The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 113 - Things Getting Complicated

Chapter 113 Things Getting Complicated

Li Shulan glanced at the number on the contract. She also shouted, “Didn’t you just say it was 50,000?”

“Yesterday it was 1 million, and 100,000 for moments earlier; now it’s 50,000 and it will last for just 5 minutes. If you don’t sign it in five minutes, you’ll only have 30,000.” Hong Tianbao said with a sinister smile, “I told you there isn’t much time. And if Qin Haodong is sent to prison, you will not be able to save him even you have 1 million.”

“Don’t hesitate anymore. I learned that he was still a college boy, and he may become a doctor someday, which will bring in enough money for him. Don’t destroy his life just because of the tiny interest now. Or it will be too much to regret.”

Li Shulan looked at Hong Tianbao and said, “But what if we sign it and you won’t let him go?”

Hong Tianbao said, “I have a reputation here, and the most important thing is credibility. I’ll do as I promised. You should clearly see it that you had no other options.”

“If you don’t believe me, you can refuse to sign the contract, then the kid will have no hope.”

Li Qingshan stopped hesitating and picked up his pen. He signed his name on the contract, then pressed his fingerprint on it.

“I hope you can keep your promise and let go of my grandson.”

Hong Tianbao took the agreement and checked it like a treasure. He said with sinister laughter, “Take it easy, I won’t let you down.”

After that he waved his hand and left with his people. The skinny assistant whispered to him, “Boss, are we really going to let go of the boy?”

Feng Tianbao swore, “Have you lost your f*cking mind? Why would we do something that stupid? That boy was a pain in the as*. He had offended Director Fu Haikun of the Public Security Bureau, he will never be able to get out.”

The skinny assistant said with a flattering smile, “Got it, boss. It’s so wise of you to spend just 50,000 to get this agreement signed!”

In the Lis, the upset couple went back to their room. Li Shulan asked, “Dad, you just signed the agreement. What if they won’t let Dong go?”

Li Qingshan sighed and said, “Hong was right. We don’t have other choices. We can’t stand watching Dong being sent into prison while doing nothing.”

Wang Rubing said, “Grandpa, I think we’ve been set up by Hong. Brother will be fine.”

Li Shulan said, “That’s nonsense. Dong dealt with Bai Wenjie as soon as he was back, and offended the director of Public Security Burea. Now he had hurt so many people, it’s impossible that he will be fine.”

Wang Rubing said, “I don’t know exactly what was going on, but brother said it was fine, then so he will be.”

As they were talking, two black Audi a6 parked at the gate. Four or five people got off the car, with two men in their fifties as their leaders. One of them was in suit, standing straight; the other one was in jacket, with a limping right leg, but he looked quite dignified.

The two were head of Public Security Department of Jiangnan City, Shi Kuohai, and the secretary of the Committee for Discipline Inspection of Jiangnan City, Li Changzhi. They found the place by the location Qin Haodong sent them over the phone. Shi Kuohai didn’t see Qin Haodong as he got in, so he asked politely, “Is this Dr. Qin Haodong’s home?”

Bai Rubing immediately told the distinguished quality of the two. She did it as Qin Haodong had said and walked to the two guys, asking, “You’re friends of my brother’s, right?”

Shi Kuohai said, “Yes, we’re Dr. Qin’s friends.”

Bai Rubing suddenly felt hopeful, and she said, “The police arrested my brother!”

“What? Arrested by the police?” Shi Kuohai was surprised and asked, “What is going on?”

Bai Rubing was really good at talking, and she briefly introduced what had happened this evening to Shi Kuohai. Then she added, “My brother told me when he left that I should tell you all those things because you’re his friend, will you save him out?”

Shi Kuohai and Li Changzhi looked sullen, and even a little bit of scary. They couldn’t imagine such lawless incidents happened in Wufeng County. They felt ashamed as the head of the Public Security Department and the Secretary of the Committee for Discipline Inspection of Jiangnan.

Shi Kuohai said, “Don’t worry. Just give it to us, and we’ll send you the most satisfying result.”

After that, he said to Li Changzhi, “Li, let’s go to the police station now and find him.”

“Two of us will not be enough.” Said Li Changzhi, “Too many people are involved in this issue. I’ll call the county magistrate and secretary of the Committee for Discipline Inspection. We’ll investigate this completely no matter who’s involved.”

Shi Kuohai thought for a moment and found it reasonable. Their positions were too high to intervene into the issue directly.

The two left the Lis. Li Changzhi called the county magistrate Zhao Yang, and the secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, Yu Shujiang immediately after he went out of the door. He told the two to meet them at the gate of the Chinese medicine clinic.

Zhao Yang and Yu Shujiang when stunned when they received the call because they had no idea what had happened. Li Changzhi was famous for being justified and iron-hand. It was said that he will be the next mayor of Jiangnan City. Now that he was calling on his own, it was definitely something serious.

No matter what they thought, they had to move fast. They made their way to the Jishi TCM Clinic nonstop after they received the call.

