The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 1087 - The Second Will

Chapter 1087: The Second Will

“Eh? Didn’t I tell you earlier that we’re not registering our marriage?” Mu Huan asked with a puzzled expression. She clearly remembered telling him about this.

Liu Changfeng: “…”

She did tell him about it, but that was before her memories were erased. After she saw Bo Junyan, she did not want to get a divorce anymore. But she should be thinking of faking a marriage with Liu Changfeng now. “Are you going to watch Rui Hui get donated?”

Didn’t she love money now? Her little money-grubber look was adorable.

Liu Changfeng thought that the money-loving Mu Huan would definitely want to marry him more.

However, that was not the case.

Mu Huan loved money by nature, but she would not sacrifice her entire life in exchange for money unless she had to. She also did not like Liu Changfeng. Marrying him for the inheritance and being husband and wife for ten years was not worth it. Although the more money, the better, this was under the premise that it did not affect her happiness in life.

Besides, she didn’t have to marry him.

“I didn’t have the chance to tell you. Great-grandfather’s lawyer came to me. The lawyer said that Great-grandfather has another will. The first will says that if the inheritor would rather not marry the person he has chosen, they’d be willing to donate all his family assets. The first will will be invalidated and the second will will be executed. The second will states that you are to be given 15% of Rui Hui’s shares. The rest will be inherited by me.”

Bo Junyan had many connections. The Liu family had not known about the second will all these years, but he did. Previously, when he said that he could use other means to let Mu Huan inherit the family fortune, he was referring to this will. After Mu Huan washed away her memories, he got his lawyer to look for her and tell her about the second will.

In case she wanted to get married to Liu Changfeng after losing her memories.

Liu Changfeng: “…”

He didn’t expect Old Master to have made such a move. Seriously…

That night, the Liu family…

“How is it? Have you decided on the time to register your marriage with Mu Huan?” Mr. Liu asked when he saw his son return. He put down the newspaper in his hand.

Liu Changfeng gave a bitter, mocking smile. “I’m not getting married to Mu Huan anymore.”

His beautiful dream had completely collapsed.

Mr. Liu frowned. “What happened?”

Liu Changfeng told him about the old master he was loyal to and the second will.

After Mr. Liu heard that, his expression turned dark.

“Do you see that? This is the master you are loyal to. You didn’t even come back for my mother’s funeral because of his family business, yet he was so guarded against you!” If the first will was already very guarded against the Liu family, then the second will was even more outrageous.

The marriage between the two families turned into 15% as the Liu family’s shares.

Mu Huan’s deceased great-grandfather had 70% of Rui Hui’s shares. If the two families were to get married, even if they were to get a divorce in the future, the Liu family would get half of the shares. If they didn’t get a divorce, it would be the Liu family’s child inheriting the shares.

And now, the second will only allowed the Liu family to get 15% of the shares!


For others, 15% of shares was already a lot because it was worth billions.

However, this was far from enough for the Liu family, who had been in control of Rui Hui for all these years and had always thought that Rui Hui would be their family’s in the future!

“All these years, you have been working hard for Rui Hui, not stopping even for a day. What happened in the end? How did he treat you?” Liu Changfeng, who was in a bad mood, mocked.

What he cared about was not that the Liu family could not get Rui Hui. What he cared about was that because of this will, he had no chance to be with Mu Huan.

This made him, who already hated Mu Huan’s great-grandfather, hate him even more.

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