The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss

Chapter 2422: Parting (7)

Chapter 2422: Parting (7)

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Now, he was certain that Su Luo recorded it.

If the Memory Crystal Fruits in Su Luo’s possession were revealed to the public, the matter of him and Chu Yang colluding to frame Su Luo would be investigated… The punishment for framing your teammates was especially harsh in the Genius Training Camp!

Wang Xiaoyi pounced on Su Luo, snatched the Memory Crystal Fruit from her unguarded hands, and smashed it into smithereens. Once the evidence was destroyed, Wang Xiaoyi felt relieved.

He looked at Su Luo smugly and laughed triumphantly: “Su Luo! Now let's see what else you can use to slander me!”

Su Luo simply wished to leave him a 1-star review on his IQ.

She curved her lips calmly, “Wang Xiaoyi, the Eighth Elder is present here as a witness. For you to purposefully destroy the evidence right in front of him… Are you taking the Eighth Elder to be an idiot or a blind person?”

Her one sentence pinned Wang Xiaoyi as guilty.

Wang Xiaoyi’s heart skipped a beat.

He was too used to being arrogant to even take a hint of caution. He peeked at the Eighth Elder… The Eighth Elder indeed looked most displeased.

‘But, so what? The evidence is gone anyway. What more can Su Luo do to me at this point?’ Wang Xiaoyi thought.

Glancing at Wang Xiaoyi with a mocking gaze, Su Luo derided him, "My tree has plenty of Memory Crystal Fruits on; it's not difficult for me to produce a few more."

Su Luo opened her palm, where another Memory Crystal Fruit appeared. All smiles, she directly stuffed the Memory Crystal Fruit into the Eighth Elder's hand: "It would be best if the Memory Crystal Fruit was in the Eighth Elder's care."

Wang Xiaoyi almost fainted with anger. ‘This damn Su Luo! No wonder she had so casually let me destroy the evidence. It turned out she had another copy! Darn it!!!!!’

Su Luo pulled out another copy of the Memory Crystal Fruit and gave it to the Eighth Elder: “This copy contains a firsthand account of Wang Xiaoyi’s words when he just received the mission—an irrefutable evidence.”

Wang Xiaoyi trembled from head to toe. ‘Oh no, oh no, oh no… This time, I’m truly done for.’

However, how could Wang Xiaoyi possibly know that Su Luo was actually bluffing? He didn’t even use his head. If Su Luo had already been suspicious when receiving the mission, why would she choose to go through with it and put herself in a fatal situation?

In fact, the crystal fruit containing Wang Xiaoyi's “video” was completely fabricated. Su Luo lied about its existence.

However, because Su Luo had already played a video of Chu Yang, everyone unconsciously thought that Su Luo also recorded Wang Xiaoyi.

This was a blind spot of memory.

Wang Xiaoyi stared at the paper in his hand. The black font on the white paper stated everything. He wished he could tear the paper into pieces at this instant!

He clutched the Eighth Elder’s legs and implored him, “What’s inside the Memory Crystal Fruit is not real. It’s not real. It’s not real……”

Kicking Wang Xiaoyi away, the Eighth Elder glanced coldly at him: "The evidence in the Memory Crystal Fruit is an undeniable proof of Chu Yang's collusion with the Thorn. It's a crime deserving of a thousand deaths! As for Wang Xiaoyi's case—"

Everyone’s eyes zeroed in on the Eighth Elder as they waited for his final decision.

If the Eighth Elder had to pick one among Fairy Wuyou and Wang Xiaoyi, he would definitely choose Fairy Wuyou.

“The evidence is conclusive that Wang Xiaoyi colluded with Chu Yang to frame Su Luo. As such, in accordance with the agreement established between Su Luo and Wang Xiaoyi, the defeated party will be executed in three days!"

Wang Xiaoyi's body shook as he slumped onto the floor.

Grandpa Wang beseeched the Eighth Elder bitterly to no avail before turning to Su Luo.

Su Luo grinned coldly and said, “Wang Xiaoyi is not the mastermind behind all this. Naturally, if you can find out who the real mastermind is, he will not have to die.”

At this critical juncture of life and death, what would Wang Xiaoyi do?

After Su Luo left, Wang Xiaoyi ran to find Fairy Wuyou.

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