After getting off the car, their heart almost lost a beat when they saw the two high-position leaders standing at the gate shoulder by shoulder. The two almost held the two highest positions in the government of Jiangnan City, and once they gathered, it must be something crucial.

“Head Shi, Secretary Li. Here we are. What can I do for you?”

Shi Kuohai looked at the two and remained silent. His position was high, but he was not the direct supervisor of the two. It was better to let Li Changzhi to handle this.

Li Changzhi asked coldly, “County Magistrate Zhao, Secretary Zhao. I’m asking you, if Wufeng County is still under the jurisdiction of Huaxia government, and is this still a place ruled by law?”

The two shivered because that was a major crime, and they wondered why Secretary Li was so angry.

“Secretary Li, please give us advice if we didn’t do proper job or if we have made mistakes.” Said Zhao Yang.

“A mine owner went to the clinic for a prescription to bear sons because he had three daughters. The doctor refused him and he smashed the whole clinic. The police chose to ignore it because the mine owner’s brother-in-law was the director of the local Public Security Burea.”

Zhao Yang and Yu Shujiang looked at each other and realized that this was about Fu Haikun. They cursed the man and his family for the big trouble he had brought here.

“And that’s not all of it. The real estate developer in your county, Hong Tianbao wanted to develop the street. The clinic was a commercial outlet on the street, and they asked the developer to build another clinic. I think that’s reasonable.”

“But Hong Tinabao refused it and gathered a few ruffians to toll breakdown. The ruffians got away with murder but Dr. Qin, who was serving justice, has been taken away by the police. What’s the reason for that? And what’s the legal basis?”

Li Changzhi turned stern when he said that. He turned back and pointed to the clinic, “At last the clinic signed a 50,000-yuan agreement, for such a big yard. Will you sign it if it was your yard?”

Zhao Yang and Yu Shujiang had been working in the government for long. They figured out what was the problem here. All Li Changzhi just said was serious issues, but the key point is Dr. Qin.

They wondered who this Dr. Qin was and why he could invite the two bigwigs here.

Zhao Yang said, “Head Shi, Secretary Li. I’m totally responsible for the lawless incident happened in Wufeng as the local magistrate. I’ll go back and investigate with Secretary Yu as soon as we go back, and I’m sure we’ll work this out.”

Shi Kuohai said, “You don’t need to go back. Dr. Qin is still at the police station. Let’s go check what is going on.”

Zhao Yang thought to himself that just like what he had expected, the key point was Dr. Qin. He really wondered who the guy was. But one thing he could be sure was that Fu Haikun and Hong were going to have so much trouble this time.

They finished talking and turned back to get in the car, only to hear somebody saying, “Can I go with you?”

Wang Rubing felt that Shi Kuohai and Li Changzhi were no ordinary people. She had been peeping in the room after they walked out. Later she found that even county magistrate Zhang Yang was treating the two with full sincerity. So she knew the two must be bigwigs.

She wondered how his brother had made friends with people like them, but she was concerned about Qin Haodong the most. Therefore, she walked out of the house when she heard Shi Kuohai was going to the police station.

Shi Kuohai turned back and found it was Qin Haodong’s sister. He agreed immediately and said, “Get in here!”

Zhang Meng sent Qin Haodong to the Public Security Bureau and went back to the police station happily. He thought this could be a favor of his to Fu Haikun. Now the Public Security Bureau is in need of a Deputy Director. He would be half-way to the position if Fu Haikun agreed.

What was more, he had helped Hong Tianbao so much and he would definitely be rewarded, at least an apartment.

It was ridiculous that the gigolo boy was still threatening him, saying that he would regret. Why would he regret when he could get rich and promoted at the same time?

He lost himself in his fantasies. A young police broke in gasping and saying, “Director, there’re a few people downstairs saying that they want to meet you.”

Zhang Meng said reluctantly, “Why in such a hurry? Don’t you know it’s already the time to get off work? Tell them to come tomorrow.”

The young policeman said, “Director, one of them is Head Shi of the Public Security Department, and the other one is Magistrate Zhao. I don’t know who the other two is.”

“Tell them to leave whoever they are, it’s already off-work….” Zhang Meng halted when he barely finished talking. He jumped off the chair and asked nervously, “Who? Who’s there?”

“Head Shi and Magistrate Zhao, and I don’t know the other two. They look like high leaders, too!”

Before the young policeman stopped talking, Zhang Meng ran to the door hurriedly. He was so nervous because he worried the bigwigs were here because of that young man. The he thought it was impossible because he knew clearly about the background of the clinic. “How could they know the county magistrate and the head of the Public Security Department?”

When he ran downstairs and saw Wang Rubing standing behind Shikuohai, his heart almost lost a beat. It turned out it was really about that gigolo boy. The county magistrate and the head of the Public Security Department were here, so were they the secretary of the Committee for Discipline Inspection from both the county and Jiangnan City. Now they were so screwed!

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