The Devious First-Daughter

Chapter 30

Chapter 30 Meeting Third Prince with Soft Talking

“Move the hat away! It is an order! How dare you!” Ning Xueyan’s reaction annoyed the guard. Using his sharp knife, the guard was about to kill her because nobody could do such things in front of Prince Yi.

Prince Yi’s arrogance was unexpected. His guard was even more arrogant than him. If the knife fell on her neck, she would die! She shunned back in panic and suddenly shouted loudly, “In command of my lord, I inquire for Prince Yi!” Ning Xueyan gritted her teeth tightly.

Ghosts were difficult to deal with but it was easier to see Hades. Now that she was here, nothing could be worse.

With some comeliness, Ning Xueyan’s voice sounded tender like a girl, which was also alluring. So several men who were standing by the door were attracted and they came towards her. An elegant man in a white suit walked ahead.

Inside the carriage with a long curtain, cold eyes fell upon Ning Xueyan’s pure face at the same time. Looking carefully at her pale little face, Ao Chenyi smiled slightly showing his bloody interest in her.

She was truly an interesting and bold girl. He thought it was fun.

After her shouting, the guards had nothing to do with her, they even got sweaty on their foreheads. They didn’t expect her to be brave enough to disturb Prince Yi. The cold eyesight came from that side meant Ao Chenyi was aware. The guards threw away their swords, then knelt on the ground.

“Which manor are you in?” The man in white asked after reaching here and looked Ning Xueyan up and down. His eyes were full of doubts.

The man in front of him seemed delicate. It could be told from the pale face and light-colored lip that he wasn’t in good health. But his beautiful facial features, especially his dark eyes astonished him. He thought the man was too thin so the hat seemed oversize, which would cover almost all the forehead. The clothes were also huge for the man, making him look thinner.

This was an extremely delicate servant, who would want him? Maybe he was sick.

To some extent, he was right!

Was this Prince Yi? Ning Xueyan felt something wrong. He talked slowly and his eyes were warm and gentle, unlike Prince Yi described by the rumor.

“How dare you! Reply to Third Prince now!” The guard beside shouted angrily at her.

Third Prince? Ning Xueyan took a breath with a little relief. Unlike the ruthless Prince Yi, Third Prince got a good reputation. Everyone knew he was quite gentle and elegant.

It would be better if he wasn’t Prince Yi.

Noticing him looking her up and down, Ning Xueyan lowered her head and said with respect, “I come from Lord Protector’s Manor. My Fifth Young Lady lives in the manor so I come from there to deliver some stuff in the command of Madam Dowager. Now I’m about to return.”

“Fifth Young Lady of Lord Protector’s Manor?” Third Prince couldn’t think of who it was. He looked at him again with frowning. It is unexpected that such a small body had the courage to speak loudly in front of his royal uncle. So he asked curiously, “Did you just say your master wanted to meet my uncle?”

“All I want was to get out of here. But the guard thinks I sneak in and want to kill me. So I have to say this but it is not true. My lady doesn’t want to meet Prince Yi.” Ning Xueyan said.

Ning Xueyan explained it slick. She was afraid that Third Prince didn’t believe her. So she raised her head looking at him with profound dark eyes twinkling. Her face was full of sincerity.

“It turns out that you take this as an excuse to send the guards away!” Third Prince burst into laughter because he didn’t expect the delicate servant’s answer would be like this. The servant was smart and funny, so it was no wonder that he was wanted in spite of his weakness.

“No, it’s because I’m scared that I would be killed. I still got work to do, I can’t die here.” Ning Xueyan said proudly.

“Oh, are you sure that I won’t kill you?” Seeing her opened dark eyes under the long eye-lash, Third Prince got more interested in her.

“It is acknowledged that the Third Prince is generous and kind. You care about the servants so you won’t punish me for telling the truth. If you don’t believe what I said, you can send people to ask our Fifth Young Lady.” Ning Xueyan said.

Fawning on him wouldn’t do harm to her. Besides, if Third Prince really sent someone to ask, Lanning and Qingyu wouldn’t let the cat out of the bag. Ning Xueyan fawned on Third Prince at the same time of telling the truth. It wouldn’t be wrong.

“Ha-ha, you are funny. What’s your name?” Third Prince laughed.

“My name is Little Yan.” Ning Xueyan said randomly.

“Little Yan? What an interesting name!” Third Prince said as nodding. He thought this servant was a funny man with a funny name. He wondered whether Fifth Young Lady gave the name. It seemed she could be a wonderful person, too.

He came here to ask about something. He didn’t mean to come across this funny guy but he knew he couldn’t delay. When he was about to release Ning Xueyan, a eunuch came from the carriage side.

