The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 117 - I'm Not into Men

Chapter 117 I’m Not into Men

“You are really nice. You may not have cars or houses now, but you’ll earn them someday. You’re so handsome, that’s your talent, and it will be easy for you to make money.”

Qin Haodong found what Liu Fangfang just said was a little bit twisted, but he couldn’t find anything wrong at the moment. But he wasn’t going to work this blind date out, now that the woman was satisfied with him, the only way to fail was to pick holes on her.

He asked, “Do you have any shortcomings?”

The girl blushed and said, “I surely have one. I don’t know if you can accept it or not.”

Seeing the woman went so straightforward, Qin Haodong said, “What is it? Tell me.”

Liu Fangfang’s blushed more, and she whispered, “It’s nothing special. I’m not into men.”

“What? What did you say?” Qin Haodong could barely believe what he had heard.

“I said I’m not into men, do you mind?” Liu Fangfang asked.

“Of course I do!” Qin Haodong didn’t give much hope on this blind date, but he still asked angrily, “Why did you come to this date anyway if you’re not into men?”

“I don’t want this, either, but I had no other options. My mother forced me to get married, and I can’t tell her I’m not into men. She arranged the date for me, I had no choice but to come.”

“In that case, please leave and we don’t have to go on.”

Qin Haodong said as he stood up and was about to leave. He had been sitting here for a while and now he had accomplished his task. He could finally give his answer for his grandma.

“Wait a minute, don’t worry.” Liu Fangfang looked at Qin Haodong eagerly and said, “Actually, we can get married!”

“What are you talking about?”

For the second time Qin Haodong suspected what he had heard was wrong. The woman just said she wasn’t into men, then why she said they could get married now?

“My secret will come out sooner or later if I don’t get married with a man, and my mother will keep arranging blind dates for me. I think you’re a nice guy, how about we get together?”

Before Qin Haodong was going to speak, Liu Fangfang said. “You don’t have to refuse me in such a hurry. I can help you get a lot of woman if you get married with me. I work in a beauty salon and know a lot of rich women. They love ‘fresh and juicy meat’ like you. You can play with different women every day, and you can earn money from that. Is there any other marriage that can be happier than this one?”

“What the hell? Can you be more ridiculous?” Qin Haodong finally understood what Liu Fangfang meant by “capability”. It turned out the woman wanted to raise him as a gigolo boy.

He finally lost it and took the cellphone out of his pocket. He dialed a number and said, “Hello? Is that the madhouse? I got a woman here who had gone insane, please come and take her away.”

He had been irritated so much after the successive blind dates. He grabbed the cold coffee and drank all of them, only in that way could his broken heart felt better.

He did not leave in a hurry. He took out his phone and dialed Lin Momo’s number. After he told her all his tragic encounters. He asked expectantly, “Momo, when are you coming to save me? Please be hurry, or grandma will force me into another blind date. I’ll go crazy then.”

Lin Momo almost laughed out of herself on the other side of the phone. She said, “Three girlfriends in one day, isn’t that what you want?”

Qin Haodong said in anger, “Keep laughing and I’ll spank you as soon as I go back.”

“OK, I’ll stop. I’ve already arrived at Wufeng County, but I have an important meeting to negotiate in the afternoon, and I won’t be available till this evening.”

“That’s fast and great. Is Tang Tang with you? I miss her so much, we haven’t seen each other for a whole day.”

Qin Haodong was telling the truth. He felt so empty during this day when the little fellow was missing, like part of his heart was missing.

“Tang Tang was here with me. She said she missed you, too, last night and she wouldn’t let go of the piece of jade you gave her. She said the present reminded her of you.”

Thinking of his cute daughter, Qin Haodong felt warm inside. He added, “Do you miss me?”

Lin Momo hesitated for a moment and hummed to the microphone gently. Her cold icy shell had been melting since she accepted Qin Haodong completely.

Qin Haodong was very happy because he knew it wasn’t easy for the woman who used to be cold to express her feelings like this. They chatted for a while and he asked, “Where’s my little girl, why isn’t she speaking to me?”

Lin Momo said. “I have a negotiation right away. Tang Tang was hanging out with Sister An.”

“OK, then call me when you finish.”

Qin Haodong said and he hanged up the phone. Then he turned back and left the cafe.

Zuo Lanzhi walked to him with an expectant face when he walked out. She asked, “Did you find anyone of the three that suits you?”

“Grandma, they all turned their nose up at me.”

Qin Haodong didn’t want to explain too much to the old lady, so he passed all the responsibility to the three.

That actually worked. The old lady said with dissatisfaction, “Why on earth would they turn down my grandson? My grandson is too good for them! Don’t worry, kid. We’ll have three more tomorrow. We’ll keep looking and will definitely find a good girl.”

Qin Haodong was so tired of this and he refused in a hurry, “Grandma, I already have a girlfriend and she just called me. We’ll go visit you this evening.”

“Really? Are you lying to me?”

“No, I’m not! You’ll know when you see her tonight. I’m sure you’ll be satisfied.”

“Great, that’s great.” The old lady was so happy that she could barely close her grinning mouth. She said, “Son, I need you to go shopping with me in the mall. I’ll see my granddaughter-in-law this evening, so I need to get dressed.”

