The City of Terror

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – Muscle Attribute Increase

The previous numbers showed just how hard pressed for money Wei Xiao Bei was.

45 yuan for food expenses per day would increase his expenses by 1350 yuan per month.

My God! I don’t even have to mention the rent and other fees, my salary would not even be enough to pay for my meals!

After calculating, Wei Xiao Bei realised that he had to find another way to earn money, or else he would be thrown out of his apartment by the landlord.

It was now 6:00 and time to change shifts. Wei Xiao Bei threw the strange condition of his body to the back of his mind. He greeted the colleague who was going to take over and rode the elevator up, leaving Da Hao Office Building.

Wei Xiao Bei was near his apartment when his stomach let out a long grumble.

He rubbed his stomach, feeling hungry again. It would be problematic if this continued on.

He took a detour for the nearby noodle stand and ate 5 bowls of noodles. Thinking about the dead Guang Ming Jun, Wei Xiao Bei walked towards the Da Xing Parking Lot.

The Da Xing Parking Lot was not very hard to find, so he went straight inside. After asking around Guang Ming Jun’s workmates, he learned that he had skipped work.

This removed all of Wei Xiao Bei’s doubts and confirmed his suspicions. The Guang Ming Jun in the Dust World was the same as the Guang Ming Jun in this world.

If a person died, they wouldn’t be able to return. Therefore, him skipping work would not have been a strange phenomenon.

Wei Xiao Bei’s confirmation weighed heavily in his mind.

Previously, his subconscious still considered his experience in the Dust World as a dream, an extremely realistic dream.

But now that he confirmed Guang Ming Jun’s death in the Dust World meant his death in the real world, he couldn’t help but become extremely anxious for his own future, distracting him from what he was doing.


Wei Xiao Bei at the time was a little muddle headed, so when he passed by a food stall, he accidentally knocked down a table. The table was already unsteady, so in just one hit, the table and all the food and beer on it fell to the ground.

He instinctively wanted to apologize since he already knew he was in the wrong. After all, he still had enough morals to admit his own mistakes.

However, the diner, whose food was now on the floor, was furious.


“Fuck you!”

The diner’s palm landed on Wei Xiao Bei’s face, knocking him down. The sting on his face, although painful, woke him up from his daze

Wei Xiao Bei felt an acute pain in his head as warm liquid dripped down his forehead.

Realising that his head was injured, and he was bleeding, he looked up and saw three hooligans surrounding him.

They were youths who had their sleeves rolled up, with colored hair, appearing like bird’s nests.

The one who had slapped Wei Xiao Bei had triangular eyes but his eyes were crazed and bloodshot, indicating that he was probably a drug addict.

The green haired boy on the left was holding a shattered beer bottle. The red hair on the right also grabbed a beer bottle and plunging it towards Wei Xiao Bei’s head.

Facing the hooligan’s attack, Wei Xiao Bei could only defend himself using his hands to block the attack.

Pow! Bang!

Wei Xiao Bei was able to block the beer bottle, but was kicked in the stomach by triangle eyes. He lost his balance from the kick and fell down backwards.

Crackle, ping, break! There was a loud noise. Wei Xiao Bei fell down on the table behind him, sending food and beer everywhere, causing the eating customer to run away in escape.

A normal person would never involve themselves in these kinds of fights.

Their normal choice would be to run away.


Wei Xiao Bei became angry as pain spread in his body.

However, the pain in his head and arms had already affected his fighting strength. He knew that he simply could not win against three people in his current situation.

The hooligans’ bodies and skills were not bad. With the ability between them being fairly even, Wei Xiao Bei’s relatively slow reaction time to their ambush was quite normal.

Cui Hu City’s economy was flourishing but as a result its society had become complex. People in the dark side were only few; they did not have a care for anyone else. If provoked, the best consequence was being sent to the hospital, the worst was being left dead in the middle of the street.

Wei Xiao Bei, under this intense situation, could not afford to think about trivial matters. He needed to increase his strength to deal with these hooligans.

He could not directly put his evolution points in his strength attribute, so he chose to increase his muscle attribute!

Concentrating on the muscle attribute, the evolution points in his status panel quickly decreased while his muscle attribute began to increase from 11 points.

11.01, 11.02, 11.03……

100 evolution points had been used up without even using half a second.

Wei Xiao Bei’s muscle attribute quickly increased from 11 to 12 points.

If anybody was staring at Wei Xiao Bei, they would have noticed that his muscles were quickly expanding. Although it was not by much, it was still visible to the naked eye.

His muscle attribute was not the only thing that changed, the pain in his body had also gradually lessened.

Although it took a long time to describe this, only a few seconds had passed.

“What are you looking at! Stupid brat! Bring out 30,000 yuan, or else, hehehe.”

Triangle eyes thought that Wei Xiao Bei had already given up, so he begun extorting him. At the same time, red hair on the right smashed the base of the bottle, and green hair on the left held an attack pose to place pressure on Wei Xiao Bei.

They had already done this many times. Normally, even if they were not provoked they would still stir up trouble, let alone with Wei Xiao Bei himself, knocking down the table.

Taking advantage of people by extorting them was their way of benevolence. Beating up Wei Xiao Bei was only a way of scaring him.

“Okay, I will give you all my money.”

Wei Xiao Bei said so that the hooligans would let down their guard.

Triangle eye approached first to take the wallet as Wei Xiao Bei took it out. Without a single word, Wei Xiao Bei’s fist punch triangle eyes on the face.

The face was one of the most sensitive yet important parts of the body. A punch to the face would not go as far as killing a person, but it was definitely enough to inhibit a person’s strength for a short period.

Wei Xiao Bei naturally understood this from his army training.

The increase in his muscle attribute had greatly increased Wei Xiao Bei’s strength. The punch had actually caused triangle eyes to crouch down and cover his bleeding nose. However, Wei Xiao Bei immediately followed up with a right hook to the chin.

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