The City of Terror

Chapter 33

Chapter 33 – Discipline

The man felt that today was the best day of his life.

He had just got on the bus and immediately noticed a pretty girl. Her soft and delicate body had immediately caught his eyes.

Unconsciously, he found himself squeezed up towards the girl and stuck to her back.

He immediately lost all control when he smelled the virgin fragrance coming from her.

The happiest thing for him was that the girl did not shout loudly at his assault. This made his actions even more unrestrained. His brain even began thinking about plans to drag this girl somewhere quiet.

While he was carefully tasting the girl’s soft body, someone’s hand landed on his shoulders and pulled him backwards, tearing him away from the girl.


The thought of being discovered had surprised the man, but he was used to doing these things, so he already had a plan. He was about to berate the other side, but he suddenly felt pain from his shoulder as if something had bitten him. The sharp pain rapidly spread throughout his body, causing his body to tremble.

Wei Xiao Bei would never give others the chance to curse at him, let alone this worthless man.

In an instant, Wei Xiao Bei released all his electrical energy. Even the hairs of all the passengers around him were standing up, causing an illusion that they were being sucked in by something.

Wei Xiao Bei only relaxed his hand after the bus reached the station. He quickly got down the bus and the man soon after alighted after him, limping on the ground as if all his bones were gone, scaring all the passengers.

Wei Xiao Bei could not be bothered paying attention to the things that were happening behind him, but it was easy to imagine the businessman’s unscrupulous appearance after being electrocuted; he might have even develop a trauma from it.

Because he released all his electricity, Wei Xiao Bei currently could feel a black hole forming in his stomach, causing extreme hunger. While walking along the road, he was almost tempted to stop for food along the way.

However, he touched his wallet and firmly suppressed his hunger. When he entered the dojo, he immediately headed to the kitchen and saw Cheng Si Si, who was washing the dishes. Wei Xiao Bei quickly cried for help, “Little senior apprentice sister, is there anything left to eat?”

Cheng Si Si was unsatisfied at the way Wei Xiao Bei addressed her, “Can you remove the word little in the way you address me?”

Saying this, Cheng Si Si took out a plate of barbecue from the cupboard and let Wei Xiao Bei eat his fill first. Then she prepared hot water and began kneading dough.

It was impossible for only that much barbecue to fill up Wei Xiao Bei. After he finished eating, he wandered around Cheng Si Si.

Cheng Si Si couldn’t help bitterly smiling at Wei Xiao Bei’s pitiful appearance, “Junior apprentice brother, what’s wrong? Did you not eat for three days?”

Wei Xiao Bei was truly not accustomed to hearing the younger Cheng Si Si calling him junior apprentice brother.

However, based on the time they entered discipleship and their achievements in Bajiquan, Cheng Si Si was much stronger than Wei Xiao Bei, thus he was called junior apprentice brother.

He bitterly smiled at Cheng Si Si’s question. He did not know how to answer her at all.

Should I tell her the entire situation?

Who am I kidding. Let’s not talk about whether other would believe me or not, even if they did believe me, it still would not be a good thing for me.

Do I just agree with her? That’s also a bad choice.

Thus, lowering his head and keeping quiet was his best choice.

Naturally, Cheng Si Si, who was kneading dough, simply did not count on Wei Xiao Bei to answer her question, and continued her words, “You must eat when it is time to eat. Otherwise, you might develop a stomach illness, which would be tragic.”

Wei Xiao Bei actually smiled at Cheng Si Si’s nagging. He felt that the words of Cheng Si Si, who was about to go to college in a month, was similar to his mother.

If Cheng Si Si knew what Wei Xiao Bei was thinking, she might immediately knead the big ball of dough into his face.

“Are you fine with knife-shaved noodles?”

Cheng Si Si threw down the dough that was the size of two heads onto the chopping board before asking about Wei Xiao Bei’s tastes.

Wei Xiao Bei also knew that even if he answered that he was not fine with it, Cheng Si Si would still not put back the dough ball.

This was probably related to the fact that she learned martial arts as a kid. Her nature was much more unyielding compared to other girls of her age.

Wei Xiao Bei spoke words of agreement, but Cheng Si Si was not paying attention at all. The knife on her hands moved so quickly at the dough. The noodles that had been cut out looked like a waterfall going into the pot.

This move was enough to make Wei Xiao Bei gasp in amazement.

This was the benefit of training for a long time; it allowed the hands to move very fast.

However, cutting noodles was a small matter from Cheng Si Si’s viewpoint. The last time Wei Xiao Bei came to help in the kitchen, Cheng Si Si was holding onto two butcher knives and fiercely chopping up meat on the chopping board. Every single piece of meat chopped off from the spare ribs seemed to have the same size and shape. The entire process could probably even be used as part of a film.

Without exerting any effort, a large bowl of fresh knife-shaved noodles came out of the pot. After putting in minced meat, the smell of noodles and meat mixed together made Wei Xiao Bei drool.

He impatiently grabbed the large bowl due to extreme hunger. He didn’t even care about the temperature of the noodles. He only blew a few times and ate it with relish as he slurped down the noodles..

After eating more than half the bowl, Wei Xiao Bei’s hunger had been somewhat suppressed. He began to slow down and gave Cheng Si Si a thumbs up. He complimented her, “Little senior apprentice sister, your skills are truly not bad.”

Cheng Si Si’s eyes formed a crescent moon at Wei Xiao Bei’s praise. Being complimented was the greatest parise that a girl, who was good at cooking, could receive.

“I told you to stop adding little! There are still noodles in the pot. Tidy up by yourself, your senior apprentice sister is going out to buy stuff.”

Cheng Si Si pretended to be angry and left the kitchen.

Wei Xiao Bei did not pay any attention to Cheng Si Si’s departure, continueing to eat the knife-shaved noodles.

Cheng Si Si’s skills were truly not bad. The knife-shaved noodles were cut cleanly and appeared like a willow leaf. It would enter the mouth smoothly. Its soft and smooth texture facilitated the taste of noodles after chewing a few times. Combine it with minced meat, and it could make anyone drool.

The only regret Wei Xiao Bei had was that if he could just add chili oil and salted eggs, the meal would have been better.

After he finished eating, Wei Xiao Bei tidied up the dishes and then walked to the outside practice ground while stretching his waist.

It was almost three in the afternoon and there were already a few students who were warming up and training.

His second senior apprentice brother, Zhang Zhi Long, was explaining a few things to the new students, while his big senior apprentice brother, Liu Jian Cheng, was leaning against a tree, as usual.

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