The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 604 - A Big Move (6)

Chapter 604: A Big Move (6)

Long Feilei felt that no matter how outstanding his younger brother was, it was impossible for him to have defeated Gong Zeye and so many other people!

“That’s not right. He doesn’t look like he was beaten down…” Long Feilei said as he approached Gong Zeye. After carefully inspecting him, he asked, “He was drugged?”

Long Feiting: “Yes.”

Long Feilei looked at the other people on the ground and asked, “Are those people the same?”


Long Feilei: “…”

He was happy for nothing! He thought that his brother had suddenly become awesome!

So they were all drugged!

However, to be able to knock out so many people, it was still very impressive!

As expected of his younger brother!

No! That’s not the point!

The point was!

“Why did you knock Gong Zeye out? It’s not like you don’t know Gong Zeye’s personality! What kind of conflict did the two of you have? Why didn’t you tell me what’s going on and got me to come over to communicate with him and resolve it?” It would be very troublesome if Gong Zeye were to find trouble with them!

Long Feiting: “…”

Just as he was racking his brains to think of a way to justify what had happened tonight to his brother and to get his brother to help him with the matter tonight…

Long Feilei said proudly, “But you’re too awesome! You were able to make Gong Zeye and his men faint! Under the circumstances where he had so many people, you didn’t suffer at all! Very good!”

No matter how much trouble he got into, that would be a matter for the future!

As long as his younger brother did not suffer a loss!

All the bodyguards: “…”

Boss, is this the time for you to be proud?

These are Gong Zeye and his men!

Long Feiting: “…”

He wasn’t the one who’d made them faint…

“But what medicine did you use to knock them out? What medicine could be so powerful?” Long Feilei felt that no matter which medicine his brother had used, he should not have been able to knock them out completely, especially Gong Zeye. He was definitely stronger than his brother!

“Also, why did you get into a conflict with Gong Zeye?” Long Feilei’s question came back.

“Let’s talk about this when we get back. I’ll get someone to get them up and send them to the hospital, especially Gong Zeye. I wonder what he’ll do when he wakes up…” Long Feiting’s anger at having to face Gong Zeye when he woke up gave him a headache.

Long Feilei thought so too. He quickly ordered his men to carry everyone on the road to their private hospital. This matter had to be done quietly.

“Be careful of this woman. She’s Gong Zeye’s fiancee…” Long Feiting said, instructing his men to treat Gong Zeye’s fiancee more carefully.

“When did Gong Zeye have a fiancee?” Long Feilei asked instinctively.

“I don’t know.”

Long Feilei: “…”

“What happened tonight? What happened?”

“Let’s talk at the hospital later. I need to organize my words,” Long Feiting said.

Long Feilei: “…”

Was he thinking about how to fool him?

Mu Huan and Wu Xingye avoided the main road that had surveillance cameras along the way. They took a small path and arrived at the repair shop that would definitely keep it a secret for them. They wanted to dismantle these two motorcycles into parts.

“Must we tear them down? Can’t we just modify them?” Wu Xingye was a little reluctant to part with his capable partner.

“Gong Zeye was the one who’d fainted this time. He’s the one who cares the most about his face! He definitely won’t let this matter rest after I knocked him out like that. He’s going to investigate thoroughly. If he finds me through these two motorcycles, we’ll be exposed! We have to dismantle them into parts!” Mu Huan had some understanding of Gong Zeye.

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