The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 1686: The Crimson Sol with No Escape

Heaven Demon Ancestor finally showed terror on his face.

Crimson Sol’s temperature was something he had never experienced before.

He had also hated the glow of the Crimson Sol since birth. The light could burn its skin and could even cause his body to slowly wither with time.

Imagining himself turning into ashes after entering the Crimson Sol, the Heaven Demon Ancestor started ripping frenziedly at Chu Mu wanting to tear him apart!

Chu Mu not only grabbed the Heaven Demon Ancestor by the body, he also grabbed its soul.

At their level, even with a completely shattered body, an intact soul was enough to revive it. Thus, Chu Mu wouldn’t give this Heaven Demon Ancestor any chance to escape!


Flames pounced forth, revealing a brilliant red scene!

Flames curled around, lava sprayed forth, and bellows of flames roared.

At this moment, the cratered surface of the Crimson Sol was already visible. It was filled with burning hot material.

When Chu Mu flew towards the Crimson Sol, he clearly felt that he went through a thin film of restriction.

The restriction didn’t have much power. It felt almost as if he simply pushed through a door.

However, this was when the Heaven Demon Ancestor started going crazy, ripping Chu Mu nearly to shreds. Its fangs nearly ripped apart Chu Mu’s head. Chu Mu’s body was flowing with lava-like blood.

However, the raging flames surrounded him. Even if he were completely torn to shreds, Chu Mu could easily reconstruct his body as long as his soul was intact.

The flames quickly raveled around Heaven Demon Ancestor’s body. In human soil, Heaven Palace, Heaven Demon Ancestor was the strongest of even undying ranks. He was strong enough to threaten the very survival of Heaven Palace purely with his underlings.

In the Crimson Sol, under the burning of the sacred flames, even the heaven Demon Ancestor seemed weak.

The burning flames constantly burned at its body. Starting from the skin, to the muscles and even further within.

No matter how strong the defense, it was like a thin piece of paper in front of the Crimson Sol, especially because the Heaven Demon Ancestor itself was very fearful of flames.

Chu Mu wouldn’t give the Heaven Demon Ancestor any chance to escape. He grabbed onto the Heaven Demon Ancestor’s burning body and slammed it straight towards the surface of the Crimson Sol.

The Crimson Sol was filled with burning rocks and lava amongst the craters.

Chu Mu grabbed the roaring Heaven Demon Ancestor and slammed him straight into a crater filled with lava. It immediately created a tide of flames!!!

The flames covered the endless star river, shining the light of flames on the dark territory.

The sun became filled with light, dispersing the darkness in the world. Countless flying heaven demons scattered in the presence of the sunlight, hiding into underground caves.

The sky was bright!

People who lived through the seemingly endless eclipse nearly forgot what light was like.

It felt as if the entire world lifted their heads to stare at the brilliant light in the sky.

Even though their eyes were burning, they still kept their eyes open to feel the warmth of the light!

In the northern territory, Chu Tianmang watched the scattering heavenly demons and looked up at the ball of flame.

The sun-like rays of light fell on his stalwart yet world-weary face.

The light was dazzling. Ye Qingzi forced back the pain in her eyes as she stared at the flames.

Was the apocalyptic night finally ending? Will light come back to the world??

Yet, why did Ye Qingzi feel as if she saw Chu Mu’s back image amongst the flames?.....

He seemed to be flying- flying further and further away from them.

Was this just an illusion, or was it a terrifying foresight?

The world again bathed in sunlight; plants, beasts, elements, and even the undead who don’t enjoy the light.

Zhengming Continent, Wupan Continent, in countless cities, humans who felt the glow walked out of their houses to stand in the streets with joy.

It felt as if a ten year drought was finally ended with a bountiful storm.

In reality, losing the sun was much scarier than a drought!!

This ray of energy’s warmth instantly scattered a built-up fear felt by the masses. Many illnesses seemed to somehow be cured in this moment too.

However, when people lifted their heads to watch the brilliant light, no one knew it was actually the flames arcing off of the Crimson Sol as a soul pet trainer slammed the root of the apocalypse into it.

Watching the glow always hurt their eyes. Many people couldn’t help but tear up. Maybe this was destined…..


In the Crimson Sol lava pool.

Even if Chu Mu’s body was completely burnt through, his hands never let go of the Heaven Demon Ancestor’s throat.

