The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss

Chapter 48 – A tiger doesn’t show its might so you treat me like a sick cat (4)

Chapter 48 – A tiger doesn’t show its might so you treat me like a sick cat (4)

Zi Wu with a cold face, tersely agreed. His gaze landed upon Su Wan’s face and a flash of astonishment shone from his eyes. Afterwards, with some disgust, he turned his face away and finally left following the command.

Isn’t it merely solitary confinement? To let her go this lightly? This is absolutely inconceivable!

Su Wan was so angry that she almost cried. She shouted and crawled toward Su Zian and was even about to hug his thigh.

It was a pity that her face was smeared with blood coupled with tears, sweat, body clothed in rags. And when she had rolled around the floor before, it had become truly filthy. Her entire being looked no different from that of a malicious spirit.

Su Zian’s eyes flashed with loathing.

This daughter is also a useless tool!

Only knowing how to stir up trouble, but never thinking of a way to help lessen his burdens!

A touch of anger flashed across Su Zian’s heart as he recalled that, just a few days ago, this was the very same Su Wan who had heavily lost face in front of the crown prince.

Although everyone outside said it was Su Luo, but as for the actual truth, as a father, how could he not know?

Su Zian turned his back on her by withdrawing his thigh and in a cold voice said. “You will also go back and stay in your yard for three month, carefully reflect upon yourself, study well from your fifth younger sister’s example!”

Isn’t this locking her in confinement? Su Wan’s expression was full of unwillingness and discontent.

And to also learn from Su Xi example? In this Su Manor, the most arrogant and willful person who still took rash actions, isn’t it actually Su Xi? Su Wan was so despondent that she almost spit out blood.

“Daddy…” Su Wan still desired to beseech him while weeping.

But Su Zian waved his hand. In a cold, furious voice, he said, “ Zi Xi! Drag the third Miss back to her courtyard and carefully watch her!”

Each and everyone of them won’t save me from worrying! Su Zian’s fist heavily smashed towards the table made from pear-tree wood. Immediately the deep imprint of a fist appeared on the table.

The veins on Su Zian’s forehead were beating, like his heart was jumping around.

Father is about to come out of closed-door practice, but the Celestial Spirit Water has completely disappeared; and also that piece of hidden treasure map. Where exactly could it be?!

Jingyu, that stinking brat. He won’t confess even facing death, and from his mouth Su Zian was unable to obtain any useful information.

Su Zian was so vexed that his full head of black hair was almost all pulled out.

A thief in the family is really hard to guard against. It was a pity that Su Zian did not know, this thief from the family was not Su Jingyu, but was in fact the one whom he firmly believe to be a good-for-nothing fourth daughter.

Su Zi Wu with his cold, dark face walked into the courtyard and passed on the Su generals commands.

Su Luo sweetly and obediently demonstrated that she would properly stay in her courtyard to contemplate. Everyday she would appear to properly think things over, and learn from her fifth sister Su Xi.

Su Zi Wu slammed the door shut, then heavy locks were used to keep the door sealed.

Afterwards, even delivering her meal would be done by passing it over the wall.

“Miss… this… “Isn’t this punishment a little light? If it was the way it was in the past, the master would have definitely made people whip the mistress.

“I told you earlier, you don’t need to worry alright?” Su Luo gave off an appearance of a prophet with supernatural accuracy. She comfortably lay down on the soft couch, eating dessert in one hand and flipping through the book of the history of the continent in the other hand.

These days, Su Luo had flipped through all the books on the history of the continent, she also read some books about herbs.

After all, in the future her cultivation would have to include apothecary skills. Moreover she would soon enter Sunset Mountain Range. Based on the luck of her hands, she felt she would have extraordinary opportunities.

Lu Luo whose face was full of happiness took care of Su Luo. “Miss, these next few days we need to properly stay in the courtyard, so do not stir up trouble, okay?”

This time her father had given her a rather light punishment, though it was not known why. The next time, surely, it would not be so simple.

Who knew that Su Luo would toss the book into Lu Luo’s lap. With a gaze that was all smiles, she said to her “ This Miss officially informs you, Lu Luo girl, these three months, you will have a good stay in this courtyard and reflect in place of your mistress. When this Miss comes back, I will definitely bring you something good to eat.”

“Miss——” Lu Luo’s face was full of shock

However, Su Luo did not stop to clarify what she was going to do, and with a mysterious wave of her hand, she waved her away.

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