The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 121 Black Boy and Black Chocolate

Chapter 121 Black Boy and Black Chocolate

Zhu Linlin rushed over and asked, "Kano, what's wrong with you?"

"She's to blame!"

The black boy pointed to Tang Tang and said.

The little fellow explained witn an innocent face, "Auntie, don't blame me, I just gave him a piece of chocolate. He bit himself."

The two children had a good time together. Tang Tang took out two pieces of dark chocolate from her pocket, one for herself, and one for the little black boy Kano.

The little black boy had never eaten chocolate and thought it was delicious. After two bites, he bit his finger.

In Huaxia, there was a popular joke that black people could not eat dark chocolate, because it was easy to bite their fingers. Nobody expected to meet the reality version today. So knowing the situation, everyone couldn't help laughing.

Ma Wenzhuo laughed out of breath and said, "It's really funny. The child bit so fiercely that he bit himself like this."

Seeing her son bite herself, Zhu Linlin was upset and angry. She shouted to the little fellow, "Who told you to give him chocolate? We usually don't buy it for him. Why do you give him chocolate?"

Ma Wenzhuo said, "Zhu Linlin, aren't you too shameless? Tang Tang give your son food to show friendship. How can you blame her? you should blame your son for being too dark that he can not distinguish between fingers and chocolate."

After he finished, the old classmates around him also talked about it in full swing. Everyone said that it was no blame for the little fellow.

"Why making so much noise?" Cried Zhu Linlin angrily. "You are buttering them up because they are wealthy!"

"Linlin, why are you so unreasonable? We've got a point. How come we are flattering?"

"Zhu Linlin, you are being ridiculous? We are all old classmates. Is it necessary to do that?"

Just when everyone was reasoning with Zhu Linlin, the little black boy seemed to feel his mother's mood and became mad. He pounced fiercely at the little fellow and tried to hit her in the face with his black head.

There was a scream from all the people around. Although they were all children, Tang Tang's lovely face would be injured and her nose could collapse if he hit it.

It happened suddenly. There were no adults in front of the two children so there was no chance to stop them. Just as everyone was sweating for the kid, Tang Tang suddenly flashed aside and flexibly avoided Kano's collision.

But after she dodged, Kano hit forward so hard that he couldn't stop. As a result, he hit the corner of the table beside, and a bloodshed broke through his forehead.

"Wow..." The little black boy didn't hit the little fellow, and he was hurt again. He felt so grieved that he wailed devastatedly.

"You... You hurt my son again." Zhu Linlin vented all her anger on the little fellow.

"Not my fault, he wanted to hit me."

The little fellow explained with great grievance.

But then, a big black claw was approaching little fellow's collar. Cafu, who was standing by, was angry that he blamed Tang Tang for his son's injuries.

Although the little fellow was far better than her peers in physical fitness, she could not be compared with adults since she spent too short time practicing the Xuantian Sutra. Cafu's big hand was about to grab Tang Tang's collar. Then another hand stretched out and Cafu's wrist was seized.

Qin Haodong's hands were much smaller than Cafu's, and his arms were not as muscular as his. But he easily grabbed Cafu's big arm which could not move at all.

"Bloody Huaxia, you are looking for trouble!"

Cafu shouted, and his another fist swiftly hit toward Qin Haodong's face.

Qin Haodong raised his hand and grasped Cafu's other wrist. Cafu wanted to break away, but he could not shake Qin Haodong's hands even with all his strength, as if he had been clamped by iron clamps.

"Black guy, I will let you go this time for the sake of the class reunion. If you dare to do something to my daughter next time, I'll have to tear down your bones."

Qin Haodong pushed lightly, and 100 kilograms of Cafu flew out in the air, crashing several chairs and rolling on the ground before stopping on the wall.

The people present were frightened. It was unexpected that Qin Haodong, who did not look strong, beat the strong Cafu with ease.

Qin Haodong held the little fellow in his arms, Tang Tang said with a grieving face. "Papa, It's not my fault. I just gave him a piece of chocolate."

"I know, it's not your fault. Tang Tang is a good girl." Qin Haodong consoled her.

When her husband was beaten and crawled on the ground, Zhu Linlin just lifted up her son. She shouted angrily, "Qin Haodong, what do you want to do?"

"I should ask you, what do you want to do?"

Qin Haodong's expression became cold. Just now, Zhu Linlin's cynicism and sarcasm did not bother him. After all, they were old classmates, but now the black bastard dared to attack his daughter, which was absolutely unforgivable.

"Your child is ill-bred, so my son suffered such serious injuries, you must apologize and compensate for our losses."

Ma Wenzhuo stood up to defend Qing Haodong, "Zhu Linlin, you are shameless. It's clear that your son is ill-bred. He bit his hand and took it out on Tang Tang. It's totally his own fault. And you are shameless enough to put the blame on you victim?"

