The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 199 - Cousin

Chapter 199: Cousin

However, neither Qin Haodong nor Long Haisheng nor Hu Xiaoxian took 80,000 yuan seriously. On the contrary, this kind of show-off was really too pediatric for them.

Seeing nobody answered, Wang Ziming thought that they had been shocked by him, which made him even prouder. At this time, he was already half-drunk.

He turned his eyes to Long Haisheng and said with a sneer, “Look at you, the guy wearing sunglasses. You are not young. You should have spent half your life in society. Tell me, can you afford such a big diamond ring?”

Long Haisheng didn’t speak. The situation was a bit embarrassing. Nobody expected that someone would dare to question and insult the leader of the underground world in the Jiangnan City face to face.

“Why don’t you speak?” Is it hurting your self-esteem? You are in middle age, but still poor like this. Are you sad? Are you shameful?”

During the conversation, Wang Ziming stood up and walked up to Long Haisheng. He clapped Long Haisheng’s shoulder and said, “I hate to see others pretend to be something. You are poor like this. You wear sunglasses all day long to pretend to be a boss of the underground world, don’t you?”

Long Haisheng’s face was black and blue, but he was still silent because of his identity.

Although it was the first meeting, Hu Xiaoxian, as a member of the special department, was clear about Long Haisheng’s identity. She could hardly help laughing.

The fat man pretended to be so arrogant in front of the underground boss. He didn’t know how miserable he would be later. But it was no others but himself who made this result.

Wang Ziming didn’t know that. He reached out and took off Long Haisheng’s sunglasses. He weighed them in his hand and said, “It is still a BOLON. Now the fake is really good. It looks just like the real one.”

After that, he wore the sunglasses for Long Haisheng.

Long Haisheng was on the verge of rage at this time, but he didn’t bring anyone with him today. As a leader, he couldn’t do it himself, so he temporarily tolerated it. But once he left, he would let Wang Ziming know what a foolish mistake he had just made.

As Wang Ziming became more and more alcoholic, he turned to everyone and cried, “You don’t know how awesome I am. I have friends both in illegal and legal means. I just called Mr. Liu of Doukou Culture and Media Company. He’s my big brother. He is coming to have dinner with you right now. Are you honored?”

He wandered back to Hu Xiaoxian and said, “Beauty, I am powerful. Do you believe that I can get Ouyang Shanshan to come and drink with us by a phone call now?”

This was not entirely a wine talk. He really had a good relationship with Liu Huaqiang of Doukou Culture and Media Company. The company had some business contacts with him and he had spent money sleeping with several small stars of the company.

In his opinion, as long as the money was in place, it was not difficult for Ouyang Shanshan to come here. After all, no matter how famous she was, Ouyang Shanshan was an artist who worked under Liu Huaqiang’s company. He did not know that the weakness of Liu Huaqiang was handled by Ouyang Shanshan, who was respected by Liu Huaqiang as a Bodhisattva all day long.

Hu Xiaoxian laughed and said, “Really? Big brother, but I don’t believe it. Would you like to call Ouyang Shanshan?”

“You don’t believe it. Wait. I’ll call her now.” Then, he reached out his mobile phone and dialed Liu Huaqiang’s phone. “Where are you, Mr. Liu? We are waiting for you to drink… Mr. Liu, can you make an appointment with Ouyang Shanshan? As long as she is willing to come, I will pay for it. What? She has something to do and has left Jiangnan City…”

After a few minutes, he hung up and said to Hu Xiaoxian embarrassingly, “I’m sorry, Beauty, Ouyang Shanshan has something to do. She’s not in Jiangnan City now. If she were there, she would definitely come here.”

Although he was a little drunk, he did not lose his mind completely. In fact, Liu Huaqiang told him that Ouyang Shanshan could not come over for another important thing. The so-called statement of leaving Jiangnan City was completely fabricated by himself to cover up the embarrassment.

Hu Xiaoxian knew very well that Ouyang Shanshan had not left, and would soon come here. She jokingly said to Wang Ziming, “Handsome young chap, is that true? Is Ouyang Shanshan really gone?”

“Of course it’s true. If she were in Jiangnan City, she would come here by my invitation…”

As he was talking about this, the door of the private room was opened and a beautiful woman and a beautiful little girl came in together. They were Ouyang Shanshan and Tang Tang who had just finished their performance.


Wang Ziming was like a duck that was pinched on his neck. He couldn’t say a word. He had just said that Ouyang Shanshan had left Jiangnan City. He didn’t expect that she would appear in front of him in a twinkling of an eye. Although the room was extremely quiet, everyone seemed to hear the slap sound.

Fortunately, nobody paid attention to him at this time. Everyone’s attention was turned to the two beauties. The little fellow jumped into Qin Haodong’s arms happily and said, “Papa, am I playing well today?”

Qin Haodong picked up his daughter, kissed her little face and said, “Wonderful, it’s a very much great performance. You are bound to be a big star in the future.”

At this time, Wang Ziming made the sudden enlightenment. It must be Liu Huaqiang who felt embarrassed when he received his phone call, so he let Ouyang Shanshan push her matter aside and come to accompany him.

When he thought of this, he felt his face was back. He went up to Ouyang Shanshan and said, “Miss Ouyang, I’m Wang Ziming. Thank you for coming to dinner.”

