The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 119 - You're All Just a Bunch of Plain Janes

Chapter 119 You’re All Just a Bunch of Plain Janes

On hearing the voice, everyone turned to look toward the door at the same time. A girl about three or four years old came into their sight. The girl had long and black hair, jade-like face, and big eyes which were as bright as stars. In a pink dress, she looked like a princess in fairy tales and a adorable dool of a big size.

“Which family is the girl from? She looks so lovely. Her parents must be good-looking as well, otherwise, they would not be able have a child who looks like a fairy.”

When everyone was confused, the little girl ran into Qin Haodong’s arms like a bird and kissed his cheeks several times before saying, “Papa, I miss you so much.”

“Oh my God, this girl should be Qin Haodong’s daughter!”

Everyone in the room was stunned. None of them had expected that Qin Haodong had a daughter about three or four years old.

Especially Zhu Linlin and Zhang Xiaohui, they were dumbfounded. Qin Haodong’s daughter had run to them just as they sneered at Qin Haodong that he could not find a wife. Moreover, the girl was much more lovely than the black boy in Zhu Linlin’s arms.

Qin Haodong was not surprised at Tang Tang’s arrival as he had informed Lin Momo of his location before he entered the room.

“Tang Tang, where is your mom?”

“Right behind me.”

Tang Tang pointed backward as she said. Everyone looked toward the door again. A woman in a white suit walked in. She looked in her twenties and looked hot despite in a suit. Her curvaceous figure, especially her voluptuous breast made every woman present feel ashamed.

What more impressive than her figure was her appearance. She looked perfect with every corner of her face extremely delicate.

She was exactly the woman who had the face of an angel and a stunning figure. There was dead silence in the room except that some men’s swallowing sounds could be heard from time to time.

Not only was this woman beautiful, but she was sexy as hell too. Add to that the strong aura that she possessed, she could hold the attention of everyone in the house the moment she showed her face.

Lin Momo strode towards Qin Haodong, her long and sexy legs drawing every pair of eyes present. Stopping beside Qin Haodong, she reached out her hand and clung on to his arm. Her eyes swept around the place as she appraised the scene before her. “Who says my husband can’t find a wife? He just has no eyes for plain Janes is all,” she declared bossily.

Almost instantaneously, a dead silence descended upon the room. The crowd’s reactions were highly varied. The men felt a mixture of admiration, envy and hatred towards Qin Haodong. For the life of them, they could not understand how a penniless man like him could be with such a elegant and beautiful woman.

The women, on the other hand, were experiencing unparalleled shock. The woman before them was refined and elegant, and not to mention having an appearance that was completely out of scale. One could tell with a single glance that she was a person of wealth and high status. “Fair, rich and beautiful” could not even come close to doing such a lady justice. In contrast, women like themselves could only be relegated to the “plain Janes” category.

Zhang Xiaohui, who had been acting provocative and aggressive just moments ago, was now about as quiet as a old hen whose throat was strangled. She had always been a woman with a sharp tongue who never minced her words. Her words were usually mean, harsh and unforgiving. They would bring just about anyone to their brutal end without giving them any elbow room whatsoever. And yet right now, she seemed to have lost her spunk entirely.

Reality would triumph over an articulate speech any day. All Lin Momo had to do was stand beside Qin Haodong, and that in itself was the strongest possible rebuttal. Right now, Zhang Xiaohui was in a state of utter defeat. There was nothing else she could say. In fact, this all felt like a slap to her face.

As a woman who had once pursued Qin Haodong, the scowl on Zhu Linlin’s face was the darkest of all. Zhu Linlin had always been a prideful woman. And yet the bitch who had just come in had categorized her as a plain Jane? That was something that she could never accept no matter what. She wanted to say something in rebuttal, though the mere sight of Lin Momo’s perfect beauty and unparalelled elegance made all her words stuck in her throat.

Cafu, the tall and buff black man, did not know much about Huaxia. That was why he had held his tongue the entire time when Ma Wenzhuo and the rest were bickering with each other.

