The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 1150: Demon Lock, Dismembering Corpses

The evil mound fell. Shang Family Village and his soul pets were dead for sure.

The black burial ground subdued four other people. Their eyes opened wide. They had never seen such a shocking and evil ability.

Silver devil flames’ flame light fell on their faces, causing them to be increasingly pale. They looked, slightly terrified at Chu Mu.

Another low class dominator rank and its soul pet trainer died together. This meant that they had lost four low class dominator ranks already. A kingdom capital had a limited amount of dominator ranks. Originally, the large amount of devil souls should have given a great boost in strength to Wen City’s experts, yet he didn’t think that the two devil men would cause them to lose this much!

Now that they may not even be able to get the devil souls to replenish their loss of dominator ranks, Yong Chi and Wu Chi’s mood was at an all time low, completely opposite of how they felt when they had just gotten the devil soul.

Chu Mu breathed hard, but slowly adjusted it back to normal. The Evil Mound usually needed a long time to prepare. Though Chu Mu had already started it beforehand, swiftly finishing such an energy-intensive technique in a short time still needed some rest.

Thankfully, Yong Chi and Wu Chi were all subdued by the technique and didn’t attack Chu Mu at once. Or else, Chu Mu had to take considerable damage too.

Using a large amount of energy to immediately kill a low class dominator rank, the following battle would be much easier. Chu Mu’s attention was all on Yong Chi’s Dual Pupil Feather Demon.

Yong Chi was the first to notice that Chu Mu was weakened. After realizing, he immediately started a wing meteor, creating countless small meteors that fell from the skies.

Chu Mu’s breathing was adjusted already. As the tiny meteors flew through the skies, his body quickly burned away. In a moment, he disappeared into ashes that scattered amongst the falling meteors.

Beforehand, when fighting Bai Yu, he had learned of the strange control a devil man had with space. The moment his body disappeared, he could easily appear behind someone and crush their heart without them realizing it!

Chu Mu didn’t go on the offense this time. His silver body floated ten kilometers out and glanced arrogantly at the frightened crowd.

Seeing Wu Chi back off they finally realized that not attacking immediately was a foolish decision. Now that they missed the opportunity, hurting him again would be incredibly hard.

Wu Chi glanced over at Wang Changfeng and Huang Tong. When they noticed that the two of them were still fighting the Mo Ye, he was furious.

“What are you two doing? Why haven’t you killed that Mo Ye yet?” Wu Chi yelled out furiously!!

“Yes…..yes, it’s already heavily wounded, one more hit and it’ll die!” Wang Changfeng replied.

“Almost? Are you trying to wait until we’re all dead?” Wu Chi yelled.

Two low class dominator ranks using that much time against a pseudo dominator rank, could the two be any more trash?

Wang Changfeng and Huangtong didn’t dare to reply. Gritting their teeth, they transferred all their anger onto Zhan Ye.

“This damned thing, we’ll kill it this time for sure!” Wang Changfeng said angrily.

Hissing Sky Flying Lion flapped its wings. Larger and more imposing than the Thunder Sword Winged Lion, this specimen became a large brown mountain that fell on Zhan Ye’s body, releasing countless beams of light that blew up like granite!

Zhan Ye seemed to be heavily wounded but in reality, with its life force, it was only moderately wounded.

The Hissing Sky Flying Lion’s techniques weren’t dodgeable. Zhan Ye could only protect its head and take the hit with its armor.

The armor was shattered even more thoroughly, seeping blood through its cracks.

However, every single battle it had ever been in led to Zhan Ye being in a wounded state. After a while, these wounds were no longer really wounds!


Zhan Ye let out an angered roar. All the wounds started seeping bug liquid. These liquids when smeared evenly over its wounds quickly let its wounds heal up.

After a moment, its armor again gleamed with a light and Zhan Ye’s fighting intent reached a new height!

Seeing Zhan Ye complete its broken limb rebirth, Wang Changfeng and Huang Tong both opened their eyes wide.

When they were fighting before, they could feel that the Mo Ye’s life force was far stronger than a normal pseudo dominator rank. Killing it was a large hassle. Little did they know, it also knew broken limb rebirth. This means that they had to spend even more time to kill it again!

The two of them glanced at Wu Chi. Presumably, if they wasted any more time, Wu Chi will probably come and kill the two of them himself.

Wu Chi had no attention left to spare for them. An unknown and deadly space storm was pulled out from another world and was flying towards them.


The silver storm wreaked havoc on all it passed. Wu Chi and Wu Xu both fell into the storm and sustained a terrifying ripping power that also brought them further away.