Very soon, the flames reached Heaven Demon Ancestor soul.

The Heaven Demon Ancestor’s soul was very powerful. He wasn’t completely dead even after that.

It threw away its flame-scared body and became a wisp of a ghost that escaped.

Chu Mu leaped out the lava pool, passed through heavy waves of flames and flew towards the Heaven Demon Ancestor’s soul.

The heaven demon ancestor’s soul was flying outside. It must leave soon or else its soul will quickly dissipate too.

After escaping, the Heaven Demon Ancestor’s soul flew very fast. Chu Mu couldn't catch up with it.

This caused Chu Mu to be incredibly anxious, even as his body was burning.

Couldn’t let it escape or else the troubles are endless.

Chu Mu chased all the way to the outer flame region.

Suddenly, Chu Mu noticed that the Heaven Demon Ancestor no longer ran further. As if it was caught by something, it was sent back down.


The Heaven Demon Ancestor’s soul let out a terrifying roar, its soul constantly slamming into something!!

Its collision strength was incredibly strong, sending flames outwards constantly.

Even as a soul, the apocalyptic demon was still incredibly powerful.

It kept attacking, yet there seemed to be a very thick wall in front of him stopping its escape.

Seeing the Heaven Demon Ancestor’s soul unable to escape the Crimson Sol, Chu Mu suddenly remembered that he seemed to break through a restriction when he slammed into the Crimson Sol. It didn’t have much resistance, easily opening up…..

However, this door was easyto push open, but impossible to pull open.

“Eternal prison…..”

This was when Chu Mu finally remembered Human Mother’s words.

This was a one-way restriction that imprisoned the world’s first black Nightmare too?

How long was it imprisoned for??

Seeing the slamming Human Demon Ancestor soul on the Crimson Sol jail, Chu Mu no longer chased after it. His expression fell dim.

The Heaven Demon Ancestor’s soul wouldn’t be able to handle this heat. Without Chu Mu doing anything, it will perish in anger, frenzy, and roaring.

Yet, as for himself…...

Other than feeling a bit of heat, he didn’t seem to feel any discomfort, as if this was his home.

Chu Mu turned around to look at the Crimson Sol’s surface.

Crimson Sol was massive. It may be millions of times larger than the living world. However, there isn’t a single lifeform on it, only calm lava and flames.

Underneath him was a lifeless star, while in the distance was a flimsy star river that extended into endless void….

Looking down, it seemed to be the compass shaped Heaven Palace.

Further down was the human world, filled with light.

Chu Mu’s vision was good enough to see very far. Wherever the light could reach, he could see. It seemed to be something Crimson Sol gave him.


After not too long, Heaven Demon Ancestor’s soul disappeared in a scream.

This was real hell for it, a hell not worth living in. Any struggle was meaningless.

Chu Mu turned around to face the massive flaming star with an unprecedented loss and aimlessness in his eyes.

He didn’t even try to break open the barrier that the Heaven Demon Ancestor’s soul couldn’t breakthrough. He suddenly felt that he had lost everything.

Chu Mu walked around the Crimson Sol’s surface and started walking.

Everything on the surface of the Crimson Sol was the same. Flames, rocks, lava, mountains…..

Chu Mu walked around himself like this, continuously without an end in sight.

Finally, he was tired.

He found a rock filled with flames and climbed to the top.

He put his hands behind his head and laid there silently, watching what was supposed to be the sky.

When watching from below the Crimson Sol, he saw the human realm…..

Chu Mu laid there without a movement as he gazed down.

Light shone on the Northern Territory. From there, Chu Mu saw countless Heaven Demon bodies.

He saw Chu Tianmang killing the remaining Heavenly Demons, trying his best to protect Liu Binglan, not letting her leave his side.

It’s good that they’re back together.

Chu Mu saw that Liu Binglan was always watching Chu Tianmang, except her expressions didn’t easily give away her thoughts.

Chu Mu smiled slightly. Though it was slightly late, it wasn’t too late. They should be able to get back together well.

After resting enough, Chu Mu continued forth.

Since it was a restriction, there has to be a way out.

Chu Mu wouldn’t give up just because of Human Mother’s words, nor would he be discouraged by the Black Nightmare’s eternal prison. He would walk across the entire Crimson Sol to find a way to leave. He would find it…...

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