The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 1070 - Forget Everything (1)

Chapter 1070: Forget Everything (1)

Mu Huan’s eyes reddened when she heard his words.

Bo Dingjing’s words reminded her of what her father had said before he died. When she thought about how he had passed away just like that, her heart ached so much that it was unbearable.

That pain was still fresh in her memory. She didn’t want Bo Junyan to suffer such pain.

She didn’t want him to lose his parents.

As parents, they felt that as long as their children were happy, their lives and deaths were not important. It did not matter. It was a good thing to die, but to the children, it was not like that.

As children, how could they watch their parents leave and be happy?

“Mom will be fine. She’ll definitely wake up. Dad, don’t think too much. I’ll settle everything.” Bo Junyan had already thought of a solution and was taking action.

He wanted to call his father to discuss his arrangements when he returned to the hotel, but they came instead.

He thought that with his father’s strict supervision, his mother would be fine for the time being, but…

Man proposes, God disposes.

Bo Dingjing glanced at his son and did not speak further. He was not a talkative person and had said all that he needed to say.

He did not ask Bo Junyan how he planned to resolve this because all of this would have to wait until his wife woke up. If she did not wake up, everything would be in vain.

He did not want to hear his solution now. If he had a solution but his wife left first, he would only feel regret and pain, and he would collapse.

Bo Dingjing did not speak, and Bo Junyan did not speak either.

This was the most dangerous night. If Meng Yueman’s vital signs could not be stabilized tonight, she would never wake up again.

Mu Huan now had the best connections in the medical world. After the incident, she had contacted several medical experts. Furthermore, she was also an expert in medicine. However, with so many top experts around, Meng Yueman’s vital signs were still decreasing. It was not easy for her condition to be stabilized, and she would soon be in danger again.

The substance she had taken was too poisonous. Furthermore, it had been in her system for a long time. If it weren’t for the excellent antidote that Mu Huan had given her, she would have died long ago.

Hence, it was difficult for her state to stabilize.

When the machine that was testing Meng Yueman’s vital signs sounded the alarm again and the experts rushed forward to save Meng Yueman, Bo Dingjing was so anxious that he fainted.

A portion of the people who were trying to save Meng Yueman was sent out to save Bo Dingjing. Fortunately, Bo Dingjing only fell unconscious due to excessive emotional fluctuations and blood pressure. His life was not in danger.

For the next ten hours, everyone tensed up until…

Meng Yueman’s vital signs completely stabilized.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief and slumped to the ground.

After another two hours, Meng Yueman’s vital signs were not only stable but there were also signs of improvement. Everyone was finally relieved.

At this moment, the sun had already set outside the window.

Mu Huan came out of the washroom and saw Bo Junyan sitting on a long bench by the window with his eyes closed. She walked toward him and wanted to let him rest on the bed for a while. However, when she got closer, she saw that his sideburns had turned white overnight.

He was a person who didn’t like to speak much and kept all his emotions in his heart. He had always been so calm and strong. No matter what happened, he rarely revealed his emotions, let alone lost control.

If such a person could not vent his emotions, the pressure he felt would become even greater.

However, how much pressure and anxiety did he have to bear to have white hair overnight?

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