The City of Terror

Chapter 448 - Ability: Deductive Reasoning

Chapter 448 – Ability: Deductive Reasoning

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 In the end, Wei Xiao Bei had to reduce his request and instead bought a 15-inch notebook.

No matter what was said, the information on the screen of a 15-inch notebook was a lot more than a 5-inch cellphone.

After returning to the rental house, Wei Xiao Bei looked at his remaining evolution points. There were 7980 points left.

Although he needed to set a reserve for the Fledgeling Life Altar, Wei Xiao Bei felt that 7980 evolution points were still a lot. He could use a portion of this to strengthen himself first. If the evolution points were not enough to perform enhanced modulation, then he could just go earn it.

Just like that Wei Xiao Bei’s reasoning was also increased to 40 points.

It must be known that reasoning heavily complemented learning. Moreover, a lot of Wei Xiao Bei’s skills rely on reasoning and learning as support.

Once reasoning was increased to 40 points, [Precise Calculation] leveled up into [Deductive Reasoning]

 Deductive Reasoning: This ability was evolved from precise calculation. With precise calculation as the foundation, the user will gain a powerful deductive ability. Even if there is only one clue, an answer can also be found. This ability is affected by learning, reasoning, judgment, and intuition. The host’s Ten Lines At A Glance, Bold and Decisive, and Early Warning can greatly strengthen this ability.


There was no doubt that this ability was a lot stronger than [Ten Lines At A Glance]. It could provide a lot of safety while he explores the Dust World. Additionally, if anything happened, then as long as tiny hints were left behind, he can easily gain related information.

In short, if there was someone who wanted to plot against Wei Xiao Bei, he would only need to grasp a clue, then he could discover his enemy.

This was the power of this ability.

Although it did not directly increase his battle power, it was a lot more useful and important compared to increasing his battle power.

After all, no matter how strong one was in battle, some things were hard to dispute.

Having both brains and brawn was the way of the king. Only barbarians had no brains and only brawns, but having only brains without brawns was also bad.

In short, Wei Xiao Bei felt that increasing these two abilities was worth it.

The only thing that Wei Xiao Bei regretted was even if his intelligence had increased to 40 points, his creature rank remained at 3-Star Terror. It appears that wishing to become a 4-Star Creature was still far into the future as he had no way to reach it now.

In truth, Wei Xiao Bei had already asked Zhao Yun about the way to become a 4-Star Creature back in the Feng Tou Mountains.

Regretfully, Zhao Yun also did not know how to become a 4-Star Creature. He could only say ‘when the time comes you will know it’.

This included the major that had become a 4-Star Creature during the banquet. He could not reason out why he had become a 4-Star Creature. He only knew that it was thanks to Wei Xiao Bei’s dishes.

Wei Xiao Bei also knew that his dishes had become the trigger. But if it was that useful, everyone should have already become a 4-Star Creature during the banquet.

If that happened, he would not have to get a headache on how to become a 4-Star Creature.

After a week, Wei Xiao Bei’s leg had fully recovered. Although the skin was tender and soft and a bit different compared to other parts of his body, he was already very satisfied. At the very least, once he used a few drops of Spring Water, his newly generated leg would once again become very tough.

After his leg healed, he returned home and passed on the wooden plate that the Shing Wong gave him to his mother. He even told his mother that it should never be taken down without his permission.

When his mother heard that it was something that he had specifically gone to the Shing Wong Temple to have consecrated, she naturally became very happy and immediately bought some incense as worship.

After the incense was lit, Wei Xiao Bei could feel that the atmosphere of the house had greatly changed.

In simpler terms, it became very comfortable. Even his little sister suddenly felt very active and had an easier time studying.

After finishing this matter, Wei Xiao Bei had a secret meeting with Steven and the others who were secretly protecting his family.

Steven and the others had borrowed the name of an investment company and opened a high tech fodder processing plant to conceal its identity.

Wei Xiao Bei quietly went to the processing plant to meet with them. After all, the place was his private property. It would be hard for people to find it.

Toward, Wei Xiao Bei’s arrival, Steven and the others became excited. In their hearts, Wei Xiao Bei was their idol and their lighthouse.

Seeing them for the first time in a while, Wei Xiao Bei could feel that they had gotten a lot stronger.

After coming to China, Steven and the others had Zhu Xin Yi and Huang Kun lead them whenever they entered the Dust World from the Cui Hu City. Thus their safety was guaranteed.

In truth, the safety of Cui Hu City’s Dist World was considerably higher than in other places.

