The Devious First-Daughter

Chapter 276 - Disturbances Arise Again for Eavesdropping

Chapter 276 Disturbances Arise Again for Eavesdropping

Right now, they began to pop their heads up and saw the floor above them. Ning Xueyan was pointing at a private room, whose door was half-open so that they could hear Ya Moqin’s sarcasm. Her voice was loud as if she was talking about something, but they could not hear it clearly.

They could see that there was a male figure in a gorgeous robe standing at the door of the private room. He seemed to eavesdrop on what was being said inside. They could only see his back, so they did not know who he was. But judging from the clothes, he was either rich or noble. However, it was strange that a man stood in a private room with two women inside to eavesdrop.

Ning Xueyan’s voice was not loud, so she didn’t disturb the person.

Ning Lingyun was looking for an opportunity. When she saw the figure in front of her, she rolled her eyes. Stopping to pretend to have a stomachache, she quickly walked up two steps. She pointed at the man at the door and shouted, “He… he is eavesdropping on the Third Sister.”

Her voice was quite loud, not softer than the quarrel between Ya Moqin and Ning Qingshan. At least, more than half of the volume of their quarreling disappeared in the room, with only lingering sound outside.

When they tried to listen carefully, they could not hear it.

Ning Lingyun hoped that something happened over there so that she didn’t have to go to Ya Moqin’s private room. Of course, she tried her best to shout. Not only those in the private rooms upstairs, but also those downstairs could hear everything. For a moment, many doors of the private rooms upstairs and downstairs were opened. They didn’t know what had happened outside.

“Bang!” Ya Moqin came over and opened the door, facing Ao Xian, the Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Li, who had no time to escape. She immediately said with anger and sarcasm, “What’s wrong with you? Are you worried that I’ll hurt Third Young Lady Ning? So you’ve come to eavesdrop on us?”

All the noble young ladies in the capital heard of Ao Xian’s romantic affairs. Everyone looked down upon him. They didn’t like Ao Xian, the Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Li, who had no real power. Ya Moqin was mocking Ning Qingshan just now, so she was irritated. Now, she was raging at Ao Xian.

Upstairs and downstairs, when everyone heard these words, they were stunned. “Did something happen?”

“Eavesdrop? Who wants to eavesdrop on you? Look at yourself. Is there anything worthy of my eavesdropping?” Ao Xian was not a person to be trifled with. He looked at Ya Moqin’s towering chest and spoke to her with disdain. There was a bit of obscenity in his eyes, which was very annoying.

Ya Moqin was ashamed and angry when he looked at her. She blushed and cursed, “Yes, of course, you didn’t come to see me, but to see your lover. Didn’t you have an affair in my cousin’s manor? You said it’s a maid? How disgusting.”

She was annoyed by Ao Xian, so she dared to say anything. Besides, she did not care about the big fox or the little fox. As long as they hooked up with her cousin, she would not let them go. Now, she met Ao Xian, who humiliated her, so she immediately glared at him and fought back.

“Miss Ya, how… how dare you talk nonsense!” Ning Qingshan couldn’t bear it anymore. If she let Ya Moqin continue, she wouldn’t be able to show her face tomorrow.

“Why don’t I dare say it? If you dare to do it, why don’t you let others say it? Is there any justice?” Ya Moqin glared back without any effort because she didn’t like Ning Qingshan. Now, she scolded them together, which made her feel very happy.

“Ya Moqin, don’t slander me.” Ao Xian was furious. He had seen the Third Prince lowering his head because of the matter in the courtyard. Although it was a misunderstanding, he and Ning Qingshan were lying together in a mess. They seemed to be caught in the bed by the Third Prince, so now, everything the Third Prince said was reasonable.

Today, the Third Prince was in a rare good mood. He had allowed Ao Xian to watch him play chess with the Fourth Prince. Just now, the Third Prince needed to find Mo Yaqin, so he asked him to call her. As soon as he arrived at the door, he heard that there seemed to be women quarreling inside. He was curious and listened from outside the door. Unexpectedly, something happened.

Now that Ya Moqin spoke of that scandal, he suddenly felt ashamed. He was used to being arrogant, and he was a jerk. Ya Moqin humiliated him again and again, so how could he bear it? He came over and slapped her, and scolded her, “Watch your mouth.”

Since he was going to argue with Ning Yuling in front of others, of course, he would do it now.

Ya Moqin didn’t expect that Ao Xian would hit a woman, so she was not on guard against him. She was beaten a step backward and fell heavily to the ground. She covered her face with her hands, and her face was swollen. Although Ao Xian was weak, he was a man. Ya Moqin couldn’t resist him.

Things went on like this. Her maid had already left Ning Xueyan and Ning Lingyun behind and rushed over to help her.

“How… how dare you hit me!” Ya Moqin gritted her teeth and angrily said. She stood up with the help of her maid and was about to make a scene. She had never suffered such a big loss.

“What’s going on?” A clear voice with unpleasantness came from the door. The two people who were making noise saw Ao Mingyu, the Third Prince, who was standing outside the door with a bad look on his face.

“Cousin, he…he hit me.” Ya Moqin’s tears dropped when she saw Ao Mingyu. She threw herself into Ao Mingyu’s arms and sobbed. She cried like pear blossoms bathed in the rain. However, Ning Qingshan, who looked even more pitiful than her, looked at Ao Mingyu with tears in her eyes. Her crystal tears fell silently. She bit her lips slightly and suppressed her grievance. In any case, she had suffered losses.

