The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 1148: Two Devils in this World

This was enough for Bai Yu.

He was confident that even if his soul pact ruptured, the Ice Pupil Unicorn would be able to take the soul capture ring with the big Devil Soul away.

He closed his eyes. He was a person that should have already died. He never had expectations to live longer. He even wished to have continued hibernating in the glacier, asleep forever. This was, he wouldn’t have to suffer every night when he closed his eyes when his mind would flash with the scene in front of the ice seal; the unbearable heart wrenching pain. 

However, he was afraid to open his eyes because each time he awoke, he would see a heart-ripping scene.

Dead was the best form of release. He didn’t wish for her to use her youthful life to awaken him, only to be left as an empty person.

“Kill him first!” Yong Chong angrily yelled.

The Dual Pupil Feather Demon transformed into a two-winged black sword that flew straight at Bai Yu’s head.

Bai Yu couldn’t dodge this sword. He didn’t have much energy left.

The black sword carried Yong Chong’s torrential rage. It was aiming to split Bai Yu’s head in half.

However, there was a person who couldn’t just watch Bai Yu be killed by them. Practically the instant the black sword was about to strike, a silver devil flame shield quickly formed above Bai Yu’s head. When the black sword struck the silver shield, the devil flame shield didn’t move an inch. It could not be cut through!  

Yong Chong jumped with fright at the appearance of the silver devil shield. He mistakenly believed that this silver devil was faking weakness. Thus, when his attack failed, like a bird startled from the twang of a bow, he anxiously retreated back to the feather demon formation.

When he made it back, he finally discovered that the devil flame shield hadn’t been used by the man covered in wounds. Instead, it was another young man quickly flying from the east.

This man was riding on a spectral blue and translucent dragon. His eyes were emitting a silver that matched the devil person and the remnants of silver devil flames were gradually subsiding from his palm.

The spectral dragon quickly floated up to the devil riddled in wounds. The young man jumped off the spectral dragon, and hovered in front of the spent Bai Yu.

“Chu Mu!” Bai Yu opened his eyes. In front of him was the person who had also transformed into a devil like him!

Bai Yu felt guilty towards Chu Mu because Chu Mu’s state had been forced. Chu Mu should have been able to easily control his half devil strength when he was swallowed up, but it was due to the Tianxia City fight that he was forced to transform into a devil. 

It was fortunate that he had a lucky encounter that awoke his soul. Otherwise, Bai Yu wouldn’t have known how to face this venerable young soul pet trainer.

“I’ve come late.” Chu Mu felt somewhat apologetic. If he had known that the ‘sparrow’ was Bai Yu, he would have taken action. He wouldn’t have delayed this long, nearly costing Bai Yu his life.

Chu Mu could see very far, and saw Bai Yu from a long distance away. If it wasn’t for Yong Chong, Wu Chi, and the others fearing Bai Yu’s savagery and intentionally waiting five minutes, Chu Mu wouldn’t have been able to make it.

“It would have been best if you came later.” bitterly said Bai Yu.

He had already prepared to die, but Chu Mu ended up appearing just in time.

Logically speaking, he shouldn’t have appeared here. Yet, he did, and had done so right when his life was about to end. Bai Yu suddenly felt that his destiny was too bizarre. There were multiple times when he should have died, but ended up living. 

“Can the Devil Soul awaken Jinrou?” asked Chu Mu.

The only reason Bai Yu had for coming here to steal the Devil Soul was Bai Jinrou’s life.

“I don’t know.” said Bai Yu.

Even now, Bai Yu still didn’t know if there was a xuan item that could bring a person back to life. Nonetheless, he had to try. The Devil Soul was Bai Yu’s last hope. Indeed, the Immortal Spring Water had a time limit and he didn’t have more time to find other xuan items. 

Bai Jinrou had sacrificed her own soul to awaken Bai Yu and save him. Now, Bai Yu was going to use his own life to awaken Bai Jinrou. Although this trade of lives was a bit absurd and laughable, only Chu Mu, who had personally witnessed it all, could understand what kind of emotions lay between them. 

“You had to try. Take a rest. I’ll deal with things here.” said Chu Mu. As he spoke, his eyes coldly glanced over the group around him.

Yong Chong and Wu Chi were extremely afraid by Chu Mu’s appearance, since they discovered that a layer of faintly discernible silver devil flames was wrapped around his body. The intensity of the flames wasn’t much inferior to the devil that had just wantonly slaughtered. If they had equivalent power, they would probably die here.

“Be careful. These people aren’t weak.” Bai Yu reminded Chu Mu. After speaking, he sat up in the air and closed his eyes.

Chu Mu nodded his head. Bai Yu’s strength had already broken through the middle class dominator rank. There was a chance that Bai Yu himself had entered the spirit dominator rank. Chu Mu himself was still a little ways away from the middle class dominator rank. Facing seven low class dominators and 13 pseudo dominators alone would definitely be difficult.

“Yu Suo, help heal Bai Yu.” Chu Mu glanced at Yu Suo on the Little Hidden Dragon’s back and spoke.

Yu Suo complied with his request. The golden mask on her face hid her features of absolute beauty that could charm every living being.

She floated off the Little Hidden Dragon’s back. With a wave of her hand, she created countless flower petals that were as soft as water. These petals carried an intense fragrance as they revolved around Bai Yu.