The Thousand Eyed Devil was eliminated by Wei Xiao Bei and the Zombies were now rarely seen. As long as the Fire Dragon did not make a move, Cui Hu University, the dojo, and other places did not have much danger.

In truth, with the protection of someone powerful, Steven and the others becoming powerful was a natural thing.

“Your performance ain’t bad. I’m quite satisfied.”

Wei Xiao Bei praised them and took out two Woodman Hearts from the storage bracelet.

For Wei Xiao Bei, the Woodman Heart was already a useless object. He’d rather just give it to Steven and the others to increase their loyalty and their strength.

Naturally, since there were only two Woodman Hearts, he had given them to Steven and Yurif respectively. One was the leader and the other was a first-class soldier. Among the soldiers, they had the most experience in battle and management. They had also done a lot of things in this period, so he should reward them.

After Wei Xiao Bei explained how the Woodman Heart works, the other soldiers envied Steven nad Yurif. Luckily, they were not overly jealous. As long as they do better in the future, then they would also be rewarded.

That was right. In their hearts, Wei Xiao Bei had already become their master.

They only had a simple line of thought. With such a thick leg to cling to, only an idiot would give up.

What surprised Wei Xiao Bei was that Steven and Yurif’s compatibility with the Woodman Heart was quite high. After eating it, the [Web of Roots] had smoothly integrated into their body much more smoothly compared to Huang Kun and Zhu Xin Yi.

Afterward, to strengthen their fighting power, he gave everyone eyeball crystals.

Steven and Yurif were each given a piece of Eye of Slaughter, Eye of Terror, and Eye of Desire. While the others were each given an Eye of Terror and an Eye of Desire. Naturally, those who were also quite strong were given an Eye of Slaughter.

After distribution, the number of eyeball crystals left with him was only a few.

Naturally, there was no need to be serious about it. The core of the Thousand Eyed Devil had already been fed to the Fledgling Life Altar, so he did not care about them that much anymore.

For the remaining eyeball crystals, he planned to gift them to Wei Xing Wu.

Wei Xing Wu’s strength was only at the level of a mercenary. If he encounters someone strong, then he would be in danger.

As someone managing his information network, it would be best if he had some ways to stay alive.

Additionally, Wei Xiao Bei gave some Fried Black Beetles and Fired Tentacles to them. This was to increase their survivability in the Dust World.

After all, Huang Kun and Zhu Xin Yi could not be their caretaker forever. In the end, they should rely on themselves to struggle in the Dust World.

After bestowing things, Wei Xiao Bei did not delay anymore and returned to Cui Hu City.

Wei Xiao Bei’s current matters were not few. After returning to Cui Hu City, he went to his security company. After giving the eyeball crystals to Wei Xing Wu, Wei Xing Wu began to cry for the need of money again.

It was not that Wei Xing Wu only knew to do this. This was simply having no other choice. Steven and the others opening a new company in the Bai Ta County needed money, and the money came from the security company. Although they made a few returns, the security company did not have money anymore.

Luckily, Wei Xiao Bei’s account had more than ten million. He might as well just give it to Wei Xing Wu, but he had told Wei Xing Wu to make efficient use of it. The next time he would get money would be after the auction.

After returning to the dojo, Wei Xiao Bei pushed open the door and only Zhu Xin Yi was there in the middle of training. He asked, “Where’s Huang Kun?”

“Master! The first thing you asked after returning for so long was about my junior brother. You put too much value on males and attach less importance to females. Junior brother went to his mid-term exams.”

Seeing her master return, Zhu Xin Yi could not help but excitedly run over, but after hearing Wei Xiao Bei’s question, the corner of her mouth twitched as she answered with dissatisfaction.

Wei Xiao Bei nodded his head as he guessed that it was already that time. It appeared that Huang Kun was listening to his words. This made him very satisfied.

However, after thinking about this, he reacted and saw that Zhu Xin Yi appeared unhappy.

She was staring at Wei Xiao Bei with a cute pout and an unhappy expression.

Zhu Xin Yi was simply becoming even more beautiful. Although she was only wearing a training uniform, it gave others a feeling of a youthful beauty that was extremely pure, just like a celestial fairy that had descended.

He could not continue looking as he tried to find an excuse to look away. Seeing that the practice ground was in a mess, he could not help but exclaim, “We need to find someone to clear the place. Otherwise, once your grandmaster returns, he would scold your master.”

Zhu Xin Yi was not an idiot and naturally understood that Wei Xiao Bei was trying to change the topic.

If it was his little senior apprentice sister, she would without a doubt prevent him from this attempt and embarrass him.

However, Zhu Xin Yi did not do so and crisply answered, “Master, I’ll go find someone to do that in a while.”

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