The Devious First-Daughter

Chapter 14

Chapter 14 The Personal Maid of Ning Xueyan’s Previous Life

“How can she not know who Lanning is?” Ning Xueyan had the thought while she was gripping her lapel.

In her previous incarnation, Lanning was her close personal maid. Although Lanning was sent by Lord Protector’s Manor to serve her, Ning Xueyan treated her well and they had a deep relationship which was as intimate as what she had with Xianger after being with her for two years.

That night, however, Lanning wasn’t there!

“Maybe you don’t know it, my lady.” Qingyu said, “Lanning was the first class servant of Yunying courtyard. She had nowhere to stay after Ziying Lady’s gone. She might think you are a good master, so she begged me especially. I talked with her just now, this was exactly the reason why I was late.”

Once, Qingyu was bullied by Xianghong and Miao’er who were Second Young Lady’s maids. They blocked the way to stop her moving. At that time, Lanning did something clever shouting that Madam Dowager had come. Two bullies were scared and ran away. Besides, Lanning was nice to everyone. She never looked down on herself even though Fifth Young Lady wasn’t favored.

Trying hard to repress her heartbeat, Ning Xueyan raised her head and said, “Qingrui was kicked out by Madam Dowager before long so that I just need someone to be my first maid. You can tell Nanny Qin that I’m fond of Yunying courtyard’s Lanning, to make sure whether she can be sent to be my maid.” Ning Xueyan smiled slightly with her bloodless beautiful lip.

“Oh my lady, does that mean you agree to accept Lanning?” Qingyu only caught the point having no time to ask why Qingrui was driven away. She was thrilled because she really thought Lanning was a good girl who was smart and kind.

“Yes, Qingyu, you can talk about this later. First of all, do you know there’s any noble guests who will definitely be here and are good at medicine?” Ning Xueyan asked, frowning.

“Noble guests, with good medical skills…I have no idea.”Qingyu thought for a while and shook her head. She wasn’t pretending. She barely went out because Fifth Young Lady was never outside the yard. Knowing a few persons only, of course, she wouldn’t know the kind of guests whom Ning Xueyan wanted.

Noble guest!

Qingyu suddenly opened her eyes wide and said, “My lady, I know such an honored guest in our manor who is in marquis’s Mingyue Pavilion now. When I met Lanning just now, she came from the front. She said that it had been heavily-guarded with the honor guards. But the marquis just returned to Lord Protector’s Manor. He’s talking with the guest in Mingyue Pavilion now.”

Mingyue Pavilion had the most sumptuous ornaments of Lord Protector’s Manor. Ning Xueyan knew that only the one with more valuable status than Ning Zu’an could be there. However, there weren’t many such men in Chu State.

Ning Zu’an received the man there with honor guard, and this showed the guest was more likely from the royal family. On a day like today, this noble guest must come to Lord Protector’s Manor for worshipping Ning Xueyan’s mom.

A great idea flashed into Ning Xueyan’s mind, this caused her a heart stroke. As far as she knew, the royals were noblest. So even though some of them were not familiar with medicine, when they went out they would take someone with medical skills. But now that the guest was a royal, it was impossible Madam Ling could get help from the guest.

“Qingyu, are doctors of Lord Protector’s Manor all at First Madam’s place?” Ning Xueyan questioned. She lifted her eyes slightly. The eyes were profound and black like dark jade was wandering inside. Madam Ling was almost beat to death. Two doctors of Lord Protector’s Manor must both be at her place.

“You are right, my lady. I just heard that First Madam’s condition wasn’t so good. Doctors are all in Yunxia courtyard, not allowed to leave.” Qingyu said as nodding.

“Later, you go to the front and stay there. If you see the marquis coming along with the guest, you need to run back here through lane. Remember not to be noticed by anyone.”Ning Xueyan ordered her in a low voice holding her hands, “If someone finds you, you just tell them I’m not feeling well and send you for a doctor.”

Doctors were all in Yunxia courtyard. According to Madam Ling’s temper, there’s no way that the doctor could come to deal with Ning Xueyan’s wounds.

Seeing Ning Xueyan being confident and showing calm in her face, Qingyu felt a bit distressed. Especially she found something convincing from Ning Xueyan’s smile, it was beyond words. From now on, this young girl would never be bullied by anyone. Second Madam’s soul could rest in peace. Qing yu nodded hard and said, “Don’t be worry my lady, I will follow your order and nobody will notice me.”

“Ok, there you go, remember to be careful!” Ning Xueyan raised herself and stood up. After tidying up her clothes, she walked straight toward the mourning hall.

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