The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 170 - Hysteria

Chapter 170 Hysteria

“Feng Tianda, are you fooling me around?” Lin Pingchao totally lost it and yelled with wild-eyedly, “I’ll definitely lose the competition without the money. I’ll lose to chance to be the president and lose all the money I invested. What can I do?”

“Lin Pingchao, don’t forget who you are talking to.” Feng Tianda said, “I’ve been helping you. Why would Jade Gang stopped supplying the Lin family if I wasn’t helping? How could you find that much jade materials without me?”

Lin Pingchao realized his tone was getting out of line just now. He calmed down and said, “But I’m definitely losing the competition without the money, and all my previous efforts will end up in vain.”

“A game is just a game. It’s no big deal if you lose, and it’s not even over yet. It is still not too late to figure things out. You’re the young master of the Lin family, I don’t think you would have difficulty raising the money.”

Lin Pingchao’s glared with fury. If he could really earn money that easily, he wouldn’t pledge the 3% stake of the Lin family to him.

“I can find a way, but what about the stake I pledge to you?”

Feng Tianda said with light expression, “What else can I do? The stake was now held by the board of directors. You can have it as long as you can have the 300 million back, or I wouldn’t be able to do anything with it.”

Lin Pingchao said, “But you only gave me 150 million!”

“Stop arguing, find a way to get the money.”

Feng Tianda stopped giving Lin Pingchao any chance to speak, he hanged up the phone directly.

“F*ck you! Feng Tianda!” Lin Pingchao yelled to the phone. Other people in the restroom thought he was a psycho, they put on their pants and rushed out.

He knew it wasn’t the time to get mad because the priority now was to find the money.

He thought about it and dialed Zhang Xiuying’s number, “Mom, get me 200 million before 4:00 p.m. today. I don’t care whether you’re going to borrow it or mortgage all of our houses or stakes. Or we’ll definitely lose the competition.”

“Son, where can I find that much money in such short notice? How about we yield. We may lose less then.”

“Bullsh*t!” Lin Pingchao almost forgot the one on the other side of the phone was his mother. He roared crazily, “4:00 p.m.. If you don’t find the money, I’ll kill myself.”

He was like a gambler who had lost insanity. He was totally hysterical and wanted to fight Lin Momo to the end at any cost.

“Son, don’t you think about that. Don’t worry, I’ll get you the money now.”

Zhang Xiuying was startled by Lin Pingchao. She left home in a hurry after hanging up the phone. She borrowed 100 million from Zhao Zhongchen, and then mortgaged all their properties to get another one million loan.

After Lin Pingchao agreed, she found a reliable relative at 4:00 p.m. and have him spend all the 200 million yuan in Pingchao Jewelry.

Lin Pingchao’s sold 20 million products. Together with the 150 million of Wang Bao and the 200 million of Zhang Xiuying, the total turnover hit 370 million.

On the other side, even though Qin Haodong, had he later sold a 20-million product, the total turnover was only 270 million yuan, which was 100 million behind Lin Pingchao.

Seeing that he was already in the lead, Lin Pingchao calmed down. He raised his head and checked the clock on the wall, and then looked at Qin Haodong. He felt so pleased because it was less than an hour away from five o’clock, and there was no way for them to find another 100 million.

The 250 million turnover was totally out of Lin Momo’s surprise, but they would definitely lose it if the game continued this way.

Seeing her being so anxious, Qin Haodong said with a light face, “No worries, our big buyer’s on our way.”

“What big buyer? Did you lie to me about anything?” Lin Momo asked.

At this moment, people at the door went in turmoil. Dozens of luxury cars stopped by the door. Ten more people got off the cars, and went to the jewelry store, surrounded by bodyguards.

“Look, here come our big buyers.” Qin Haodong waved his hand to Zhang Tieniu when he said that, “Get out and invite out guests in.”

Zhang Tieniu answered him and went out. Soon more than ten people stepped into the store. Things they shared in common were the masks and sunglasses. It seemed that they were so afraid of being recognized by others.

The leading one was a tall and slim woman. The mask and sunglasses failed to cover her unique aura.

When he entered the door, she craned and went to Qin Haodong with a satisfied smile on his face. Then she took off the mask and sunglasses, handing them to her assistant.

“God, who am I looking at? Is she Ouyang Shanshan?”

“Ouyang Shanshan! She’s Ouyang Shanshan! My Goddess, can you sign here for me?”

“My Muse! can I take a photo with you?”

Many people jumped on Ouyang Shanshan as soon as they saw her. Chen Fugui and others protected her firmly, and with Zhang Tieniu’s help, they blocked those people from her.

Later, all those behind Ouyang Shanshan took of there masks and glasses. The turmoil was getting more and more intense. All of them are big celebrities in Huaxia. Those handsome and gorgeous made the store glowing.