“Third Prince, Prince Yi asked me to take this man for a talk.” The eunuch said with a long voice, laughing.

“He is just an ordinary servant in panic. He was in a hurry just now, so it will be unnecessary to bother my uncle.” Third Prince said frowning a little. Some mystery flashed through his eyes.

“The servant of Lord Protector’s Manor is exactly the one my highness is about to question.” The eunuch said with a sharp voice while falling his eyes upon Ning Xueyan.

When it came to this, Third Prince couldn’t stop it anymore.

“Kid, you are super bold! Stand up and follow me to meet my highness.” The eunuch had a fake smile and said after looking her up and down for a while.

The eunuch left for the carriage without waiting for her standing up.

Ning Xueyan didn’t expect the attention of Prince Yi. Her heart beat abnormally. She looked at the gorgeous carriage in distance with hesitation. She stood up as her eyes flickering. Thinking of Prince Yi’s prestige, she couldn’t stop being scared. Ao Chenyi wouldn’t be as kind as Third Prince.

Seeing her pathetic look, Third Prince couldn’t hold the words anymore, “Don’t be afraid. You can tell my uncle the truth. He won’t blame you.”

Ning Xueyan nodded and hesitated to go toward the carriage. She had a horrible instinct and sighed by heart. She prayed that Prince Yi wasn’t the one she saw that day. Because that man was hard to get along with and he saw her so it was impossible to trick him.

Standing before the lenient carriage, Ning Xueyan saw huge curtains were hung over. She came closer but couldn’t see clearly his face. The eunuch shouted at her, “It is your Highness! Knees on the ground!”

Someone hit her hard from behind. Ning Xueyan staggered a little then tumbled on the ground. Ignoring the pain, she hurried to kneel in tendency. She saw his black clothes with embroidering glossy bright gold strings and some red flower shadow on it. It gave her a hit then she felt horrible. The royal she was afraid to see again was now in front of her. They came across at Cold Mountain Temple.

How could she not feel bad? She had the thought that this prince could be the famous Prince Yi. But except for him, she couldn’t think of any other prince could make Ning Zu’an act with his most respect.

However, when she thought about it again, she figured, with high status as Prince Yi, he wouldn’t come to grieve for her mom. So she excluded the answer. However, now she saw his black clothes with striking red and gold on it. She ended up with no doubt.

“You are the servant of Lord Protector’s Manor?” Ao Chenyi’s voice was as cold as the first Ning Xueyan heard of it. There was no warmness in it. This could frighten people well.

“Yes, I am. I’m here for Fifth Young Lady. I’m in the command of her so I’m about to return to the manor.” Ning Xueyan said lowering her head down. It’s the only way that she continued her story and tried to hide.

“The servant of Fifth Young Lady? Let me see your face.” Prince Yi said coldly.

“I… I’m ugly. I’m afraid you’ll be in shock so I can’t raise my head.” Ning Xueyan said earnestly but her hands trembled. Although Prince Yi might not recognize her because they only had a small chat that day, she couldn’t raise her head. She pretended to be a servant now and Ao Chenyi was a busy man. And she knew he could meet dozens of people every day. But she’s worried so it would be better he didn’t see her face again.

“Since you are ugly, you are useless. I can ask someone to drag you out and kill you, in case you defiled my eyes.” Ning Xueyan heard Prince Yi’s cold snort clearly. She was stupefied. It was unexpected that Prince Yi was such a cruel man. He wanted her life for one sentence only.

Ning Xueyan’s hands were held by two arms which were as hard as the steel. She believed Ao Chenyi wasn’t bluffing. If she answered him late, she would be dead.

“My Highness, I’m humble. And I’m truly ugly. You may see!” Despite being recognized, Ning Xueyan raised her head and shouted hastily.

Her eyes in panic looked into Ao Chenyi’s dark eyes. Prince Yi’s eyes were totally black with coldness inside. He looked like the demon from hell. You saw him once, you could never relive.

Even though it was the second time she saw him, Ning Ziyan couldn’t help trembling. This man made people scared. With the gruesome smile on his face, he could warp space and cause the dread. His handsome face gave people heartquake with that smile.

“You are Fifth Young Lady’s servant?” Prince Yi asked coldly with an uncertain smile. His looking her up and down made her feel something cold and ropy swept over her body.

Squinting around, Ning Xueyan found two eunuchs who repressed her before were back-off reverently. They blinded the Third Prince’s curious eyes.

Ning Xueyan knew Ao Chenyi recognized her. They were in a crowd now, she didn’t know whether she should say yes or no. He was Prince Yi, so Lying to him was the same as lying to the emperor. Ning Xueyan couldn’t call herself the slave any longer. Unlike Third Prince, Prince Yi would kill her without hesitation if she did anything wrong.

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