The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 175 - The Amulet

Chapter 175: The Amulet

Qin Haodong drove back and Qi Waner was sitting in the front passenger seat with the little fellow in her arms.

In the night, she looked at the man driving next to her and at the little fellow in her arms. A strange feeling rose in her heart.

In these years of illness, she spent most of her time hiding in the house alone. Like ordinary girls, she had fantasized about finding a handsome boyfriend, putting on a beautiful wedding dress, and having a lovely baby. But at that time, she had been living a bad life, which made this only exist in her imagination.

Now she had finally become a normal person, and everything in front of her was so similar to her dream. Unfortunately, the little fellow was not her daughter, and the man was not her boyfriend at present.

Just as Qi Waner was immersed in her imagination, the little fellow suddenly asked, “Auntie Waner, do you like my Papa?”

“Ah? No… no.”

Qi Waner came back to the reality and showed a little confusion on her face.

“Auntie Waner lied, Tang Tang can see that. Your expression is as same as Mommy’s when you look at my Papa.” The little fellow said, “Auntie Waner, will you be my Mommy?”

Qin Haodong smiled and knew that his good daughter resumed the search of a wife for him.

Qi Waner gave a complicated look at Qin Haodong. Just as she was at a loss, not knowing how to answer, a figure appeared in front of the car and just stood in the middle of the road.

It was an old Taoist. He looked like sixty or seventy years old. He had long eyebrows and beard. Wearing a gray robe and with a sword on his back, he was a sage-like type; his clothes were like the ones worn in martial arts movies.

Because the old Taoist appeared too suddenly, Qin Haodong quickly stepped on the brakes. With a sharp noise, the Honda car stopped next to the old Taoist’s legs.

Although a traffic accident was avoided, Qin Haodong was still very angry. He lowered the window and shouted, “Are you shooting a film or just wanting to die?”

The old Taoist fiercely opened his eyes and looked at Qin Haodong. Although the current section of the road was extremely remote and there were no street lights, Qin Haodong and Qi Waner still had a keen sense of the flash in the old Taoist’s eyes.

Before they could react, the old Taoist suddenly kicked the front cover of Honda car. With a loud sound, the frontal part of the Honda car collapsed, and then the whole car was sent back flying for seven or eight meters away, rolling several times and landing on the side of the hill.

Qin Haodong and Qi Waner were all in chaos. Fortunately, they all were cultivated and did not suffer too much harm. The little fellow was always tightly guarded by Qi Waner in her arms, so she was not injured.

“Damn it. We met the enemy.”

At this time, Qin Haodong had realized that the appearance of the old Taoist was not accidental; he came for them. He kicked the deformed door with one foot, and then suddenly jumped out.

Qi Waner raised her hands and opened the door. She stepped out with the little fellow.

Outside, after kicking the Honda car, the old Taoist walked to them slowly.

“Who are you?”

Qin Haodong asked, his expression was exceptionally serious.

With the strength of the Spirit, he could see the cultivation of a warrior who was in a higher rank than him. The old Taoist had already reached the peak state of the Overt Power’s ninth realm, only one step away from the realm of supreme power. No wonder he could toss the car with one foot.

He had not yet broken through his cultivation to the Covert Power Realm. It was absolutely not a good situation to face such a powerful enemy. Even if he worked with Qi Waner together, they would never be able to compete with the old Taoist.

The old Taoist moved closer to them and was not in a hurry to attack. He said, “My name is Tao Tong!”

“Taoist Tao Tong. Is there any resentment between us?” Qin Haodong asked.

Tao Tong said with a murderous look, “Boy, I worked hard for ten years to cultivate a ghost slave, but you cured her. Do you think there is any resentment between us?”

As he said this, Qin Haodong and Qi Waner were surprised that the old Taoist was actually the evil cultivator who planted the ghost fetus. Men cannot be judged by their looks. The old Taoist looked like a man of high moral standing, but he actually practiced such evil tricks.

Now that they knew the identity of the old Taoist, they understood that today’s deadly war was inevitable.

Qi Waner gave the little fellow to Qin Haodong and said to the old Taoist Tao Tong with murderous intent, “Is it you who planted the ghost fetus on me?”

The old Taoist did not answer Qi Waner’s question. Instead, he scanned her from head to foot and then said, “Perfect. It’s really perfect. A perfect ghost slave like you would be much better than I expected.

“It’s your honor to be my ghost slave. Come back with me now. Within three years, I promise you can break through the supreme power realm.”

“Bah! You’re a ghost slave. Your whole families are ghost slaves. Today, I’ll fight with you!”

Qi Waner had lived for ten years in the shadow of being a ghost slave. At this time, she was full of bitter hatred for the old Taoist. She cried loudly and rushed toward him.

At the same time, Qin Haodong took out his mobile phone from his pocket and put it into the hands of the little fellow. He said eagerly, “Tang Tang, run quickly, and then call your Mommy.”

“Papa, why should I run?” The little fellow asked with a puzzled expression.

“This old Taoist is a very bad person. You must not be caught by him. Papa and auntie Waner are going to fight with him. Run quickly.”