Then again, no words were required in the appreciation of feminine beauty. The moment he laid eyes on Lin Momo, Cafu’s eyes went wide and he was practically salivating.

He ran forward and spoke in an unnatural Huaxia accent. “Greetings, beautiful lady. My name is Cafu, and I’m from the great M Country. I own a business in Huaxia with ten millions worth of assets. Can we be friends?”

Cafu extended his huge hands, which had a pitch-black complexion, towards Lin Momo. Anticipation filled his face as he looked at Lin Momo expectantly.

At the sight, Zhu Linlin’s scowl darkened further. How could her husband flirt with other women when she was sitting right beside him? To her, this was nothing but an utmost humiliation. Still, a woman like her, who was completely reliant on men in order to survive, had no position in the house. Although her heart was burning with anger, none of her anger showed on her face.

“I dislike the color black. And I dislike even more the thought of befriending you.”

After her answer, Lin Momo barely spared Cafu a glance let alone shake his hand. She turned her head aside towards Qin Haodong.

Cafu did not expect this Huaxia woman to reject him so blatantly. With a look of pure shock on his face, he yelled, “You can’t be like this! As long as you’re with me, I’ll shower you with gifts. I can give you money. A lot, a lot, of money.”

Lin Momo did not expect this black man to be so persistent. A look of disdain formed on her face. This time around, she did not even bother to answer the man. Instead, she moved to stand to Qin Haodong’s other side.

Qin Haodong gave Cafu a glance. A cold smile tugged at the corners of his lips. “This black guy really is an ignorant dunce,” he thought. “You call ten million a lot of money? Give me a break. Even Lin Momo’s pocket money is worth ten times more than what he has.”

As thick-skinned as Cafu was, even he was starting to feel awkward at this point. He stepped back sheepishly.

Seeing Zhang Xiaohui, Zhu Linlin and their bunch being repeatedly put down, Ma Wenzhuo felt nothing but delight. He gave Qin Haodong’s chest a strong punch. “Hey, you brat. Look at how grown up your daughter is, and yet you’re keeping her a secret from me. Are we still brothers?”

Qin Haodong feigned a look of pain as he rubbed his chest. The truth was that there was no satisfactory explanation for this kind of thing. The only thing he could do was try to swindle his way out of this.

“Uncle, you can’t hit my Papa.”

The little fellow’s dissastisfaction was clear from his tone.

“Okay, okay. I won’t hit him. You see, your dad and I are best friends. We’re just messing around with each other,” Ma Wenzhuo said lovingly. “Tang Tang, will you let uncle hug you?”

“Are you really Papa’s friend?” the little girl asked, blinking her large eyes.

“Of course. You know, your dad an I even share the same pants back in the days,” Ma Wenzhuo said.

“Alright then. Any friend of Papa’s can hug Tang Tang.”

“Wonderful! Tang Tang really is too cute,” Ma Wenzhuo said before he took the girl from Qin Haodong’s arms. He handled the little girl with great care and deep affection as if he was holding a rare treasure.

After he had cradled the little girl in his arms, Ma Wenzhuo suddenly remembered Lin Momo’s presence. “Hi, sister-in-law,” he greeted hurriedly. “I’m Ma Wenzhuo. Haodong and I are best buddies.”

Lin Momo blushed; it was her first time being addressed as someone’s sister-in-law. She could tell that Ma Wenzhuo and Qin Haodong shared a special bond. “Nice to meet you. I’m Lin Momo,” she returned the greeting politely.

“Sis, don’t just stand there. Hurry up and take a seat,” Ma Wenzhuo said. Right now, the frustration in his chest left him in a swoosh. He beckoned enthusiastically for Lin Momo to take a seat, and then he dragged another chair to sit down beside Qin Haodong.

The little girl glanced around her surroundings. “Papa, can I play with that child?” she asked Qin Haodong.

