for so long. Why do you have to accept that gigolo boy?”

Lei Tianrui stuffed his cigarette into his mouth and took two deep inhalations. He said, “It’s no use not to let him in. Can Xiaoxian change her mind? I know this girl’s temper very well, and doing so would only aggravate her rebellious mentality.”

Zhao Qiankun said, “But this gigolo boy with us can only increase their chances of being together, and then your hope will be even smaller.”

Lei Tianrui said, “The reason why Xiaoxian likes this gigolo boy must be his appearance. Now we take him into Shennongjia with us. After a long time, Xiaoxian will see that this gigolo boy is just a waste, not as good as me, a martial arts genius. Only in this way can Xiaoxian clearly see my advantages.”

“That’s true. He is not your equal at all.”

Zhao Qiankun nodded and said.

Ray Tianrui’s face showed a grim look. He said insidiously, “And what is Shennongjia? It’s dangerous here. Even we should be extra careful. When that gigolo boy accidentally lost his life, he could not blame others.”

Zhao Qiankun suddenly realized that this was the reason why Lei Tianrui took Qin Haodong with them. The best way to make Hu Xiaoxian change her mind was to get rid of Qin Haodong.

“Boss, you are so smart!”

Zhao Qiankun raised his thumb.

“You’re just too straight-minded. Use your brain in everything,” Lei Tianrui said proudly, “In the future, you need to know how to restrain your emotions. Don’t let Xiaoxian see that we are hostile to the man. Then we can find a suitable opportunity and send him directly to heaven, and the matter will be over.”

“I see, sir. I’ll be careful.”

The two chatted for a while. Then they put out their cigarette and went inside the restaurant together.

After a while, Hu Xiaoxian came out of the kitchen with steaming dishes. She exclaimed, “Let’s eat now. This is the last hot meal. When we get to Shennongjia, we can only eat solid food.”

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