The Devious First-Daughter

Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Neither Plain Nor Pure White Clothes

Madam Dowager was drawn here after she noticed Qingyu running off to get Frigid Pills.

Ning Xueyan deliberately ordered Qingyu to get some Frigid Pills to indicate that her health was very poor.

Old Lady Qin was still ill at ease after giving Qingyu the Frigid Pills and went to inform Madam Dowager about Ning Xueyan’s condition.

“After all that racket in the Lord Protector’s Manor yesterday, all eyes are on us. We must not allow rumors of us abusing the Fifth Young Lady spread. With her health, the Fifth Young Lady is like a master who is at death’s door. We’re having guests over this afternoon. What will they say if she faints inside the mourning hall?”

After thinking about it, Madam Dowager decided to check on the situation personally. The family was already at the heart of so much uproar in these two days. She must not allow people to continue gossiping about the Lord Protector’s Manor.

To her surprise, she heard a sharp-tongued maid bombarding Ning Xueyan with words the moment she entered the mourning hall. The maid even mentioned the word “die” inside the mourning hall. She was furious that her face turned ashen.

She never thought that a lowly maid would embarrass her master this way and speak so fearlessly inside the mourning hall. She couldn’t imagine the kind of things people would say if they overheard this.

Two old women walked over to Qingrui and grabbed her. Ignoring her cries, they dragged her to the corridor and started slapping her.

Another came to help the kneeling Ning Xueyan to her feet. She carefully helped Ning Xueyan walk to the side room. Madam Dowager was already sitting there waiting. Ning Xueyan once again kneeled down. Even though she looked pale and frail, her expression was determined. “Grandmother, please uphold justice for me.”

Pin-drop silence took over the side room!

“What do you have in mind?” Madam Dowager stared at Ning Xueyan who had her head lowered.

“This maid and older female servant go too far in deceiving their master. I don’t have the courage to have them serve me.” Ning Xueyan raised her head and said every word with clarity. Her manner was neither servile nor domineering. “They went to retrieve the food at the same time as Fourth Sister’s maids. However, my food wasn’t here even after Fourth Sister finished dining. Moreover, what they served me were their leftovers.”

Earlier, Ning Xueyan saw that her dishes were clearly food for the servants.

The maids had eaten Ning Xueyan’s dishes and then served her the cold rice and vegetables from the servants’ table. This practice was repeated every day and today was no exception either!

The reason she drew Madam Dowager here was to let her see this scene!

Ning Xueyan knew that at this moment, Madam Dowager would surely avenge her.

It wasn’t because Madam Dowager’s heart ached for her. It was only for Madam Dowager to put up a front to others. She must show that her adoration of and compassion for Ning Xueyan as a way to speedily remove the Lord Protector’s Manor from the ugly rumors going around yesterday.

And the replacement of her servants was an excuse that Ning Xueyan deliberately gave Madam Dowager!

Taking advantage of the fact that Madam Ling was in hot waters, she used Madam Dowager to drive away Madam Ling’s people around her and reinstate the Bright Frost Garden. This was her true goal in ordering Qingyu to pay a visit to the Auspicious Fortune Hall!

What she needed now were servants that she could trust!

After a moment of silence, Madam Dowager asked, “Are your words true?”

“Grandmother, you may investigate it if you don’t believe me. Even if I’m weak, I refuse to allow them to humiliate me. That would affect the reputation of our Lord Protector’s Manor!” Ning Xueyan’s every word was purposeful, allowing everyone to understand the irrefutable truth at first listen.

Mother Han had already checked on the food, having understood Madam Dowager’s intention. She smiled wryly at Madam Dowager and nodded. “Madam Dowager, the dishes are indeed food for low-level maids and older female servant and they have become thoroughly cold. Considering her frail body, the Fifth Young Lady would surely fall ill if she eats such food.”


The teacup fell to the ground and broke into fragments. Madam Dowager sneered. “To think that there are such wicked slaves that dare to bully and humiliate their young master! Fetch Housekeeper Lu immediately! Have him sell off these two wicked slaves!”

Seeing that Madam Dowager was angry, Mother Han immediately tried to mollify her. “Please appease your anger, Madam Dowager. I’ll immediately send someone to fetch Housekeeper Lu!”

Ning Xueyan was still kneeling. From her vantage point, she could see a shadow flitting behind the white banner. A person wearing a navy blue dress was slowly moving outward. Everyone inside the mourning hall earlier was dressed in pure white clothes. The servants that Madam Dowager brought were dressed in plain but not pure white clothes.

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