The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 168 - The Curse of an Aboriginal Girl

Chapter 168 The Curse of an Aboriginal Girl

The disturbance ended with Zhou Hailiang’s leaving, and with its advertising effect, everyone began to know the jades Qin Haodong sold were made by a great master, and the customers in the shop all swarmed to Daqin Jewelry.

Watching this, Lin Pingchao bit his teeth with anger, but he soon felt better when he saw none of the customers buy the jades Qin Haodong sold due to the high price.

“Could you please show me this jade ruyi, beautiful miss?”

A middle-aged man said to Nalan Wushuang in Cantonese. The man was about 40, wearing an expensive suit, with a Rolex worthing a million on his wrist. Everyone could tell he was a rich man at a glance.

However, his trachea seemed in a poor condition as he was short of breath and coughing when talking.

The man held the jade ruyi in his hand and observed it from every angle. He then said with admiration, “It’s indeed a masterwork, and the material is good as well, but I still don’t think it worth 30 million. If you can cut the price to 10 million, I’ll take it.”

Seeing the hope of making a deal, Nalan Wushuang and Lin Momo all looked at Qin Haodong with querying eyes. As they saw it, it was a good deal.

To their disappointment, Qin Haodong went to the man and said, “I’m sorry, sir, but it’s no less than 30 million.”

The middle-aged man shook his head after hearing the answer. “That’s too much. It looks good, but it doesn’t worth that much.”

Qin Haodong changed the topic with asking the man, “Sir, you’re not from south of the Yangtze River, are you?”

The middle-aged man answered, “No, I’m from Hong Kong, and I’m here for business.”

“Oh, I see.” Qin Haodong then continued to ask, “Are you suffering from a trachea disease, sir?”

“Yes, I don’t feel well with my trachea. I’ve seen many doctors and none of them could save me from frequent coughing. It’s even getting worse now, and I felt like I got asthma.”

The man seemed not interested in chatting with Qin Haodong about his own affairs. “For good luck, I want to take this jade ruyi, so, I’d like to pay 15 million for it at most or I’ll leave without taking anything.”

Jealousy was eating Lin Pingchao up when he saw someone offer such a high price to buy Qin Haodong’s jades, and at the moment, all his sales revenue was not up to one million, not a tenth of Qin Haodong’s. He desperately wanted to attract the middle-aged man to his side.

Lin Momo signaled Qin Haodong a few times. As she thought, 15 million was a big number and would earn them the upper hand.

“Sir, as I said, no less than 30 million.”

Qin Haodong refused the middle-aged man again.

Lin Pingchao looked happy to hear the answer while Lin Momo was disappointed. “Good luck, he didn’t sell it, or things would be hard for me,” he thought to himself.

The middle-aged man shook his head in upset and was about to leave when he heard Qin Haodong say, “Sir, to be honest, this jade ruyi doesn’t suit you. I think this jade pendant may be a good choice for you.”

As he said that, he took out a yellow jade pendant, which was made of the remaining material of the Jade Chicken.

However, the middle-aged man still shook his head, “Sorry, I want that jade ruyi just for good luck. I don’t like this pendant.”

“Sir, no need to make your decision so fast,” Qin Haodong said, “Try it, please, and you’ll know nothing can be better for you than it.”

The middle-aged man looked at Qin Haodong, confused, but finally, he still took the pendant and wore it around his neck.

“This pendant is good, but I don’t need such…” While he was talking, the man’s expression changed suddenly. With a cool feeling rising from his chest, he no longer gasped and coughed when he talked, and he felt cool and relaxed all over his lungs and trachea.

“What happened? Is it because of this pendant?”

The middle-aged man was full of disbelief. To prove his guess, he took the pendant off his neck. Just as he did that, he felt short of breath again. He put the pendant back and immediately felt relaxed and comfortable.

At the point, he was finally sure that this pendant had a magic effect on his disease.

The middle-aged man said to Qin Haodong with thrill, “What happened to me, little brother? Is this pendant a magic instrument?”

The theory of Fengshui was widely accepted in Hong Kong, therefore, it was not surprising the man knew about magic instruments. “Yes, and there is a health-strengthening spell on it. Wearing it for years, you’ll recover from the lung disease, and it good for your body and will protect you from all kinds of sickness.”

“Great, little brother, never thought you would possess such amazing things. It’s not expensive at all compared to its value. It’s cheap in fact.” The middle-aged man then pointed at the jade ruyi and asked, “Is this a magic instrument as well?”

Qin Haodong nodded and answered, “Yes, but on it is Mind-clearing Spell, good for those who are manic-depressed or affected with external diseases. That’s why I said it did not suit you.”

“I’ll take this pendant. Is anything sold here helpful for gathering fortune, little brother?” The middle-aged man asked excitedly.

Although Hong Kong was full of believers and masters of Fengshui, it was rather hard to get a magic instrument even with thousands of golds. Thus, it never occured to the middle-aged man that he would find so many magic instruments at a time, and if he had enough cash, he would buy all of them.