Ouyang Shan glanced at the fat man in front of her and said in surprise, “Who are you? I don’t know you!”

Wang Ziming said, “I’m Mr. Liu’s friend. Isn’t that Mr. Liu who asked you to come over for dinner?”

“Sorry, I didn’t get a call from Mr. Liu, and I don’t know who you are. I’m here to find my friend.”

Ouyang Shanshan had seen many people like him. She stopped talking to him and stepped to Qin Haodong and sat down beside him.


Wang Ziming stood there with a hot, embarrassing face. He was beaten on his face twice in less than three minutes. Even though his face was thick, he felt extremely embarrassed.

He wondered how Ouyang Shanshan would have come if she hadn’t received his invitation. Is she really a friend of this little young guy in front of him? How was that possible? How could a big star know a small security guard?

At this time, the left side of Qin Haodong was Hu Xiaoxian, and the right side was Ouyang Shanshan. The two beautiful women accompanied him, which made Wang Ziming very jealous.

He took out his cell phone from his pocket and dialed Liu Huaqiang’s phone again. He wanted to ask what the matter was. But soon after he called out, a pleasant music sound came from the outside door. Liu Huaqiang pushed the door and walked in.

Seeing Liu Huaqiang, Wang Ziming was happy. He quickly picked up his mobile phone and walked towards Liu Huaqiang. “Brother Liu, you are here. Didn’t you introduce my identity to Ouyang Shanshan? How did she say that she didn’t know me?”

“Ouyang Shanshan, she’s here?”

Liu Huaqiang only knew that Qin Haodong had called Ouyang Shanshan, but did not know where they had gone. He scanned the room and suddenly saw two people sitting opposite.

When Wang Ziming asked him to come to dinner, he said that today he would have dinner with his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend, a little security guard who had never seen the world. So Wang Ziming asked him to come and help him deal that guy a head-on blow at the first encounter.

Liu Huaqiang didn’t care, but when he saw Qin Haodong’s security clothes, he immediately understood who the little security guard was. He could not help crying in his heart. This was not a small security guard; this was clearly the big boss of Daddy Security Company and the man he couldn’t provoke.

At this time, he had scolded Wang Ziming’s ancestors from the beginning to the 18th generation. This was clearly a bad situation for him. He trembled when he saw Qin Haodong, let alone to deal him a head-on blow.

But he was also a veteran in the society. His brain worked very fast. He pretended to say, “Oh, my dear brother, I suddenly think that I have something important which has not been done. Enjoy yourself. I got to go.”

Then, he pretended not to see Qin Haodong and Ouyang Shanshan. He turned his head and ran faster than the rabbit. As for the situation of Wang Ziming, he could not think about it.

Wang Ziming had been completely confused. He didn’t understand what was going on? Originally, he wanted Liu Huaqiang to press Ouyang Shanshan and help him save face, but why did this man just come and leave. He ran so fast that he didn’t even give him the chance to ask questions.

Looking back at Qin Haodong, he seemed to feel the irony in Hu Xiaoxian’s eyes.

“No, I have to get my dignity back today. Since the legal way is not good, I will find an illegal way.”

Thought of this, Wang Ziming turned into the bathroom, took out his cell phone and dialed a phone number. “Cousin? I’m dining with people in the Dreamy Jiangnan Hotel. A guy was messing up with me. Come and help me teach him a lesson. Don’t worry. I’m sure my brothers’ hard work will be paid.

After Wolf took Guo Xiaomei out of the Lin’s Group, he took her directly to his base camp, Black Rose Bar. This time, he lost 1 million yuan in vain. Of course, he could not pay the money himself. He had to ask Guo Xiaomei to take out the money.

However, Guo Xiaomei did not have that much money. She barely took out half a million yuan after suffering a lot. She gave Wolf extra half a million yuan in debt. Then she was left in the bar as a desk lady. When she could pay off her debts, she could leave.

Although the matter had been resolved, Wolf was still very depressed. He was sitting in a bar and drinking when he suddenly received a call from Wang Ziming.

Hearing that Wang Ziming was willing to pay him to bully, he couldn’t help but want to accept it. He could get back some of the losses of the two days. But now he was also a little afraid that he could meet Qin Haodong again. He quickly asked, “Is that person a doctor?”

Wang Ziming said, “It’s not a doctor. It’s just a small security guard. He’s no background at all.”

Hearing that it wasn’t a doctor, Wolf felt relieved. As long as it wasn’t Qin Haodong, he was not afraid. He clapped his chest and said, “You can rest assured that I can teach such an unimportant person a lesson. How do you want me to do?”

When he thought of Qin Haodong’s handsome face, Wang Ziming was jealous. He said viciously, “Take away that guy’s legs, and shave his face. And I like his woman, take her for me.”

“It’s easy to do, but you’ll have to pay 500,000 yuan after it’s done.”

Wolf asked a high price and was ready to take back the 500,000 yuan he had just lost from Wang Ziming.

Although the price was a little expensive, Wang Ziming gritted his teeth and said, “No problem!”

Wolf said, “That’s a deal. Wait for me. I will be here in five minutes.”

After the phone call, Wang Ziming suddenly had the courage. He thought that these bumpkins would be scared when Wolf came to here.

After walking out of the bathroom, he came to Hu Xiaoxian again and said, “Beauty, in fact, stars are nothing. My cousin is coming. I will let you see the boss of the underworld.”

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