The City of Terror

Chapter 21

Chapter 21 – Prideful Cheng Si Si

The ponytailed girl looked at Wei Xiao Bei with curiosity. After looking at the footprints on his body, she couldn’t help but smile and entered the room.

“This is my daughter Cheng Si Si. She just passed the entrance exam to Cui Hu University this year, so this old man came with her.”

(University does not exist in reality or might have a different name in reality)

Cheng Bi Wu introduced the young girl with a smile.

Wei Xiao Bei nodded his head while looking at the deep intimacy between father and daughter.

Cui Hu University was a famous university in China. Although it could not be compared to Peking University or Qinghua University, it was not that far off. Being able to get in such a college was enough to call you an elite student.

Wei Xiao Bei praised her wholeheartedly, making Cheng Bi Wu laugh with satisfaction.

From a father’s perspective, gaining other’s approval and flattery on his daughter’s education was undoubtedly a happy thing.

“Father, what are you talking about?”

Cheng Si Si walked over with a wine bottle with dark red liquid inside.

“We are talking about you, of course.”

Cheng Wu Bi smiled and then spoke to Wei Xiao Bei, “Xiao Bei, take off your clothes.”

Take off my clothes?

After hearing this, Wei Xiao Bei felt something missing from his brain. He was only wearing a T-shirt, removing it would leave him half naked.

If the only person here was Cheng Bi Wu then he would not really care. However, Cheng Si Si was also there, looking at him with curiosity.

Wei Xiao Bei was simply not shameless enough to strip and show off his bare body in front of a young woman. As a result, he hesitantly looked at Cheng Si Si, hoping that Cheng Bi Wu would understand him.

Luckily, Cheng Bi Wu was understanding. He looked at Cheng Si Si and told her, “Go the the kitchen and make preparations. Today, I will drink with younger brother Xiao Bei.”

Cheng Si Si was not an idiot, so she naturally understood the reason why Cheng Bi Wu was driving her out. She rolled her eyes at Wei Xiao Bei, moved her slender waist and turned around. She even muttered at the end, “With your small body, I wouldn’t look at it even if you wanted me to look. You can’t even compare with senior apprentice brother.”

Cheng Bi Wu, feeling like he had lost a bit of face after hearing this, hurriedly shouted out, “You!”

Cheng Si Si quickly rushed off when hearing her father’s voice, disappearing inside the practice hall. Cheng Bi Wu lightly sighed, “This child… sigh… She lost her mother as a child and I did not know how to discipline her. She would play with boys all the time. The more she grew, the more undisciplined she became. What am I going to do with her?”

Wei Xiao Bei slightly blushed after hearing Cheng Bi Wu’s words. After all, it was hard for him to comment on this kind of family matter, so he just stayed silent.

“Quick, take it off.”

Cheng Bi Wu was like Xiang Lin Sao. He would reminisce about the past and then suddenly, he urged Wei Xiao Bei after seeing that he hadn’t stripped yet.

(Xiang Lin Sao is from a book name “Xiang Lin Sao”. She is a representative of Chinese laboring women whose lives were destroyed by feudal ethics.)

Wei Xiao Bei quickly took off his T-shirt.

Cheng Bi Wu looked at the blue bruise left by the steel pipe on Wei Xiao Bei’s back.  “Don’t look down on your injury. It might not hurt now, but it will keep you awake when night comes.”

After saying this, Cheng Bi Wu let Wei Xiao Bei lie down. He twisted the bottle cap and poured the red liquid in his hand, rubbing it over Wei Xiao Bei’s back.

Wei Xiao Bei immediately cried out when Cheng Bi Wu rubbed his back.

It hurts!

“Save me!”

Before he came here, Wei Xiao Bei did not expect that he would be shouting like this.

“What are you shouting for? Are you still a man if you can’t endure this much pain?”

Cheng Bi Wu did not even relax due to Wei Xiao Bei’s shout. On the contrary, he even applied more pressure to prevent Wei Xiao Bei from shrugging him off.

At this time, a female chuckle could be heard from the back.

Thinking that Cheng Si Si might be hiding in the back, enjoying this scene, Wei Xiao Bei immediately shut his mouth.

This is so embarrassing!

After he shifted his attention, his 12 points of willpower exhibited its significance.

This pain is nothing!

That said, Cheng Si Si did not look like his father at all.

Cheng Bi Wu’s face was squarish. If Cheng Si Si also looked like him, it would have been an extremely tragic thing.

Wei Xiao Bei became a bit cheerful, but soon enough, another wave of pain came from his back. He couldn’t help but grit his teeth, unable to maintain his short burst of cheerfulness .

After rubbing for a while, Cheng Bi Wu finally released Wei Xiao Bei. He wiped the sweat on his forehead and shouted to the back, “Stupid girl, I know you are behind there laughing in secret. Why haven’t you gotten your father a towel!”

“Coming, coming!” Sure enough, Cheng Si Si was hiding at the back, peeking. After being scolded by Cheng Bi Wu, she quickly grabbed a towel and ran over with a smile.

Young people are great. Wei Xiao Bei couldn’t help looking at her stupidly. However, he quickly came to his senses and quickly covered his body with the T-shirt, like a girl after having their body accidentally seen.

“Well, don’t you have a bit of muscle,” Cheng Si Si spoke, he couldn’t tell whether or not she was teasing him. She curled her lips and handed the towel to her father. Then quickly turned around and walked away, running away in case she would be scolded again.

Wei Xiao Bei, after being treated, felt that his body became lighter. The pain on his back was gradually disappearing. When he saw Cheng Bi Wu’s sweat, he knew that he was quite exhausted.

Wei Xiao Bei did not know why this was so, but he could guess the treatment was quite strenuous. The strength he used when struggling was not small after all.

“Thank you Uncle Cheng.”

Wei Xiao Bei immediately thanked him. However, he still felt somewhat apologetic. Although he had helped Cheng Bi Wu before, Cheng Bi Wu did not actually need any help with his martial art skills. On the contrary, his current tiredness seemed to be even more severe compared to when he was fighting the hooligans.

“What are you thanking me for. Speaking of this, I still have to thank you. Oh right, I want to ask, seeing that your foundation is not bad, have you previously learned martial arts?”

Cheng Bi Wu asked with a smile while wiping his sweat.

“I was previously in the army and learned Military Boxing. Does Qindiquan count?”

(Qindiquan literally means enemy capturing fist)

Their relationship was better than when they first met, so Wei Xiao Bei had changed to casual speech.

“Military Boxing is fine. It can be considered a standard practice. Qindiquan is also not bad. It was born from Bajiquan.”

Cheng Bi Wu began lecturing Wei Xiao Bei.

Only just now did Wei Xiao Bei find out that Qindiquan came from Bajiquan. It was no wonder that he felt a faint sense of familiarity when he saw the training youths.

Naturally, Qindiquan coming from Bajiquan did not mean that they were the same thing.

Cheng Bi Wu became slightly hesitant after speaking. He looked at Wei Xiao Bei as if he had something hard to say.

“Uncle Cheng, if there any problems, please say it. There is no need to mumble.”

Wei Xiao Bei couldn’t help but smile when he saw Cheng Bi Wu’s movements. He even thought that Cheng Bi Wu wanted to ask him to take his last name and become his son-in-law.

Although Cheng Si Si was slightly prideful, her appearance was not bad, she was indeed a true beauty. Moreover, he did not have any ill feelings for her. On the contrary, he even had a good impression of her.

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