The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 37: Advanced Level Battle Technique and A Moon Blade

“Hahahaha, good! Then it’ll be up to you two to decide victory or defeat!” Cao Yi began laughing.

Chu Mu slowly walked onto the field. He wasn’t the least bit afraid of Ge Qing, but he also knew that his current strength was in no way close to being a foreman’s opponent, especially the grotesque-natured Cao Yi. Chu Mu thus didn’t want to directly contend with Cao Yi,

Ge Qing held an expression of schadenfreude as he walked onto the field and one could see the innermost excitement in his eyes. It seemed as if he would finally be able to take revenge for his younger cousin, Zhang Ge, today!

The additional battle caused others to feel quite excited. They all wanted to know the outcome of this battle between the dark horse Chu Mu who suddenly killed his way through, and Ge Qing.

“Take out your soul pets!” Cao Yi instructed. The battle had begun!

“Listen to my summon, Scaled Snake!” Ge Qing’s summoning speed was extremely quick.

Chu Mu immediately chanted his incantation and rapidly summoned Mo Xie in front of him!

“You and your fox will become my Scaled Snake’s food!” Ge Qing pointed with his hand and immediately issued a mental order, instructing the Scaled Snake to immediately dive at Mo Xie.

The Scaled Snake was already three meters long and its entire body was covered in scales, with various monstrous, decorative designs on them. When its ferocious mouth opened, a dense cold air proliferated. It was incomparably malevolent, and when feeble soul pets opposed it, they would even lose their fighting courage!

Mo Xie, with a soft outside but sturdy inside, didn’t have any fear when facing the Scaled Snake. She unexpectedly went after the Scaled Snake’s open mouth!!


Almost as if she collided against metal, Mo Xie’s claws fell against the Scaled Snake’s Teeth causing sparks to fly. One could see how sharp both the teeth and claws were!

The Scaled Snake’s direct attack didn’t work so its body curved in a sudden attempt to circle around!

Coiling Snake!

Using its superior body, it would coil around and tightly squeeze its prey. This Snake Race battle technique was able to strangle its prey alive!

“Mo Xie, fight from a further distance. Don’t give it a chance to constrict you!” Chu Mu immediately ordered.

When it came to fighting with physical bodies, the petite Mo Xie didn’t have the slightest of advantages. Therefore, Mo Xie used her speed advantage to restrict this thickly scaled poisonous snake!

The Scale Snake’s Coiling Snake hadn’t finished yet when the vigorous body of Mo Xie quickly jumped away. After a few consecutive, graceful jumps, Mo Xie created a ten meter gap and the clumsy Scaled Snake only ended up coiling its own body!

“Splashing Venom!” Ge Qing coldly yelled.

The Scaled Snake uncoiled its body and suddenly opened its mouth, where it spat out a green-colored corrosive venom. The venomous liquid seemed to corrode the air as it flew in an arc towards Mo Xie!


The venomous liquid splashed onto Mo Xie’s fluffy tail. A black smoke emerged from her tail like it caught on fire. Moreover, a small corroded wound quickly appeared!

Chu Mu felt a burst of fear. This Scaled Snake’s corrosive venom was extremely strong. Even with her late first stage resistant fur, Mo Xie was unable to resist it!

“Xia!!” The Scaled Snake obviously wouldn’t give Mo Xie any opportunity to catch her breath as another Splashing Venom immediately flew towards Mo Xie!


Dirt flew everywhere as the ground was smashed. The Scaled Snake’s body full of scales had an incredibly terrifying pouncing strength. If it hit Mo Xie and followed up with a Coiling Snake, it would signify the end of this fight.

Mo Xie consecutively hopped away from the Scaled Snake’s attacks. Her two silver eyes rigidly stared at the Scaled Snake’s every move. Occasionally, she would launch her own attack.

“What a laughable Ripping Claw. It simply cannot break apart my Scaled Snake’s defense!” Ge Qing mocked.

Chu Mu swept his gaze over Mo Xie’s claws. After that night of consecutive battles, Mo Xie’s claws were clearly injured. Despite reaching the final stage, she couldn’t even exhibit the strength of her late stage claws. This impacted Mo Xie quite heavily.

Ge Qing stared at Mo Xie and suddenly a ruthless grin appeared on his face. He issued an order to his Scaled Snake!

Chu Mu suddenly found that the bottom half of this malevolent being’s body had abruptly coiled up and he immediately realized that the Scaled Snake was about to use a technique!

Vicious Devour!!

The Scaled Snake’s three meter body suddenly uncoiled and rapidly flew out like an arrow. It’s ferocious mouth opened wide and a black demonic gas clouded around the Scaled Snake’s body. As it pounced forward, the black demonic gas unexpectedly formed an imitation of the Scaled Snakes ferocious mouth!!

Vicious Devour allowed both the Scaled Snake’s attack range and bite strength to momentarily increase, and this coldly and threateningly surged towards Mo Xie and Chu Mu’s faces.

Covered by the black demonic gas, the Scaled Snake appeared to be several times larger. It seemed like it was going to devour the entire fighting field, causing Mo Xie to have no escape route!!

“I’ve said it before, you’ll become my Scaled Snake’s food!!” Vicious Devour had never been used by Ge Qing before. It could be said that he was intentionally saving it for Chu Mu!

“Vicious Devour- people and soul pets devoured by it will firstly have their skin bitten apart before the overarching venom pours inside,causing their body to ulcerate!” Feng Gu watched the field attentatively and indifferently narrated the ability’s ruthlessness.

An unpleasant stench flew out, and the audience almost felt as if fermentation was coming from the Scaled Snake’s stomach!


Facing the Vicious Devour attack, Mo Xie’s body immediately became blurry and, faintly, one could see two small Mo Xie silhouettes!

“Hmph, trying to use late stage Moon Shadow to dodge my Scaled Snake?” Ge Qing sneered. He had already predicted that Chu Mu’s Mo Xie would use the Moon Shadow technique!


The enormous demonic mouth continued to charge towards Mo Xie’s two indistinct silhouettes making it completely impossible to dodge!!!

“The Moonlight Fox didn’t dodge!”

“Chu Mu is also done for!”

At this moment, in other people’s opinions, it seemed that the outcome had been decided!

“Since you can’t dodge, then die!!” A merciless expression appeared on Ge Qing’s face!

“Hmph, why do I have to dodge?!” Chu Mu let out a cold harrumph. His expression was focused, almost as if he had been waiting for this moment!

Just as the the Vicious Devour’s terrifyingly strong jaw chomped together, Chu Mu unexpectedly propped up the corner of his mouth: “Mo Xie, Dark Assault, Moonlight Slash!”

The second Chu Mu issued his command, Mo Xie’s blurry silhouette instantly became distinct. Just as the vicious large mouth closed together, it abruptly and unexpectedly charged towards the Scaled Snake’s throat!

In the middle of the darkness, a fleeting sword-like silver light rushed directly into the vicious large mouth!

The dim and fading black demonic gas suddenly expanded rapidly. The only ones left on the field were Ge Qing and the Scaled Snake!

However, in the next moment, a moon-white luster suddenly emanated from within the turbidity like an emerging daybreak. It formed into an incomparably gorgeous and refined moon blade that broke through the black demonic gas!

“A moon blade, it’s Moonlight Slash!! It’s a Moonlight Fox high level battle technique!!!” Seeing this scene, someone from the spectators yelled out!

This shout was astonishingly met with an explosion of a black florid of blood that burst out from within the cold moon blade. Subsequently, someone saw that inside the turbid field, Ge Qing’s Scaled Snake was split into two pieces!!

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