Since the old lady was so interested, Qin Haodong would never go against her will. He went to a nearby shopping mall with Zuo Lanzhi. Before they entered the gate, he heard someone saying, “Dong, is that you?”

Qin Haodong turned back to look, only to see a handsome young man standing behind him and looking at him happily. That was his old time friend and his classmate in junior high school, Ma Wenzhuo.

“Pony, is that you?”

Qin Haodong was also happy to meet this best friend. He lost connection with lots of classmates after he went to college, but Ma Wenzhuo and he always stayed in touch.

“Hello, grandma.” Ma Wenzhuo greeted Zuo Lanzhi and punched on Qin Haodong’s shoulder. Then he said, “When did you come back? Why didn’t you call me? Are we still nice buddies?”

“I just arrived yesterday and I’m going shopping with grandma. I was too busy too call you.” Qin Haodong said, “Drinks on me tonight, as my apology to you.”

Ma Wenzhuo said. “Forget it. We had a classmate reunion tonight, why don’t come over with us?”

“Classmate reunion? How come I was not aware?” Qin Haodong asked.

“It was a temporary thing arranged by Monitor Geng Minghui. It was supposed to be a reunion of those who are still in Wufeng County. Nobody told you that because nobody knew you were back. Now that you’re here, why don’t you come with us?” Ma Wenzhuo said, “Right, do you have a girlfriend? Take her if you have one. Our monitor told all of us to bring our partners and wives. I guess I will be the only single one there.”

Qin Haodong asked, “I thought you’ve broken up with that Japanese slave for long enough. You’re still not over with her, aren’t you?”

Ma Wenzhuo and Zhang Xiaohui was a couple, and they were junior high classmates. They were about to get married not long ago, but Zhang Xiaohui suddenly left him for a Japanese man.

It was OK if she just left him for a Japanese, but that man was short and ugly, and he often hit her. She would still laugh after being hit, so all the classmates called her Japanese slave.

“Don’t even mention that woman. I felt my heart was stuffed. Remember to come at six o’clock in the first VIP room of Murraya Hotel. I’ll see you there.”

“OK, I’ll definitely be there.”

Qin Haodong and his classmates hadn’t seen each other for a long time, and he wanted to meet them, but he didn’t promise that he would bring a girlfriend because he need to ask for Lin Momo’s opinion.

After Ma Wenzhuo left, Qin Haodong and Zuo Lanzhi went into the mall and started shopping. At the same time, something huge happened in the government of Jiangnan City. Li Changzhi, who used to be the secretary of the Committee for Discipline Inspection, was promoted to the mayor of Jiangnan City.

Li Changzhi had a high reputation in Jiangnan City. He was righteous and clear, and was the most competitive candidate among others.

In the afternoon, several people were sent by the supervisors to inspect the candidates, some of whom even tried to pick up on Li Changzhi’s healthy condition. Nobody expected that his leg which had been injured for many years, was suddenly cured. Now he couldn’t be healthier. This made him the perfect candidate, and the system announced him the acting mayor in the afternoon.

In the magistrate’s office of Wufeng County, Zhao Yang was frowning because of the bad influence Fu Haikun brought to the county. He might have nothing to do with it, but he shared the responsibility as the magistrate in charge.

The key point is that the case was under the supervision of Li Changzhi. He was now the mayor, althought he was just an acting major, but everybody knew it was just a matter of time that he would he the real one.

He left a bad impression on the new mayor as soon as he took the office. That was surely a bad thing. He cursed all Fu Haikun’s family and his ancestors, but that wouldn’t make any difference.

“No, I have to change my figure in the major’s mind, or my career will come to an end.”

Zhao Yang kept pacing around in the office, thinking about how he could change Li Changzhi’s impression of him. Suddenly he was lightened up when he thought of the young man respected by both Shi Kuohai and Li Changzhi.

After all, Fu Haikun’s case was brought out by Qin Haodong, and he could tell the young man had special connection with Shi Kuohai and Li Changzhi. Qin Haodong’s words worked better than any other things.

Thinking of that, he found Qin Haodong’s number and dialed.

Qin Haodong’s phone rang as he was going to get in the mall. He check the screen and found it was a strange number.

He pressed the answer button and heard the polite voice, “Hello, Mr. Qin, this is Zhao Yang.”

Qin Haodong hesitated for a second and he realized it was Magistrate Zhao. He said, “Hello, Magistrate Zhao.”

“Here’s the thing. I want to buy you a dinner tonight, do you have time?”

“Magistrate Zhao, anything wrong?”

Qin Haodong was clear that Zhao Yang would never buy him a dinner for no reason as the magistrate of the county.

Zhao Yang said, “I am responsible for the unpleasant things you’ve encountered here because I am the local magistrate. So I want to buy you an apologizing dinner. Please don’t turn me down.”

Qin Haodong thought about it. Most of his family would live in Wufeng County in the future. So it wouldn’t harm if he got along well with the county magistrate, so he said, “That’s very thoughtful of you, Magistrate Zhao. But I have something to do tonight, how about eight o’clock tonight?”

“That’s fine, that’s fine! Then see you at the Murraya Hotel at eight o’clock tonight, I’ll send someone to fetch you. Now I’ll leave you alone so you can do your own work.”

Zhao Yang hanged up the phone after he said that.

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