The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 109 - Look for Trouble

Chapter 109 Look for Trouble

Li Cai still wanted to say something, but Li Qingshan turned the table upside down and said angrily, “Enough, you two ungrateful sons! I tell you, this is my house. Nobody can move it. Let alone one million, even two million, I won’t move. I’m going to open a clinic here.”

Li Cai said, “Dad, I don’t want to criticize you. How much money did you make from opening this broken clinic all your life? You’re so old. Take a break. What else do you want to run it?”

Li Cheng said, “Yes, Dad, the matter of our two sons is your grandson’s matter. It’s all about our Li family. You should sell the house and help the children to buy their houses anyway.”

Zuo Lanzhi also stood up from the stool and said, “You are good, big brother. Now you have a good eloquence. It is like speaking a set of tongue twisters. But today no matter what you say, this yard belongs to your father and me. Don’t even think about it.”

Zhang Feng said, “Mom, I don’t like what you said. We are all families. After you and Dad died, the house will be ours. It’s better to give it to us now.”

Zhao Haili also said, “Yes, both Dongfang and the Donghai are your grandsons. Shouldn’t your house be for them?”

Li Qingshan angrily said again, “Now you know they are my grandsons. Ask yourselves how many times they call me grandpa and you mother Grandma in these years. We can’t see them once a year. Now they need money, and they become our grandsons again immediately?

Today I can tell you that this house has nothing to do with you. Even if I and your mother die, it will no change.”

Hearing this, Li Cheng became anxious, stood up and cried, “Dad, are you fool because being old? We are your own sons. If your house is not for us, can you give it to the wild kid you adopted?”

Li Cheng then cried, “Yes, Dad, I don’t know what you think. At that time, you suddenly picked up a wild child. It’s enough for our Li family to support him for so many years. Wouldn’t you really want to give him the house?”

Qin Haodong’s expression suddenly grew cold; he did not expect that he would be involved in the fire of seizing property. These two people said he was a wild child or a bastard, which were his most hated words. If they were not Li Qingshan’s sons, he would have burst out.

Wang Rubing, who was silent beside him, saw Qin Haodong’s anger and came and gently took his hand. She said, “Little brother, don’t mind. They are elders anyway.”

Qin Haodong sighed. These years, he had been mocked and looked down by these people in the Li family. But he finally endured it because of his grandparents.

But after hearing the words of the two people, Li Qingshan was furious, “Shit! Haodong is my grandson. If you can’t talk like human, both of you will get out of here. This family doesn’t welcome you.”

Zuo Lanzhi also said, “Since Dong entered the door of our Li family, he is our Li family’s member. If anyone does not admit it, he will get out of my house.”

Seeing the old man and old lady were angry, Li Cheng and Li Cai did not dare to reach deadlock with them. After all, they still hoped that they can take the house from the old couple.

They turned to angrily vented on Qin Haodong, Li Cheng cried, “Qin. Our Li family has raised you for more than twenty years. We have done all what can be done. What are you going to do when you come back?”

Li Cai said, “Did you come back to ask for money? Or you heard that our house is going to be relocated and you wanted the house? I’ll tell you today that there’s no way for you to take a penny from our Li family!”

“Ungrateful sons, I will kill you today!”

Li Qingshan raised his crutch and rushed to Li Cheng and Li Cai.

But he was old, and because he was also furious, he almost fell down with two steps. Qin Haodong rushed to hold him.

“Grandpa, don’t be angry. Let me handle it.” Qin Haodong said. He helped Li Qingshan sit on a chair, and then turned his head to Li Cheng and Li Cai.

“The Li family has really raised me for so many years. Grandpa and grandma took me as their grandson and aunt took me as her son, which I will always remember. I come back today neither to plot grandpa’s house nor to ask for money. I came back to pay the debt of gratitude.”

Li Cheng said, “Debt of gratitude? That sounds good. But you will just say a few beautiful words, and then ask for money from the old man.”

Li Cai said, “If you really want to pay your debt of gratitude, then you should give money to us Li family, or you are talking nonsense.”

Zhao Haili said to Li Cai, “Are you silly? If it was not we Li family, he would starve to death. How could he possibly have money?

Li Shulan angrily said, “What are taking about? Haodong is still at school. Where do you ask him to get money?”

Zhang Feng said, “Is that an excuse? Normally, it’s enough for us to raise him to 18 years old. We still support him to go to college. Usually it will take four years. He has been studying for five years. How much does it cost?”

Li Shulan said, “Does it matter to you? Have you ever paid a penny?”

Zhang Feng said, “Of course it does. He spends my father’s money which is our family’s money.”

Zhao Haili said, “It’s right, I think the old man is really confused. He don’t give money to his own grandsons, but unexpectedly give money to an outsider.”

