The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 987 - So He Loves Her (5)

Chapter 987: So He Loves Her (5)

“It’s not just the boys. There are also the girls. You brainwashed Shangguan Yu and controlled her so she wouldn’t make friends. You made her not only have no good male friends, but she also didn’t even have any good female friends. You made her rely on you for everything. She needed only you and you were her world. You were the only one in her world. You made yourself her everything. You made her have no life goals and meaning other than chasing you.”

“What nonsense are you spouting?!” Fu Siye felt that she might be crazy to spout such nonsense.

“You know very well whether I’m spouting nonsense or not. Do you dare to say that you really couldn’t control the effects of the drug and had no choice but to take Shangguan Yu?” Gu Lingyin raised her eyebrows, her expression saying, “Do you dare to say that you were really forced and couldn’t think of any other way out?”

Fu Siye clenched his fists tightly.

“You keep saying that this marriage was forced, but for the past six years, when you can go home, you definitely won’t sleep outside. Even if you can’t cheat on a woman you hate, can’t you not go home?

“You’ve never brought her to the company, never brought her to banquets, because you don’t want others to see her beauty. It’s you who wants to hide her. You want to shrink her social circle to the smallest it could go and make it so that in her eyes, there’s only you in the world, forever!

“Not only do you love her, but you’re also very stubborn!”

No matter how smart one was, there were always blind spots. Fu Siye’s blind spot was his love for Shangguan Yu.

He had clearly followed his instincts and done all sorts of paranoid things to her. He had used all sorts of methods to lock her firmly by his side, making her only able to chase after him, but he had never admitted that he loved her.

It was only because he felt that his feelings for her could only be that for a sister.

Gu Lingyin felt that he was simply ridiculous.

But she had to be grateful for this stupidity, for giving her a chance.

She felt that Fu Siye didn’t love her, and because she was lonely and empty, she couldn’t resist the temptation. That was why such a thing happened, making her, a woman, unable to be a mother.

She hated! She hated Shangguan Yu, and she hated Fu Siye even more!

He didn’t love her, but he pursued her and gave her such hope. In the end, he ruined her life!

However, she knew that with her background and capabilities, she could not take revenge on them.

Hence, all these years, she had been using Fu Siye’s guilt toward her. Fu Siye’s blind stupidity had ruined his relationship with Shangguan Yu, causing them to end up getting a divorce.

Shangguan Yu loved Fu Siye so much. If she wanted a divorce and insisted on it, their relationship would be completely over.

She had now exposed that Fu Siye actually loved Shangguan Yu a lot only to make Fu Siye suffer.

He realized that he loved Shangguan Yu deeply only once he’d lost her and nothing could be saved.


Her life was ruined.

Let them suffer with her!

Although Fu Siye did not really fall in love with Gu Lingyin, she was definitely an outstanding smart person. That was why he had taken a fancy to her back then.

Fu Siye wanted to refute Gu Lingyin again, but strangely, he was unable to.

He even felt that everything she said was right.

She was right. He knew in the deepest part of his heart.

This made him use all his self-control to suppress the panic. It instantly rebounded and exploded, making it difficult for him to breathe…

His heart suddenly hurt so much that it felt like he was about to die from a heart attack.

Some things were fine being seen from the outside, but once it was exposed, it would become very scary.

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