Fortunately, there weren’t many guests in the store at the moment, so the situation was controllable.

Ouyang Shanshan stepped closer and said to Qin Haodong, “Mr. Qin, they are all friends of mine, dropping by to check out the good stuff in your store.”

She introduced all the stars behind her to Qin Haodong. Those people stepped forward and greeted Qin Haodong, with tremendous respect. No one was putting on airs.

The onlookers at the door were stunned. They wondered who the young man was, and why so many big stars respected him.

They had no idea that Liu Huaqiang had already asked them to respect Qin Haodong like their father. If anyone pissed Qin Haodong off, he or she would be benched immediately and banned forever.

That was why those celebrities stopped being arrogant and had smiles all over their faces.

Ouyang Shanshan came here with her celebrity friends upon receiving Qin Haodong’s call. After greetings, she said, “Mr. Qin, could you please introduce these treasures to my friends?”

“The jade products of Daqin Jewelry are made from the best materials. They look exquisite, and what’s more, they are more than decorations. Each of them has special use and everyone can pick the one suits him or herself the best.”

Qin Haodong said to a man standing next to Ouyang Shanshan and said, “You don’t sleep well recently.”

This star was called Ma Jun, 30 years old. He was an out-and-out A-lister in Huaxia, and the dream of many girls and women.

The reason he came to the jewelry store was to flatter Ouyang Shanshan and to fulfill his boss, Liu Huaqiang’s order; however, he wasn’t taking Qin Haodong seriously.

Moreover, most stars had sleeping issues because of great pressure, so it was no big deal whether Qin Haodong could tell it or not.

He nodded and said, “Yes, Mr. Qin, I have sleeping issues these days.”

Qin Haodong took two steps forward and whispered to Ma Jun, “Your sleeping issue isn’t caused by stress. It was because you dream about a woman wanting you to pay for her death every night, and that has been ten days or so.”

Ma Jun was shocked and he said with a shivering voice, “How do you know that?”

“Talk down if you don’t want to be the headline of the gossips tomorrow.”

Qin Haodong continued to whisper to Ma Jun, “The woman was an unlucky soul of a woman who died of a car accident. Ten days ago you passe by the accidental site and she attached herself to you. She couldn’t find the murderer, so she haunted you to vent her anger.”

“Mr. Qin, no, Master Qin, please help me. I can’t take this anymore!”

Ma Jun had been dreaming of the ghost of a woman asking him to pay for her death, bringing him sleeping issues every night.

He had told no one about that story, but Qin Haodong just repeated it so clearly. Ma Jun was sure that he had run into a real master.

“Take this jade status of Avalokitesvara back home and you could have a good sleep tonight.” Qin Haodong pointed to the jade Avalokitesvara in the counter, which had a 200 million yuan price tag on it.”

The status was tagged 200 million partly because of it’s made of top ice jade, and partly because it had been attached with Devil Expelling Spell and Peace Spell. It was the best furniture to avoid misfortune and pursue luck.

“OK! I’ll take it! Thank you, Master Qin, for showing me the way!”

Ma Jun said as he asked his agent to pay the bill in the cashier. 200 million was an unimaginable price for the ordinary, but it was not a big deal for him. After all, life was the most precious thing for him.

Lin Pingchao was so jealous when seeing those celebrities walking towards Qin Haodong. He wished he could go over and introduced all of them to his place.

See Qin Haodong sell out a 200-million jade Avalokitesvara with a few minutes, he was drunk in jealousy. He had brought out all his assets and even had Zhang Xiuying mortgage their house. They had just hit the turnover for minutes but now in a blink, they were surpassed again.

Now he was 100 million behind Lin Momo, how could he catch up with her?

And that was just the beginning of the nightmare, Qin Haodong kept selling and went to a woman. The woman was a skilled singer called Liu Meina.

“Miss, have you been feeling weak and short-breath recently? You used to be able to hit a high key easily, but now you can barely make it.”

“Yes… Yes… Yes, Mr. Qin, you are right. What’s your recommendation for me?”

Liu Meina repeated it again and again.

Qin Haodong pointed out her issue as soon as he met her, and that completely convinced her. She had been annoyed by short breath recently and nothing else could bother her more because she was a singer. She had gone to the hospital many times while the doctors found no reason at all.

“You can put this on.” Qin Haodong said as he took out a jade bracelet and gave it to her.

Liu Meina took the bracelet and put it on her wrist. Soon she looked surprised and felt filled with power from head to toe. She wished she could sing immediately, and obviously, that was what the bracelet brought to her.

She asked in excitement, “Mr. Qin, how much is this bracelet? I’ll take it.”

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