The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 363 - God of Fortune’s Favor (5)

Chapter 363: God of Fortune’s Favor (5)

“Xiao Meng and K are waiting near the entertainment city. I’ll inform them now.” Mu Huan took out a small smartwatch from her pocket and sent a message to Li Meng.

Before Mu Huan went to the entertainment city, she had specially bought an ordinary cell phone and placed it in her pocket for a search. She had even applied on herself a type of medicine that would give off a foul smell. On her arms and legs, she had also used some medicine to create some swollen bumps, making people think that she had contracted some contagious illness. Hence, they were disgusted and searched only her pockets without searching her body.

Things came about just as she had expected. The person who had captured her found only a cell phone in the pocket of her coat. He wanted to search her body, but he saw that her arms and legs were full of disgusting blisters.

At the thought that this could be some kind of infectious disease, the security officer threw her into the small dark room. Anyway, when she woke up, all the good things on her would be theirs!

After informing Li Meng, Mu Huan took out a bottle of medicine from her pocket and asked Wu Xingye to roll up his pants. She helped him apply some medicine to stop the bleeding.

Wu Xingye rolled up the back of his pants. The injury on his leg made Mu Huan’s gaze turn even darker and more vicious. “I will make all of them need to lie in bed for a month!”

He was beaten to such a state!

“Xiao Huan…” Wu Xingye was so touched that he wanted to cry.

“Next time, if you don’t tell me anything and come here to gamble, I’ll make sure you stay in bed for half a year!” Mu Huan looked up with an even more vicious expression.

Wu Xingye: “…”

He was still not her good friend! He’d need to be bedridden for half a year!

Soon, Mu Huan received a reply from Li Meng. After confirming the time and location, she removed the tie clip on her tie and went to pry the lock.

Wu Xingye saw that Mu Huan had managed to pry open the lock that he had been pondering over for three days.

He was impressed.

Wu Xingye asked, “Xiao Huan, is there anything you don’t know?”



“I don’t know how to be as foolish as you!”

Wu Xingye: “…”

Sister, I really already know my mistake!

After opening the door, Mu Huan looked at Wu Xingye and said, “Stay here and don’t move. I’ll break their legs and come back to pick you up.”

Wu Xingye was instantly moved to tears! His Xiao Huan was so dashing!

He obediently stayed inside without moving. No, he could not move even if he wanted to. The only thing he could do was to stand up and walk.

Wu Xingye’s legs were seriously injured, so Mu Huan was very angry. She had the medicine on her, and she had intended to spray it on them so that they could fall to the ground before leaving with Wu Xingye.

However, she could not take it lying down if she did not return Wu Xingye’s vicious beating!

Mu Huan had always been a protective person. She believed that no one was allowed to hurt her own people!

Hence, she decided to use the medicine after beating them up.

After waiting inside for quite a while, Wu Xingye, who had yet to hear any cries of agony, was a little worried. He was afraid that Mu Huan would be knocked down instead of knocking those people out. Hence, he climbed out to see what was going on.

Just as he was about to reach the door, the door was suddenly pushed open.

He instinctively lay on the ground and pretended to be asleep. He thought that if they were enemies, he could attack them by surprise.

“Alright, stop pretending. It’s over.” Mu Huan bent over to help him up.

Wu Xingye opened his eyes when he heard her voice. “Why didn’t I hear a scream?”

Didn’t she say she was going to break their legs?

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