“You… You…” Li Shulan was really angry of these shameless people. She shivered and was unable to say a word.

“Aunt, you don’t need to get angry with these people. Take a rest.” Qin Haodong pulled Li Shulan back and let Wang Rubing take care of her. He looked back at Li Cheng and Li Cai.

These bastards used to humiliate him. Now they even were ungrateful to the old man and had no family affection for aunt. Such people must be punished. And the biggest punishment for those misers was to let them lose their property.

“I came back this time to repay my grandparents, such as giving grandpa one million yuan to renovate the clinic and build it the best traditional Chinese medicine clinic in Wufeng County.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the several people in front of him seemed to have heard the funniest joke. They laughed together.

Li Shulan thought that Qin Haodong would take one million out from the compensation of Bai Wenjie, so she was not surprised. She couldn’t help saying, “What are you laughing at?” What Haodong said is true.”

Li Cheng laughed and said, “Are you kidding me? How can he possibly have money? Only you silly women will believe it.”

Li Cai said, “Yes, a wild child who was abandoned by his parents. If we hadn’t taken him in, he would have died of hunger. How could he have one million yuan.”

Qin Haodong’s look did not change at all. It was no surprise that the two bastards were fooled. He said, “What would you do if I could really bring out one million yuan?”

Li Cheng said, “Kid, you can only cheat this silly woman and the old people. How can you cheat me? As long as you can take out one million, I immediately kowtow and apologize to you.”

Li Cai followed and said, “Count me in, as long as you can take out the money, I will kowtow and apologize to you too.”

When Qin Haodong saw these two ungrateful sons scolded his grandparents for being silly and his aunt for being a silly woman. His expression became colder.

“I don’t want you to kneel down and apologize. How about making a bet? If I show you one million yuan now, you will give up the inheritance of this house, dare you?”

Hearing the inheritance right of the house, Li Cheng hesitated for a moment. He planned at the old man’s house for a long time. How could he give up?

Li Cai said indifferently, “Big Brother, you are also in your 50s. How can you be frightened by a yellow-haired child? He can’t take out one million yuan anyway.”

Li Cheng thought about it. They knew the details of Qin Haodong, How could a poor student, an orphan who didn’t know parents and had to work during the vacation, get one million?

But he still said, “It’s okay to bet, I am not afraid of you. But what do you bet with us?”

Qin Haodong said, “Aren’t you afraid that Grandpa will give me the house? If I lose, I will give up this house and I will advise grandpa to give it to you immediately.”

Hearing this, both Li Cheng and Li Cai’s eyes were bright. What they feared most now was that the house would be given to Qin Haodong. If Qin Haodong promised to give up, they will feel relieved.

Li Cai thought about it and said, “It’s still unfair to us. All we play with is our Li’s money. So if you lose, you’ll make another one-million-dollar debt bill to our brothers. If you agree, we’ll bet you.”

He knew that Qin Haodong was a medical student. Although he was poor now, he would earn a lot of money every year after graduation. If he left an IOU now, he would certainly pay for it in the future.

“No problem.” Qin Haodong readily agreed.

Zhang Feng said, “It’s not appropriate. Since it is such a big bet, you have to write a note instead of talking.”

Zhao Haili added, “And you must take out money today. You can’t go out and find someone to borrow money or make a loan.”

They tried their best to prevent Qin Haodong from seeking loopholes.

“No problem. Do as you say.”

Qin Haodong promised again, Wang Rubing whispered in his ear, “Little brother, don’t be impulsive. Now the staff in banks is off duty, you can’t withdraw money. And a withdrawal with such a large amount must need an appointment in advance.

“Don’t worry, sister. I have my way.” Qin Haodong said.

At this time, Li Cheng had taken the pen and paper with his fastest speed, as if he was afraid of Qin Haodong’s repentance. He knew that the court did not support the betting, so he wrote it down in the form of an agreement.

“Have a look. If you agree, let’s sign it!”

Li Cheng sent the written agreement to Qin Haodong.

Qin Haodong looked at it and had to say that the agreement was well written and very rigorous. As long as both sides signed it, no one could refuse to pay the bill.

Qin Haodong secretly laughed in his heart. They were caught in their own trap or lift a rock only to drop it on their own feet. After a while, these people would know that they were asking for trouble.

“No problem, let’s sign it together!”

The agreement had five copies. Qin Haodong not only signed it himself, but also let Li Cheng, li Cai, Zhang Feng and Zhao Haili sign it.

Holding the agreement in hand, Li Cheng smiled proudly, and then said, “Okay, the agreement has been signed. Show us your money.”

Li Cai said, “Kid, you can deceive the old man and the old lady, but you are still too young to deceive us brothers. Now I want you to know the saying go for wool and come home shorn.”

Other people also proudly looked at Qin Haodong. In their views, the poor boy simply could not take out the money.

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