Qin Haodong had no hope of overcoming the old Taoist. He clearly knew of the gap between the ninth realm of Overt Power and the ninth realm of Covert Power. He had no hope of running away, let alone the hope of beating the old Taoist. So he chose to stay, to fight for time for the little fellow.

“But Papa, aren’t you specializing in beating bad people?”

Qin Haodong had left an omnipotent impression in the heart of the little fellow, so at the moment she did not feel any fear.

“This bad man is very strong. You can run quickly. It would be too late if you don’t run now.”

Qin Haodong knew that time was limited and he couldn’t talk too much with the little fellow. He pushed her back and then turned to the old Taoist. If they fought with the old Taoist together, they may be able to insist for a longer time. If they fought with him respectively, they would die faster.

Qi Waner’s body was very strong. Her hands were sharper than the knife, so she did not use any weapons and aimed to directly grab the old Taoist’s face.

At the same time, Qin Haodong punched the old Taoist from his back. Although they fought together for the first time, they cooperated very tacitly.

Facing the fierce offensive from the duo, the old Taoist Tao Tong’s expression was full of disdain. “How dare you little pearls shine in front of me?”

He gently waved his left hand’s sleeve toward Qi Waner’s fierce claws.

With the Genuine Qi, the original soft sleeves were as hard as steel plates, which prevented Qi Waner’s attack that could crack a diamond. Then he reached forward with his right hand and clapped Qin Waner’s belly with a slap, launching her into the air.

The old Taoist Tao Tong’s action looked light and fluttering, but the speed was astonishing. After all this was done, he took back his hand to meet Qin Haodong’s fist.

With a crash, the two fists collided. The old Taoist’s body was still motionless, but Qin Haodong was like a fired projectile, flying out for more than a dozen meters. The Genuine Qi in his body was shocked away. After landing, his feet were feeble, and he directly sat on the ground.

No matter how hard they fought, the gap between them was too big. The old Taoist Tao Tong’s level was close to the half-step supreme power realm. The two couldn’t compete with him at all.

The old Taoist did not look at Qin Haodong anymore, but looked at Qi Waner and nodded with satisfaction. “Yes, it is indeed the ghost fetus candidate selected by me. You will really be a good ghost slave. You can bear the palm with thirty percent of my power. Your cultivation was also promoted very quickly, almost about to the second realm of Covert Power.”

Qin Haodong got up from the ground and looked around. As he didn’t see the little fellow, he was relieved. No matter what happened, it was alright as long as the little fellow was okay.

The old Taoist Tao Tong said to Qi Waner, “Don’t try to resist any more. You’re still in a low level of cultivation. Come with me. When you become a supreme ghost slave, even supreme power masters will be unable to compete with you.”

“Bah! I would be dead. I won’t go back with you to be a walking corpse.” Qi Waner said angrily, “How dare you do that to me? Aren’t you afraid of our revenge?”

The old Taoist Tao Tong sneered, “The Qi Family is really strong, and you have many supreme power masters, but so what? Where would they find me? Moreover, as long as I train you to be a super ghost slave, masters of that level would only be the defeated by me.”

“You bastard, I’ll kill you!”

Seeing the old Taoist wouldn’t be frightened by her family, Qi Waner could only choose to fight hard. She cried loudly and threw herself at the old Taoist again. This time, she only attacked and did not defend. She used a totally desperate tactic.

Qin Haodong took out a dagger and joined the battle.

However, the gap between them was too large. Neither of them managed more than three moves against the old Taoist. Qi Waner was knocked down by him and couldn’t get up, spitting blood. Qin Haodong was shocked away again.

“You little ants now know how powerful I am.” The old Taoist Tao Tong looked at Qin Haodong and sneered. “Boy, you dare to obstruct my good plan. Now I’ll send you to hell.”

Then, the old Taoist’s figure flashed into a lightning bolt and reached Qin Haodong, suddenly punching his chest.

This punch had used a hundred percent of his powers, and the speed was also faster. Qin Haodong had no time to respond at all. He felt as if he had been hit by a train, with the huge force coming upon his chest.

If Qin Haodong bore the punch by using his cultivation, it would be enough to shatter all his viscera and organs, but at that time, an invisible force came from his waist, which alleviated the punch’s power to ensure that the internal organs were not injured.

But even so, Qin Haodong’s body suddenly flew out, hitting against a big tree next to him, and then fell to the ground.

“Hey!” the old Taoist Tao Tong was visibly amazed. He didn’t expect that the young man could take all his power and not even spit blood.

“Boy, you are indeed unusual, but you must die today!”

The old Taoist Tao Tong walked to Qin Haodong and stepped on his shoulder. Then he waved his right fist and smashed it into Qin Haodong’s chest again.

The sound of thumping could be heard all over the night sky, and the old Taoist’s fist hit Qin Haodong’s chest firmly. But it was once again alleviated by the invisible force, and Qin Haodong’s whole body had been knocked further into the ground.

“It’s the amulet!” Although Qin Haodong was beaten down, he suddenly remembered the black iron piece he had found in the Antique Row, which could withstand three attacks a master with supreme power. He had already been saved twice. One more attack would cause his death.

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