For people of Qin Haodong’s age, not many of their classmates had gotten married, let alone had kids. That was why the black kid was Tang Tang’s only playmate in the entire private room.

“Of course you can.”

Although Qin Haodong did not approve of Zhu Linlin’s behavior, kids were still kids. So he placed the little girl on the ground without thinking too much about it. He allowed her to seek out and play with the little black kid.

The minds of children were much less complicated than those of adults; soon, the two children were having fun together.

Ma Wenzhuo glanced at the two children who were now standing close to each other. “It’s true after all,” he said wistfully. “You can’t really see the shortcomings of something until you put it side by side with something better.”

Qin Haodong understood what he meant; the black kid was not really well-liked in the first place, but now that he was standing beside Tang Tang, he did seem a bit pitiful. “They’re all just kids. It’s best if you watch your mouth,” he said.

“I don’t get her at all. She’s a fine Huaxia citizen, and yet she just had to find a black man to marry,” Ma Wenzhuo mumbled. He said nothing else after that.

The air in the room had become slightly awkward after the incident just now. Good thing the party was about to begin, so more and more classmates were showing up. With that, the atmosphere was gradually enlivened.

Just then, a pretty-looking woman walked into the room. The moment she walked through the door, all women in the room crowded around her.

“Wenqing, you’re here!”

“Wenqing, come sit beside me.”

Qin Haodong knew that woman; she was his classmate during middle school, Wu Wenqing. The thing was that she had not been conspicuous at all during middle school, and she had not usually been all that talkative. He wondered why she was suddenly so popular.

“Is that Wu Wenqing?” he said to Ma Wenzhuo. “What’s she up to now? How come she’s so popular?”

“Wu Wenqing is pretty awesome right now. She had picked up gemmology from her grandfather and she had passed her gemmology exams not long ago. Right now, she’s one of the few certified gemmologists in our Wufeng County. Oh, and she’s now working at a jade store in Wufeng County that is owned Lin’s Group.

“Well, women nowadays like to buy jewelry and stuff. So they want Wu Wenqing to check out their stuff, that’s why she’s so popular.”

“Oh!” Qin Haodong nodded. Then, he whispered into Lin Momo’s ear, “Can’t believe we’re running into an employee of the Lin’s Group. Do you know her?”

Heat crept up to Lin Momo’s cheeks the moment she felt Qin Haodong’s breath in her ear. “Lin’s Group has as many as twenty-three subordinate divisions. And among them, Wufeng County is the lowest ranking division. So how do you expect me to know all the employees.”

“True,” Qin Haodong thought. “Lin’s Group is just too big.”

Compared to Lin Momo, Wu Wenqing was only an employee of the lowest rank. Still, it did not change the fact that Wu Wenqing was now surrounded by a group of overzealous female classmates, just like how the moon would stand out amidst the stars abundant in the sky.

“Wen Qing, can you check this out for me? I bought this jade bracelet a few days ago during my vacation. Is it genuine… What? You mean it’s a fake? Oh my God! There’s goes my 800 bucks!”

“Wenqing, are you able to tell the worth of this necklace?”

“Wenqing, the ring seller told me that this is white jade. Can you see if it’s true?”

Wu Wenqing’s was rather easy-going; she answered her female classmates’ questions patiently. Some of her classmates were delighted after hearing her answer, while some walked away with sad looks on their faces.

The room slowly fell silent as the women were done having their stuff examined. Zhu Linlin gave Lin Momo and Qin Haodong a sidelong glance. Then, she raised her hand, brandishing the huge diamond ring she wore on her hand. She brought the ring before Wu Wenqing. “Wenqing, can you examine this for me? This is my husband’s birthday gift for me. How much is it worth?” she said, raising her voice deliberately.

She had been utterly humiliated in front of Qin Haodong just now. She knew that she could not compete with Lin Momo in the looks department. Her kid was not as cute as the little girl as well. The only way for her to satisfy her own vanity was to show off her diamond ring to everyone.

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