The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 126 - The President's Replacement Vote

Chapter 126 The President’s Replacement Vote

The speaker was a 60-year-old man sitting in the front row. He was Zhao Zhongchen, the director of the board of directors of Lin’s Group. His son was Zhao Hongmao, a vice president who was disposed of by Lin Momo some time ago.

Zhao’s family hold 10% shares of Lin’s Group. They were one of the important members of the board of directors and have considerable discursive power.

When Zhao Zhongchen was delivering his speech passionately. Suddenly, the door of the conference room was opened from outside. Lin Momo walked into the conference room with a cold face. Seeing the president’s arrival, the people in the room immediately became quiet, including Zhao Zhongchen.

Lin Momo did not speak. She glanced around indifferently, then went straight to the main seat of the conference room and sat down in her exclusive chair. Qin Haodong followed her with a smile and pulled a chair to sit beside Lin Momo.

Wearing a cold expression, Lin Momo had fully shown her dignity as a dominating female president. She glanced around fiercely and finally looked at Zhao Zhongchen, who was still standing there. She asked in a cold voice, “Director Zhao, I just heard you are talking, but I didn’t hear it very clearly. Can you repeat it?”

Zhao Zhongchen supported the gold wire glasses on his nose, which had obviously weakened his momentum. Although he owned 10% of the shares and his position in the group was not low, he still had not enough stamina when facing Lin Momo directly.

He was just inciting other directors to oppose Lin Momo at the vote. But when Lin Momo really came. He had no courage to speak out directly.

However, Zhao Zhongchen was also an experienced businessman. Instead of answering Lin Momo’s question directly, he pointed to Qin Haodong and said, “Who is he, President Lin? Although I am old and dizzy, if I remember correctly, he may not be a member of our Lin’s Group. He is not qualified to participate in the meeting. Am I right?”

Lin Momo said, “His name is Qin Haodong, the healthcare doctor of our group, and I brought him to the board meeting.”

“What? He is Qin Haodong?”

Zhao Zhongchen immediately opened his eyes widely and his face was full of anger. Qin Haodong taught Zhao Hongmao a lesson lately, and turned Xiao Lili, his daughter-in-law, into an extremely ugly person. Later, Zhao Hongmao took his daughter to do a paternity test, and found that she was not his child. He immediately divorced Xiao Lili.

Originally, Qin Haodong helped Zhao Hongmao to find this. Zhao family should thank him. On the contrary, they took all the bad things on Qin Haodong and hated him immensely.

A few days ago, Zhao Zhongchen accidentally heard that Qin Haodong had entered Lin’s Group to become a healthcare doctor. He dared not query Lin Momo’s decision and wanted to directly trouble Qin Haodong. However, Qin Haodong was very busy recently and had not come to work. He went several times and could not find anyone. He did not expect to meet Qin Haodong here today.

Seeing Zhao Zhongchen’s ferocious eyes, Qin Haodong felt depressed. He thought to himself, “Why this old man looks at me ferociously? I did not make him a cuckold. ”

Zhao Zhongchen stared at Qin Haodong ferociously and said, “President Lin, when can a small healthcare doctor be eligible to join the board meeting? This is totally inconsistent with the group’s regulations.”

“Do you want to discuss the group’s regulations with me? Let’s talk about this today.” Lin Momo looked at Zhao Zhongchen with cold eyes and said, “According to the group’s regulations, the president’s replacement voting must be carried out in the presence of all shareholders. I want to ask you, I was not present, neither my father nor my grandfather. Why do you propose to vote for the president’s replacement?

“If everything is carried out according to the regulations, I will let Qin Haodong go back now, but today’s meeting is not necessary to continue.”

“Uh…” Zhao Zhongchen didn’t expect that Lin Momo was so sharp and made him speechless. He wanted to expel Qin Haodong, but he didn’t want to end today’s meeting.

A middle-aged man sitting in the front row said, “Well, Director Zhao, it’s OK. Just let one more people in the meeting. There’s no need to be so serious.”

The man who spoke was Lin Zhigao, Lin Momo’s Second Uncle; beside him was a young man with a feminine look. It was his son Lin Pingchao.

Zhao Zhongchen followed his words and said, “Well, since Director Lin said that, it doesn’t matter if he will attend the meeting. But as a director of the group, I have the right to raise a topic for discussion. Today’s meeting will first discuss whether this person surnamed Qin is qualified to join our Lin’s Group.”

Lin Momo said, “I recruited him personally to enter the group as a healthcare doctor. You don’t need to question his qualifications.”

Zhao Zhongchen said, “As far as I know, he has not graduated from the Medical College, and even has no Medical Qualification Certificate. How can he enter Lin’s Group to become a healthcare doctor? When did our threshold become so low and any cat can enter.”

After his speech, some directors who were next to him nodded successively. As a large group company, whether these people have any opinions about Lin Momo, the principle of employing people should be adhered to.

If, as Zhao Zhongchen said, Qin Haodong did not have a Medical Qualification Certificate, then he could not be allowed to enter the group as a healthcare doctor.

However, Lin Momo had been in charge of the group for so many years. She was not a young girl. Although Zhao Zhongchen attacked her weak point, she still looked calm. After many directors had finished whispering, she said, “Director Zhao, according to the management system of our group, the staff files of the Personnel Department are commercial secrets. Except for the management of the Human Resources Department, only the president of this company can look up these files.