Yong Chong and Xiao Tan saw them fall into the spatial storm, and told Cloud Bird and Dual Pupil Feather Demon to both cast their wing type restriction techniques on them while Chu Mu was still recovering from the recent incantation!

The white feathers and black feathers surrounded Chu Mu. They looked like ancient marks and symbols that hid special magic.

The white restriction was on the inside, while the black was on the outside. The two restrictions hit Chu Mu at the same time. Chu Mu’s actions of controlling the spatial storm was instantly stopped.

Chu Mu’s spatial storm was enough to throw the two of them two to three hundred kilometers out. Though it couldn’t kill them completely, it could split the four low class dominator ranks apart. That way, Chu Mu could take them down one by one.

Clearly, Yong Chong and Xiao Tan both realized this and went to stop him, restricting him from controlling the storm.

The restricted Chu Mu’s body couldn’t move. It felt like his body was wrapped up in an unbreakable metal skin.

The restriction succeeding was the best chance to attack. Yong Chong and Xiao Yan started chanting an incantation without worry, all attempting to start a long incantation to give Chu Mu a killing blow.

The feather demons were mostly single pupiled, each of them hiding a feather species’ ancient power. When their pupils were flashing with a chaotic light, it was time for them to take off their seal and cast their feather species demon power!

The Dual Pupil Feather Demon had double this power. Yong Chong’s feather demon was currently spinning. With a loud call, the two pupils shot out two forks of orange lightning to two sides of Chu Mu!

Orange lightning connected onto Chu Mu’s arm, ankle, and neck, tightly binding Chu Mu’s body.

The shackles that extended out from the chains went up and down into the unknown heights of the skies and the ground!

Like this, Chu Mu’s silver body was stuck between the skies and the ground, each chain frenziedly pulling, attempting to rip Chu Mu’s head, arms, and legs off!

Before Chu Mu could even break open the two previous seals, the feather demon’s attacking restriction became even worse

“This is the heavenly ground demon lock. The pulling power is sourced from the restricted organism. Countless people don’t know just how powerful they are, but this heavenly ground demon lock could satisfy them. Now you can have a very powerful and painful recognition of your true power!” Yogn Chong started laughing.

This Heavenly Ground Demon Lock was something he saved for the perfect opportunity!

Restriction, seals, and binding advanced organisms were very unlikely, but once it happened, the technique definitely will show its effect.

Beforehand, the devil man used its bare claws to rip open many pseudo dominator rank organisms, meaning its power was very great. If this power fell upon his body, even if it didn’t immediately dismember him, it could break a few bones!

Chu Mu had just shattered the cloud bird’s restriction. Escaping before the seal started pulling was impossible. Chu Mu glanced at Yong Chong, who was laughing in delight, and felt his heart sink slightly. After all, the demon lock’s power was equivalent to his.


While thinking, the two orange thunder like demon chains shivered and pulled taut, pulling Chu Mu’s arms, legs, and skulls!

Chu Mu’s body seemed to be elongated with the force, his bones already letting out creaks under the pressure!

This time, Chu Mu truly felt the strength of the power when it fell upon him.

However, Chu Mu had also withstood attacks stronger than him. At least, evil slaughter beast’s pure power was much stronger than Chu Mu.

With the restriction and dragging, Chu Mu felt his bones were breaking. He gritted his teeth as he thought of an idea of breaking it.

From not too far away, Evil Good Queen Yu Suo stood arrogantly amongst the pseudo dominator ranks. Those levels of opponents didn’t even arouse her interest. She simply controlled half, and told them to fight each other.

She glanced over at the restricted Chu Mu, and was wondering whether to help him or not.

In reality, if Chu Mu had died, the soul pact would break, and Yu Suo would regain her freedom. However, the Evil Good Queen still was in his soul pet space. If Chu Mu died, so would Evil Good Queen. Let alone, Yu Suo believed those useless idiots couldn’t really kill him. To reduce Chu Mu’s vigilance towards her, Yu Suo still decided to help him.

Yu Suo started an incantation and made petals to break Chu Mu’s demon chains.

However, before her incarnation could finish, she noticed Chu Mu’s devil flames fade away!

“He’s not too dumb.” Yu Suo mumbled.

Yu Suo said Chu Mu was smart, because Chu Mu was reverting to human form.

The power of pulling came from the restricted organism itself. If Chu Mu were in human status, without any offensive power, the chains couldn’t possibly damage his incredibly sturdy body.

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