“What are you doing? Take your Young Lady aside to have a rest,” Ao Mingyu said with a gloomy face. Although he helped Ya Moqin up, he pushed her to the maid who followed her.

Then he turned to Ning Qingshan, looked at the palm print on her face, and asked softly, “How did you get hurt?”

This question made Ya Moqin nervous. She didn’t care about her grievances and rushed over to explain. She didn’t dare to let her cousin know that she had hit Ning Qingshan on purpose. But when she heard what Ning Qingshan said, she breathed a sigh of relief. She stopped and glanced at Ning Qingshan. Ning Qingshan was clear-minded, so at least she didn’t complain about her in front of her cousin.

“I… I’m fine. I’m not careful…” Ning Qingshan’s tears fell one after another, but she turned her head and wiped her tears with her handkerchief as if she didn’t want Ao Mingyu to blame her. However, the imprints on her face were real, and everyone could see that it was a palm print.

“Your Highness, when I came here, I saw First Young Lady Ya hitting Third Young Lady Ning. I really couldn’t bear it, so I stood up and argued with First Young Lady Ya.” Ao Xian didn’t agree to let her go. He came to his senses and realized that he had beat the imperial tutor’s granddaughter and the Third Prince’s cousin. When he went back, his grandmother might break his leg.

Last time when Ning Lingyun broke off the engagement, he was beaten by Consort Dowager and couldn’t get out of bed for a few days. She warned him that if he made trouble again, she would break his leg. At this time, he had to defend himself, so he blamed it all on Ya Moqin.

They started to get rowdy. Although it was not convenient for others to come directly to see the fun, they could listen to them. Hearing Ao Xian’s explanation, they all felt that he was over-enthusiastic. This bastard had never been so enthusiastic. Was there an affair between him and the Third Young Lady of the Ning’s Mansion?

“All right, you can leave right now. Ao Xian, go back and tell Fourth Brother that I won’t go back for the time being.” Ao Mingyu didn’t want to pursue this matter. He waved his hand and had Ao Xian go back.

“But she beat the Third Young Lady, and I…” Ao Xian looked at Ao Mingyu in a daze. Then, he looked at Ya Moqin, who was staring at him angrily. Finally, he cast eyes on the pitiful Ning Qingshan. He couldn’t react for a moment.

“Go!” Ao Mingyu’s face turned cold. If he continued to make trouble, everyone would lose face.

“Yes.” Ao Xian shrunk his neck. No matter how unreasonable he was, he knew that the Third Prince was angry. Since the Third Prince had said that he would not pursue him, he did not dare to talk nonsense and turned around to leave.

“Fifth Young Lady, Fourth Young Lady, come in and talk.” Ao Mingyu glanced at Ning Xueyan, who was walking over, and Ning Lingyun, who was hiding behind her, and smiled faintly.

Ning Xueyan smiled quietly and nodded. Then she stepped inside and stayed to see the fun. As soon as Ning Lingyun saw her entering, she had to follow her in. The door was closed silently, separating the curious ears outside.

“Third Young Lady Ning, Moqin is spoiled by my maternal grandfather, so she is a little arrogant. If she is sorry about Third Young Lady, please forgive her for my sake.”

After closing the door, Ao Mingyu comforted Ning Qingshan softly.

After all, if this kind of thing escalated, it would be different from his original intention. Now, it was just the right moment.

“Cousin…” Ya Moqin shouted unhappily, “Ao Xian hit me just now.”

“Moqin! If you are so arrogant, there is no room for you in our mansion!” Ao Mingyu’s face darkened as he shouted at her. Ya Moqin immediately burst into tears, but she bit her lip and dared not say a word, knowing that her cousin was furious.

She kept thinking about marrying Ao Mingyu. Did Ao Mingyu dislike her now? The smart maid pulled her clothes hard, indicating that she should not be impulsive now.

Ya Moqin was speechless. Although Ning Qingshan hated her very much, she couldn’t show it on her face. She said gently with red eyes, “Third Prince, I’m fine.” At least she couldn’t confront Ya Moqin head-on now. When she became the Third Prince’s wife, Ya Moqin would be a co-consort at most. She would have many ways to make this idiot die.

The Grand Tutor Ya’s Manor backed Ya Moqin. However, she was not only supported by the Grand Tutor Ya’s Manor, but also by the Lord Protector’s Manor. In this way, she was much more potent than Ya Moqin. It could be said that she had everything that Ya Moqin had. She also had what Ya Moqin didn’t have. How could Ya Moqin compare with her?

It was just that her own identity could not be revealed to others now, so she was at a disadvantage.

“Third Young Lady, I have an imperial physician here. I’ll take a look at your wound first and escort you back to the manor later. I’ll send someone to tell Madam Dowager.” Ao Mingyu considered every aspect well.

Ao Mingyu rebuked Ya Moqin and put on a peacemaking attitude. Ning Qingshan pretended to be generous, gentle, and could not say anything, so she agreed immediately. So the imperial physician came in and looked at Ning Qingshan’s and Ya Moqin’s injuries. The injuries were not serious, so he left two ointments for them and withdrew.

Ning Xueyan was about to apply the ointment to Ning Qingshan, but Ao Mingyu stopped her.

“Fifth Young Lady, please wait a moment.”

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