That said, he finally decided to buy a health-strenthening pendant and a fortune-gathering ruyi as making more money was everyone’s goal.

Qin Haodong pointed at a jade Pixiu and said, “Buy that one if you want to make a fortune, sir. The implied meaning of Pixiu is fortune-gathering, and there is a spell on the jade with the same effect. So, more expensive, it costs 50 million, and no bargain on it.”

“No, it’s not expensive at all. It’s not.” The middle-aged man said what he thought in an excited tone because he knew the price of these magic instruments would be five to ten times higher in Hong Kong than what Qin Haodong asked. However, on hearing his words, others present all thought the man mad.

Lin Momo, Qi Waner and others looked at the man, amazed, wondering if the man was mad to say the things he was going to pay for too cheap. .

“Little brother, I’ll take both of them. Pack that Pixiu for me, please.” The man’s face was bright with happiness, and he did not want to take off the pendant from his neck even for a second.

He was in great pleasure for getting these two magic instruments at a time despite that his business did not go well in south of the Yangtze River.

“Please check here, sir. 30 million for the pendant, and 50 million for the Pixiu, that’s 80 million in total.” Qin Haodong pointed to the cashier and said.

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, the middle-aged man went to the cashier with a bank card and paid in full.

Watching the man left the shop in delight with the two jades, everyone was stunned. Earning 80 million in seconds, that’s too fast!

Lin Momo was overjoyed while Lin Pingchao gnashes his teeth in anger. He could not help but curse. “Damn the magic instrument! This man must be a shill, otherwise, he would not have bought those two damn things with 80 million!”

However, in any case, 80 million was much higher than the revenue Pingchao Jewelry had made.

On both sides, the business went on. Endless streams of customers purchased jades from Lin Pingchao, however, selling at a much lowere price, he barely earned 10 million with dozens of jades sold.

In contrast, Daqin Jewelry made one more deal, earning 20 million with another magic instrument and achieving a revenue of 100 million.

“Bastard! He actually spent 100 million in hiring shills to sell his jades. However, you can’t have prepared more money than I do!”

Lin Pingchao had lost his confidence in winning in the long term. He went to a bathroom to call Feng Tianda.

“Mr. Feng, I need your help. I’m the losing the upper hand. Please have someone bring all that money to me.”

“What, you’re losing just after a morning?” Feng Tianda asked with a smile.

“Oh, it’s sad to say so, but Lin Momo must have prepared some money for the competition as well. She made 100 million just with three jades! That’s natural I couldn’t win her yet.”

“Don’t worry. My cousin will get there soon.”

“Great, thank you, and please tell him to look more like a normal customer, and don’t expose our relationships,” said Lin Pingchao.

“I know.” After saying this, Feng Tianda hung up the phone and called a young man in through his housekeeper.

The young man was his cousin, named Zhang Bao, who had returned from M Country several days ago after years of studying there. Not many knew him in Jiangnan city, therefore, he was the best person to perform the role of a shill.

“Brother, why you called me here?”

Face pale, Zhang Bao looked spiritless.

Feng Tianda answered, “For the plan I told you yesterday. There are 300 million yuan in this bank card. I need you go to Pingchao Jewelry now and spend half of the money in buying the finest jades there. After that, I’ll ask someone else to spend the rest of them. Please understand this is very important. Don’t mistake it.”

Zhang Bao answered, “Don’t worry, brother. No one know better than me how to spend money. I’ll give the money to Pingchao Jewelry, and no one will know I’m a shill.”

With that, he took the bank card and turned to leave.

Qin Haodong had easy time when in charge of the business in Daqin Jewelry. Having made 100 million, Lin Momo would win the competition as long as Lin Pingchao would not play tricks.

At the moment, a young man about 20 walked in and caught Qin Haodong’s attention, whose eyes narrowed. Black Qi invisible to normal people covered the young man’s belly and was seen by Qin Haodong.

The man was no other than Zhang Bao. He walked into the shop, hands in pocket. To hide his identity as a shill, he first went to Daqin Jewelry instead of Pingchao Jewelry.

The moment he saw Nalan Wushuang and Qin Wan’er, both of whom were wearing cheongsam, he was overwhelmed and stunned by their beauty, for he had never seen such beautiful women during those years of studying abroad.

However, he immediately felt frustrated at the thought of that he had lost his sexual function as a man, and however beautiful a woman was, all he could do was looking at her with admiration.

The reason why he returned Huaxia this time was that the aboriginal girl with whom he had a one-night stand in M Country insist on marrying him but he refused her.

However, since that night, his sexual function had never worked again, and he could not be turned on either. He didn’t get any help even if he had gone to see so many doctors, and even the most advanced medical equipment could not tell what’s wrong with his body. One day, he was told that all these was caused by the curse from the aboriginal.

Later than that, he wanted to find that girl again but failed. Helpless, he went back to Huaxia and wanted to seek help from Chinese medicine practitioners.

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