Zhang Xiaohui always stood by Zhu Linlin, so she said, "Anyway, Linlin's husband and son were injured, so apology and compensation are necessary."

Qin Haodong said coldly, "If you are short of money to see a doctor, I can give you some, but it is impossible that my daughter apologize, because my daughter did nothing wrong."

Wu Wenqing said, "We are all classmates. Today is an accident. The matter of compensation can be said later. Take the boy to the hospital as soon as possible."

"No, Qin Haodong hurt my son and husband. Today you must apologize and compensate," cried Zhu Linlin brutally.

At this time, Cafu also stood up from the ground. This time he already knew how powerful Qin Haodong was, so he dared not fight with him any more. Instead, he stood beside Zhu Linlin and cried, "You dare to hit me. I am a citizen of M Country. I want to complain to the embassy. We are the first-class citizens of the world. You Huaxia people must pay the price. If you don't want me to complain, you can compensate me with that green stone."

After he said this, all the people looked at Cafu as if he was a fool. This black guy was really greedy. That jade stone was worth more than 100 million yuan. He wanted to take it on the excuse of a trifle aroused by himself.

Ma Wenzhuo cried, "First class citizens? Black bastard, go to hell! You can complain as much as you like, Huaxia is not like before. Now the Huaxia people are not afraid of your country."

"Right, we are not to be trampled upon? Get out of here. You're not welcomed here."

Cafu's words offended all the people and they drove him out together.

"What are you doing? It's my husband and my son who are injured. If you do that again, I'll call the police."

Zhu Linlin cried out, but she was an ass in a lion's skin.

"You call the police, we can all testify for Qin Haodong, your son was hurt by himself, the big black bastard had it coming..."

"Zhu Linlin, you have deteriorated after marrying a black man. You should leave too. You are not welcomed by the alumni association."

"That's right. It's a shame to be your old classmate..."

Zhu Linlin was in a dilemma when she saw that she angered everyone. Of course, she would not choose to call the police, because she knew that it was useless. The responsibility was all on their side.

Zhang Xiaohui whispered in her ear, "Linlin, you take your child to see a doctor first. I will revenge for you. When my cousin comes, I will let him give Qin Haodong a good lesson."

Geng Minghui, the monitor of their junior high school class and the convenor of today's gathering, was the son of Zhang Xiaohui's aunt. Although they were of the same age, Geng Minghui was several months older than her.

"Well, I go first. Let the monitor teach this little white face a good lesson."

Zhu Linlin gave Qin Haodong a bitter look and then walked out of the compartment with her child and Cafu.

After they left, Ma Wenzhuo said, "They finally left. They made me feel uncomfortable. I really don't understand why a Huaxia person married a big black man."

Zhang Xiaohui suddenly became unhappy and cried, "What do you mean? Do Huaxia people have to marry Huaxia people? Is marrying a foreigner a crime?"

Ma Wenzhuo said, "When did I say it's a crime? It's OK to marry a foreigner, but you should find a decent one anyway. Look at you two. He found ablack man. You found a dwarf with bowlegs with his legs. Isn't that a shame on our Huaxia people?"

After being poking at pain point again, Zhang Xiaohui screamed, "Ma Wenzhuo, you tell me clearly today, who has humiliated the Huaxia people?"

Just then, two people came in at the door, the first one wearing a suit and glasses, looked very gentle. The second one had cropped hair, wearing gold necklace as thick as a finger and a large gold watch. It was a perfect image of local tyrants.

The man wearing glasses was the sponsor of today's party, the monitor Geng Minghui. After entering the door, he said to Zhang Xiaohui. "Xiaohui, It's class reunion today. Why are you arguing again?"

"Cousin, you finally come, I'm being bullied."

Zhang Xiaohui directly pulled Geng Minghui into the corner and kept talking, pointing to Ma Wenzhuo and Qin Haodong from time to time. Although she couldn't hear what she was saying, everyone could see that she was not saying anything good about Qin Haodong.

Lin Momo frowned slightly and whispered in Qin Haodong's ear, "Are these two your classmates?"

Qin Haodong said, "Yes, it's Geng Minghui who wears glasses, Pang Cheng who wears gold necklace, and his family's business is very big. What's up? Do you know them?"

"I just met them at the tender meeting. Geng Minghui is the secretary of the county magistrate. Pang Cheng is the representative of the Pon's Group. They must have come together after the tender meeting. It looks like they have a good relationship. Lin said, "It seems that Pon's Group is really very popular in Wufeng County, so I don't think there is much hope for success in this bid."

Qin Haodong laughed and said, "Never mind. It's enough for you to have me. As long as I'm there, it's no use for them to have any more contacts."

At this time, Zhang Xiaohui finally finished, Geng Minghui turned and came to this side.

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