The City of Terror

Chapter 46

Chapter 46 – No More Money!

From his status panel, it could be seen that Wei Xiao Bei had almost cleanly used up his evolution points.

His health attribute had increased by leaps and bounds, his vitality had reached 14.75 points.

At this moment, he could clearly feel the life energy continuously flowing within his body, currently transforming his body and cleansing off any lingering fatigue and illness inside his body.

He had a premonition that it would be much more harder for him to get sick in the future.

In a single afternoon, Wei Xiao Bei was already feeling excited.

Increasing the vitality attribute had not only increased his vigour, even his mind had become a lot more clearer.

After eating dinner, he noticed that he had no more toilet paper. He took a round trip to the store, becoming slightly gloomy when he arrived home.

I am almost out of money!

He was truly almost out of money.

Although his spendings were much more frugal these days, he was not able to cut down on necessary expenses.

Particularly, in order to thank his apprentice brothers, he would take them out for drinks, expending his money quicker.

Moreover, he even prepared to do weight training. He wanted to see if he could increase his strength that way. Therefore he needed an adjustable weight vest and an adjustable leg weights. The weight vest costed 120 yuan, while the leg weights costed 60 yuan.

Moreover, he planned to buy two sets because he needed to wash them in turns.

One hundred, two hundred, three hundred… the contents of his wallet contained 300 yuan, four 10 yuan bills, a few yuans, and cent bills.

This amount of money was not even enough to pay for his rent, meaning he could not even dream of buying the adjustable weights.

“Junior apprentice brother, what’s wrong?”

Wei Xiao Bei was currently carrying things in both hands, causing his expression to be seen in plain sight. When his second apprentice brother saw it, he stopped him in his tracks.

Wei Xiao Bei hesitated when he saw his second apprentice brother.

He still wanted to preserve face, so he did not want to borrow money. But in regards to earning money, he thought that his second apprentice brother might have a way.

After listening to Wei Xiao Bei’s words, Zhang Zhi Long couldn’t help smiling, “So that’s it. Hmm, about money, you should just take it first. Once I find you a good job, then you can return the money.”

Saying this, Zhang Zhi Long took out his wallet and gave Wei Xia Bei 20 hundred dyuan bills.

Wei Xiao Bei’s face reddened, and although he felt touched, he was slightly unwilling. However, since Zhang Zhi Long had already spoken so much, he could not refuse him. He took the money and quietly said, “Thank you brother.”

“What are you thanking me for. I actually have a way for you to quickly earn money, but I’m not sure whether master will agree or not.”

Zhang Zhi Long smiled and did not say any more. He let Wei Xiao Bei return to his room and wait first, while he went towards the master’s room.

Wei Xiao Bei did not know what good job he was talking about, and was even more confused as to why his master might not agree to it.

However, he could only wait in his room.

Soon after, Zhang Zhi Long returned and stood outside the door, beckoning to Wei Xiao Bei, “Junior apprentice brother, master wants to see you.”


Wei Xiao Bei quickly stood up and followed behind Zhang Zhi Long.

Cheng Bi Wu lived in the dojo’s back garden. Its living environment was far better than the environment at the front.

However, Wei Xiao Bei did not bother paying attention to this as he had already been there before.

While they stood in front of the room’s door, his second apprentice brother made a hand gesture, as if wishing him good luck, and then left the place.


Wei Xiao Bei called as he stood in front of the door;is voice,  slightly timid. It had been a long time since he had felt this way. He remembered that the last time was when he was still studying.

“Come in.”

Cheng Bi Wu’s clear voice came from within the room.

Wei Xiao Bei pushed open the door and saw his master reading a book. It was a thread bound book but the title was covered by his hand.


Cheng Bi Wu pointed at the chair beside him.

Wei Xiao Bei obediently sat down and looked at his master’s hand, attempting to see the title of the book.

Seeing his appearance, Cheng Bi Wu smiled and tossed the book towards him, “If you want to see, take a look. Don’t be so secretive.”

Wei Xiao Bei quickly caught the book in his hand and saw that it was a web novel, ‘Chuan Dao Da Qian’, written by Daoist Fierce Tiger.

In the past, Wei Xiao Bei was slightly interested in web novels, but now, he did not even have time to read them anymore. He couldn’t help smiling and put back the book on the table.

Cheng Bi Wu glared at Wei Xiao Bei, “Youngsters should not belittle web novels. You could learn a lot of things from this book. Forget about it, youngsters these days are all like that, unable to set your hearts. Once you reach my age, you will understand.”

Seeing that his master was about to start a lengthy lecture, he immediately thought about the current issue and asked, “Master, second apprentice brother told me that you were looking for me.”

“Oh right. I almost went off topic.”

Wei Xiao Bei let out a bitter smile. This was the best thing about being the master. Whatever you said was just and no one could object.

“Your second apprentice brother told me about your circumstances. He told me you want to do underground fighting.”

Wei Xiao Bei was still muttering about his master’s sophistry when he heard his shocking words.

        What? Underground fighting? I didn’t even know about this.

Without waiting for him to reply, Cheng Bi Wu continued, “Do you think that it’s too early for you to be doing underground fighting? But your master thinks that it is also about time. Your big senior apprentice brother had fought there when he was eighteen, and your second and third senior apprentice brothers had also fought before they reached adulthood.”

Wei Xiao Bei felt incredibly shocked for a long time. His master actually did not violently reject it. On the contrary, his senior apprentice brothers had also participated before.

Could it be that underground fighting was not a bad thing in master’s eyes? Could this dojo actually be an underground fighting ring?

Wei Xiao Bei had seen the thing called underground fighting on the internet before. In summary, it was a much more bloody, cruel and money-making competition than regular competitions.

So that’s why second senior apprentice brother wanted to have master’s approval.

“However, you must remember one thing. The reason you are going there to fight is not for the sake of money. You must use it to develop martial discipline. To know when it is the right time to let people off, to spare them. Your master is not trying to restrict you, it’s just so that when you need to have free reign, you wouldn’t have any misgivings.”

Cheng Bi Wu had not even talked for an hour yet, but Wei Xiao Bei was already feeling his head ache. However, now he had a little bit of understanding towards underground fighting.

What his master was trying to say was that underground fighting was, to speak frankly, illegal. It was a ruleless competition. Although there were some restrictions, it was still a no hold barred competition for a majority of the time.

In reality, the only reason why Cheng Bi Wu allowed his disciples to participate was to train their actual combat ability.

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