The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss

Chapter 2510: Realization (1)

Chapter 2510: Realization (1)

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The relationship between these two seemed strong, with a stance that was as if only death could break them apart [^1]. However, there were actually many weak points in their relationship that could be drilled into.

Su Luo’s claim on Nangong Liuyun was treated as inevitable and right.

Nangong Liuyun lacked tolerance when it came to matters regarding Su Luo.

This meant it was bound to become easy for a third party to step into their relationship and wreak havoc, shattering their affection for each other to smithereens.

Fairy Wuyou regarded herself as that third person who could break apart the two lovers' relationship. Whichever man she laid eyes on had to belong to her!

As she gazed at their departing silhouettes, the smile on Fairy Wuyou's lips grew brighter and brighter.

Nangong Liuyun hauled Su Luo all the way back to the castle.

There, Nangong Liuyun ditched Su Luo and turned around to leave.

Su Luo called out his name. However, even a hint of cajolery in her tone would not be able to soothe his fury this time.

Nangong Liuyun pushed her away and uttered indifferently, “Go inside.”

After that, he left.

The sight of his leaving slender figure begot jolts of pain in her heart as if it was tightly being clenched by a large hand and kneaded into different shapes. The overwhelming pain nearly suffocated her.

Dispirited and downcast, Su Luo stayed in the room alone all day long.

Recalling how quickly he strode out, the thought that he might have left Upstream Mountain and departed to the Thorn streaked across her mind.

However, when that incident happened later, she realized that he hadn’t left at all.

Fairy Wuyou sent Su Luo a letter.

Li Manman held the letter in her hands, feeling hesitant to deliver it to Su Luo because she believed it was anything but good.

When Su Luo emerged from her room, she saw Lin Manman walking in circles by the door while muttering something incoherently. Su Luo asked her, "What letter is that?"

Li Manman handed over the letter: “Fairy Wuyou had someone deliver this letter. Along with the letter, there was this—”

Li Manman passed Su Luo a Mermaid Tears Pearl of the East Sea.

This Mermaid Tears Pearl of the East Sea…

After Su Luo received the pearl, her body began quivering, and she was unable to open her mouth for a little while.

“What’s wrong?” Li Manman asked. Seeing Su Luo's dumbstruck appearance, Li Manman swiftly supported her to stop her from staggering down. “What happened? Don’t scare me like this! If anything happens to you, Lord Nangong will never forgive me!”

Hearing the two words 'Lord Nangong', Su Luo felt her heart clench even more tightly.

She took a deep breath and calmed herself down before unfolding the letter and giving it a quick read.

“Come to Hehuan House at once if you want information about him.”

There was only one sentence in Fairy Wuyou’s letter.

But this one sentence spoke volumes.

“Information about him? About who? Senior Brother Luo?” Li Manman anxiously asked because she also knew about the disappearance of Senior Brother Luo.

The corner of Su Luo’s lip moved slightly, but not a single word came out.

Was Fairy Wuyou doing this on purpose to confuse her?

Did this ‘him’ refer to Senior Brother Luo or Nangong Liuyun?

Even Su Luo herself failed to realize that her heart seemed to be blocked by a big rock. The blue-green veins on the back of her hands bulged out while her heart raced.

If it were before, naturally, she wouldn’t have believed this. But whenever she thought of the look Nangong Liuyun gave her right before leaving, Su Luo could not feel at ease.

Nangong Liuyun tended to act impetuously. She was afraid that he would do something irreversible in a fit of pique…

“When was this letter delivered?” Su Luo asked anxiously.

Tilting her head, Li Manman gave it some thought and said, “About an hour ago? I was hesitant if I should give it to you…”

After all, Fairy Wuyou was the definition of trouble.


[1]: From the poem Shang Xie in the Han Dynasty: “When mountains become plain / When heaven and the earth fuse / Then I will part from you.”

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