Bai Yu opened his eyes and glanced at the Evil Good Queen that had nearly brought an enormous calamity to New Moon Land. He then closed his eyes and slowly absorbed the healing petal Yu Suo used into his body. As his life force was replenished, his wounds stopped bleeding.

One life force recovery, one wound recovery, and one physical strength recovery. Three holy blue colored halos descended upon Bai Yu’s body. His wound riddled body seemed to have come alive after bathing in the halos for a moment. His body once more ignited with silver devil flames. 

Seeing that Bai Yu’s fighting strength was recovering, Yong Chong, Wu Chi and the others were even more anxious. They were hesitating, and they didn’t attack. 

But if they didn’t attack, they wouldn’t be able to take back the losses they suffered earlier. The two factions sent from Wen City could only look at each other and discuss whether to continue fighting. 

Whether they would fight or not was not solely determined by Wu Chi and Yong Chong. Chu Mu was presently suppressing the emotions in his heart, especially the emotions from when he saw Bai Yu close his eyes. Chu Mu felt that there was something stuck in his throat and suppressing the emotions would prevent him from spitting it out.

Chu Mu had seen Half Devil Bai Yu awaken from the Dormant World and let out a heart wrenching roar as he carried the frail corpse. He had also seen him close his eyes just now, as if he was going to be liberated…  

There were two devils in this world. One was Bai Yu, and one was Chu Mu. The only person who could understand the complex silver eyes of Bai Yu was Chu Mu.

Chu Mu didn’t want to talk now. His silver hands transformed into silver devil claws, and his two evil eyes blossomed with a silver demonic light. He looked at the surrounding people as if they were dead people. 

Standing next to Chu Mu, Yu Suo could feel the anger in Chu Mu’s heart. This anger was transforming into an evil energy.

The energy poured into the Evil Good Flower Queen, the evil energy unexpectedly raising the Evil Good Flower Queen by a stage! 

Yu Suo was extremely shocked. The Evil Good Flower Queen’s growth speed was extremely slow. Each stage advancement was exceptionally difficult to come by. She never expected that Chu Mu’s evil energy could allow the Evil Good Flower Queen to grow so quickly. This was much more ample than evil good energy from wars or saving people. 

Yu Suo had planned to awaken Bai Yu back then in order to create evil energy. She was confident that there was nothing more evil in this world than a devil. 

However, Yu Suo had forgotten that Chu Mu himself was a devil. His evil energy was extremely beneficial for the Evil Good Flower Queen’s growth! 

Yu Suo’s mood instantly improved. As long as she could quickly grow the Evil Good Flower Queen, Chu Mu’s soul pact and seal would be unable to bind the Evil Good Flower Queen. Her own strength had increased. Thus, after transforming into the Evil Good Flower Queen, even if she couldn’t beat that repulsive fox, it probably wouldn’t be an issue for her to escape! 

Yu Suo was silently rejoicing. She saw that Chu MU had directed his resentment towards the surrounding people. In order to reap as much of Chu Mu’s slaughtering evil energy, Yu Suo decided to become an obedient female servant and said in a soft and pandering voice: “Master, can I use techniques?”

Chu Mu couldn't be bothered to look at her. He indifferently said: “Up to you.” 

After speaking, Chu Mu disappeared from his spot. His devil claws ripped through the air and he grabbed at the closest feathered demon from the air.

The feathered demon’s throat seemed to have been grabbed by an invisible large hand. It did its utmost to beat its wings and escape. 


Chu Mu wrung his hands. The pseudo dominator feathered demon didn’t even have the ability to resist and its neck was snapped by Chu Mu. Its master that was riding on it fell straight to the mountain! 

Chu Mu had attacked very quickly. Wu Chi, Yong Chong and the others were still hesitating. By the time they reacted, Chu Mu had already instakilled one of their feathered demon dominators slightly ahead of the others! 

Another dominator rank creature had fallen. Yong Chong could feel his heart bleed. Just now, the capable subordinate who had fought under him, Lin Pengfeng had died in the fight. If he was unable to capture the big Devil Soul, the loss to Wen City would be too big! 

With his heart beating like a drum, Yong Chong no longer wished to fight. Especially since the soul capture ring ostensibly wasn’t on the silver devil. 

However, whether they would fight or not was no longer to be decided by Yong Chong and Wu Chi. Chu Mu, whose heart was filled with evil thoughts, had transformed into a silver half devil. Following behind him, the berserk devil Bai Yu was also going to continue killing! 

A single Bai Yu already filled their hearts with fear. Now that a second devil had appeared, this had essentially destroyed the confidence of these dominator rank experts.

“Combine forces! Wu Chi, what are you just standing there for? Both of us might die here!” loudly yelled Yong Chong as he directed his words to Wu Chi!

Wu Chi’s expression was abnormally unsightly. As he looked at Chu Mu, whose savagery was not inferior to Bai Yu’s, he grit his teeth. No matter what, he had to eliminate these two monster devils!! 

This time, Wu Chi truly didn’t try pulling any schemes. Combining forces, they had all of the low class dominators surround Chu Mu. They also issued a call to gather, gathering all of the dominator rank experts spread through the mountain here! 

There were at least 17 more pseudo dominator rank experts in the mountains. Only by gathering all of their forces could they reduce the chance of loss to the lowest! 

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