The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss

Chapter 41 – Arrogant brazen thieves (2)

Chapter 41 – Arrogant brazen thieves (2)

“It’s at…’s at….” The guard was afraid to speak the truth. If he wronged the young master, then that would mean… At this time, he was so regretful that he want to slap himself in the face. If only he did not say anything a moment ago.

“Speak!” Su Zian kicked toward the guard and heavily flipped him to the ground.

“It’s…. It’s the young master!” The guard spat out a mouth of blood because of the kick. He covered his stomach and loudly exclaimed, “This jade pendant belongs to the young master!”

“What did you say!” Su Zian severely kicked him again, “Couldn’t you have named anyone? To actually say this jade pendant belongs to the young master? Impossible!”

At this moment, a person loudly reported back.

“Great General! That thief entered the young master’s Heaven and Earth courtyard and then disappeared!”

This sentence that fell like sweet rain, immediately saved the guard’s life.

“What did you say? That thief disappeared after entering young master’s courtyard?” Su Zian’s cold expression became terrifying. He grabbed the servant’s collar with a cruel and fierce expression, “Repeat what you just said!”

This guard did not know what had happened here; he was only here to report what had happened so when Su Zian lifted him up by the collar, he had a puzzled expression on his face, but he still disjointedly repeated. “This servant is not lying, that thief really did disappear in young master’s courtyard. Also… Also Nanny Gui was killed on the path not too far from Young Master’s courtyard, there is also a maid as proof….”

Now, almost all of the evidence pointed to Su Jingyu.

However, Su Zian still would not believe it.

Su Jingyu was the son he highly regarded. He was none other than the Su Manor’s successor; he simply did not have a reason to do this!

Not possible, this is absolutely impossible!

No matter what was said Su Zian could not believe that the son he had personally educated would betray him.

But the thief really did disappear into the Heaven and Earth courtyard, so he had to personally go and clear up this matter.

Su Zian took a group of people and the grandiose parade of people darted towards the Heaven and Earth courtyard.

As they arrived at the Heaven and Earth courtyard, he found Su Bowu confronting Su Jingyu.

“Jingyu!” Su Zian coldly stared at him, “ What do you think you are doing? Deceive your teacher and wipe out the tribe?”

Su Jingyu was just about to fight with Su Bowu, but after seeing Su Zian, he hurriedly said toward Su Zian: “Father, you’re finally here, you must help and make the decision! I really don’t know what happened, but Second Grand Uncle keeps on vigorously insisting that I am a thief.”

Su Zian looked at Su Bowu.

Su Bowu sneered : “If it’s not you then who? That thief is hiding in your courtyard. If you are innocent, then why won’t you let people search it?

“Second Uncle…” Su Zian was just about to speak, but was interrupted by Su Bowu.

“Zian, Second Uncle personally saw the thief run into the Heaven and Earth courtyard. Even if Jingyu is your son, he can not escape this responsibility.” That thief was heavily wounded and walked with wavering steps; he simply could not have run far. If not for Su Jingyu strongly blocking the path, then he would have already caught the culprit.

Su Zian’s entire face filled with grief as he finally closed his eyes, and painfully said: “Second uncle… The Hidden Treasure Pavilion was robbed.”

“What did you say!” Su Bowu’s facial expression suddenly changed. It become ugly, “What was stolen?”

“Celestial Spirit Water, and also… the hidden treasure map….” Su Zian was so depressed that he wanted to hit the wall!

Su Bowu’s expression become even more ugly. He unsteadily swayed and almost spit out a mouth full of blood.

He only realized now, that the opponent had used the stratagem of moving the tiger from the mountain!

The opponent tricked him away and afterwards, another person took the opportunity to sneak into the Hidden Treasure Pavilion. After thinking this far, Su Bowu wished he could harshly pound his own head.

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