“I want to ask you how do you know that Qin Haodong has not graduated from the Medical College yet, and how do you know that he has no Medical Qualification Certificate?”

“I…” Zhao Zhongchen obviously had been outwitted by Lin Momo. Once again, he became speechless. Everyone knew that Zhao Zhongchen had his own trusted followers in the Human Resources Department, but this kind of thing could not be put on the table. If he said that person’s name, Lin Momo could dismiss that man in the name of revealing company secrets.

Finally, Zhao Zhongchen waved his hand and said, “I guessed it. You can see that he is so young, and looks like he has no Medical Qualification Certificate.”

Lin Momo smiled coldly and said, “If Director Zhao guessed everything correctly, then we can let you guess to help recruit people. Human Resources Department can be dissolved directly.”

Zhao Zhongchen was ashamed and angry, and he said, “President Lin, You don’t need to explain it. You abuse your power to let Qin Haodong enter the group to be a healthcare doctor. Everyone in the group knows that he is a toy boy and has no qualification to be a healthcare doctor at all.”

At this time, Qin Haodong was unhappy. He looked at Zhao Zhongchen and said, “Old guy, toy boy and boyfriend are two completely different concepts. You can’t talk nonsense.”

“Boy. What did you say? Who do you call old guy?” Zhao Zhongchen said, staring at Qin Haodong.

“Who? Am I wrong? Well, I’ll call you little Zhao later on,” Qin Haodong said to Zhao Zhongchen with a smile, “Little Zhao, medical skill has nothing to do with age. Didn’t you hear that my medical skill is very good? Although the time I enter the group is not long, I have cured many people.”

Zhao Zhongchen, who owned the most shares in Lin’s Group besides Lin’s family, is in a high-ranking. It was unexpected that he was so despised by Qin Haodong that he almost blew up. “Boy, don’t talk nonsense. You are not qualified to be a healthcare doctor of Lin’s Group.”

After that, he shouted to Lin Momo, “President Lin, I don’t think such a person is suitable to be a healthcare doctor in the group. He should be dismissed immediately.”

Lin Momo naturally disagreed. She said, “It’s impossible. Qin Haodong is the best healthcare doctor in Lin’s Group’s history. His medical skills are much higher than others, so there’s no reason to dismiss him.”

“Hahahaha. The best healthcare doctor? High level of medical skills? My good cousin, I heard that you are falling in love with this guy. Are you bewildered by love?”

Lin Pingchao, who had been silent for a long time, said. He was the main planner who initiated the president’s replacement vote today. Zhao Zhongchen was just pulled to the front by him.

Although Qin Haodong was not in the plan before, he would like to see Lin Momo’s prestige be weakened through this incident.

Lin Momo frowned. She knew that Lin Pingchao had been coveting her presidency. She said, “What do you mean? Am I lying?”

Lin Pingchao said, “Cousin, I didn’t say you are lying, but people say that women’s IQ will decrease when they are in love. I think that’s right. Qin Haodong is just in his early 20s, and he can’t have good medical skills neither of traditional Chinese medical science nor Western medical science.”

Zhao Zhongchen also said, “Yes, how can such a person have high medical skills, I think the president has not made a clear distinction between public and private interests. If it is so, you really are not suitable to the position.”

Qin Haodong stopped Lin Momo, who was about to break out. He first looked at Lin Pingchao, then at Zhao Zhongchen, and said, “In order to prove that the president is right, it seems that I have to prove myself.”

Zhao Zhongchen sneered and said, “If you can show the medical skills to convince all of us, then we will identify with you as a healthcare doctor.”

“You need to apologize to the president in all directors’ presence.”

“No problem. If you can’t prove it, you get out of Lin’s Group immediately.”

Zhao Zhongchen was confident that Qin Haodong could not prove himself at such a place, even if he really had high medical skills.

“Well, it’s a deal,” Qin Haodong said to him, “Did you spend the night with your lover last night?”

Zhao Zhongchen did not expect this question at all. Suddenly, he asked conditionally, “Boy, did you follow me?”

A billionaire like him usually would keep several lovers outside, but he was afraid that his wife would know that, so he was very sensitive to Qin Haodong’s question.

“I don’t have that particular hobby,” Qin Haodong said happily, “When you are speaking, you are short of breath. And your face is pale; you have dark eye circles and look very weak. I guess that you have eaten at least two small blue pills last night. Am I right?”

Zhao Zhongchen was shocked. He didn’t know why Qin Haodong knew so clearly. He cried, “Boy, why do you say that? Now it’s time for you to prove your medical skills, not for you to talk nonsense.”

“I’m proving my medical skills. Am I not right?”

“You are not right at all. I stayed at home last night.”

Zhao Zhongchen vehemently denied. He would not admit that Qin Haodong had known his privacy.

“Now that you’re telling lies, I’m going to show something that everyone can see.” Then Qin Haodong’s eyes suddenly turned cold, and he walked to Zhao Zhongchen. Before Zhao Zhongchen could respond, Qin Haodong suddenly kicked him on his calf.

The sound of bone fracture spread throughout the conference room. With Zhao Zhongchen’s sad howl, his calf had become V-shaped.

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